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No Recruits From Georgia

  • I have not read the entire signing day thread, but I was just looking at the hometowns and states of our recruits and none are from Georgia. Georgia has always been a hotbed for recruiting for UK. Obviously more Florida and Ohio recruits have made up for the lack of recruits in Georgia. Have we somewhat lost a foothold in Georgia or is this just a year when we were not after anyone in Georgia? It would be nice if we get to the point where we can cherry-pick a few Georgia recruits each year. We have had lots of success with Georgia kids. Not unhappy at all with our current class, just an observation. GO CATS!!!

  • You have a group that had to recruit immediately, had to recruit those that they were already close with, and areas that they knew. Lets give them just a little leadway since they have only been here 2 months. I believe GA will see our coaches in the next future, but that too is just an observation.

  • You misunderstood about me being upset at all with the staff. I am thrilled with what they did especially in a short amount of time. I just simply made an observation that we didn't have any recruits from Georgia. It was just surprising to me and I didn;t know if anyone else had noticed that. I am sure in years to come we will do nothing but expand our recruiting base. As long as we get the best recruits we can get, which I hope we get all or at least most of the best recruits in KY, we should all be very happy. It does noy matter from where the recruits hail for me so long as they are wearing KY Blue. GO CATS!!!

  • There will be in the future.

  • No doubt! Just thought the fact that their were no recruits this year from Georgia was very different from prior classes. I believe CMS when he says he will go head-to-head with the best of the programs. IMO, we have been afraid to do this in the past. I fully expect that our classes going forward will only get better regardless of from where the recruit hais. GO CATS!!!

  • This staff will go wherever the good players are, unlike previous ones who only seemed comfortable in particular areas. I think the main reason why most of the kids in this class were from Florida and Ohio is because those are 2 states that Stoops said he wants to target. Stoops wanted to change what we've been doing here and he assembled a staff that can do it. You only get one chance to make a first impression, and I think Stoops wanted to make sure that Kentucky staked a claim on Ohio & Florida with this first class. Basically to plant our flag, announce our presence, and make it clear that we will be heavily recruiting those states.

    Does that mean we won't go into Georgia for kids anymore? I don't think so. Stoops said he wants to hit everywhere within a 6 hour drive of Lexington very hard. Places like LaGrange, Atlanta, Athens, Marietta, Macon, Peachtree City, McDonough, Columbus, and Dalton are all within about a 5 to 6 hour drive. I'm pretty sure we'll sustain our presence in those areas, because we've had too much success with peach state players to let that pipeline dry up completely. I'm just tired of depending on Georgia alone as the primary source of our talent, because that hasn't worked out very well for us.

    The Georgia Bulldogs currently have 95 players from Georgia, and Georgia Tech has 76. There are a lot of good high school players in Georgia, but not enough to have a bunch of leftovers after UGA, GT, and other top programs take theirs. We need to be able to go in there and beat those schools for the top players. If we can average about 3 kids (high 3 or 4-star) from Georgia each year, that should be enough. Chad Scott and John Schlarman both coached at Troy, and Derek Ansley was at Alabama & Tennessee, so I'm sure all three of them are familiar with the lay of the land in Georgia. Also, Stoops and Eliot probably recruited Georgia while they were in Tallahassee. I love that we are spreading our paws out into Florida and Ohio, but the name Kentucky does carry weight in the south, especially in certain areas (like LaGrange, Georgia). We have a few guys on our staff that spent time in Alabama & Louisiana, so I'd like to see us recruiting down there a lot too.

    This staff has big plans and no inferiority complex. They've already proven that they aren't afraid to go head to head with anybody or anywhere for a player they want and feel like they can get. By listening to all of the recruits this year, many of them said they could tell this staff believes what they are selling. Kids today aren't naive and they can tell when a coach is full of shit. I can't wait to see how much momentum this year's recruiting will carry into next year. Louisville & the SEC better not let us also have a winning season and bowl game this year. If that happens this rolling snowball will quickly turn into an avalanche. Stoops has said that he saw Kentucky as a bit of a "sleeping giant". We've heard that many times over the years, but it looks like we finally have the staff that is capable of waking it up. This 2013 class is just the beginning of much greater things to come. The next 5 years are going to be a lot of fun.

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  • Can you point out the word "upset" in my post? I was just making a statement, you have a right to your opinion too.

  • I do not think it is worth getting into a back and forth on the issue. With my initial post I was simply making an observation that I thought it was interesting or noteworthy that there were no recruits from Georgia based on the fact that every recruiting class that I have looked at over the last 10 years or more has contained players from Georiga. By your statement: "Lets give them (the staff) just a little leadway since they have only been here 2 months ", I inferred that you thought I was "upset" that there were no new recruits from Georgia in this class. I was just clarifying that since I inferred from your statement that you thought I was somehow disappointed with the staff, I was just making sure that you (or anyone else that interperted my initial post in such a manner) realized that I was not upset, disappointed (or whatever word you wish to insert) with the staff or the class of recruits. I was simply clarifying my post to you, and to anyone else that may have interperted my post in that manner, that I was not "upset" with the staff or showing any disappointment whatsoever in our class. I don't care from where the recruits come (although I do enjoy seeing players from Kentucky do well) as long as they are talented and will represent UK and the fanbase in a good manner. If I incorrectly inferred the meaning of your post, I apologize. From a purely talent standpoint, it seems as if the states of Florida and Texas, in general, usually have the most of the highly rated recruits each year. I am fully behind this staff, and wish for them to get the best recruits possible that are willing to come to UK and hopefully win a SEC Championship which will naturally put us in the running for a National Championship. I did not think that my initial post even contained or gave an opinion, and I did not think that your post, which responded to my post, contained an opinion. That was the entire purpose of my response to your post. There was no intent to criticize the staff, or any of our new recruits, in any manner, or to criticize you in any manner. That is all. GO CATS!!!