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OK, what are you guys hearing about UK Football Season Tickets?

  • And there is still more talent and better football in South Carolina than in Kentucky. Not to mention the talent concentration ( Kentucky has six 4 star players in the state according to this site's ranking...3 of them from Louisville and all 3 of those from Trinity) in a city that is firmly in UofL's favor when it comes to the majority of prospects. 5 out of the top 10 are from Louisville in fact.

    In the class of 2013 South Carolina has 22 4 or 3 star ranked prospects. Kentucky has 9...with 5 out of those 9 coming from Jefferson Co. Clemson doesn't have a commit from any of the 4 star prospects in South Carolina but Spurrier has two right now.

  • I think we all agree probation hit UK very hard. I think we all agree UK coming back from probation is not nearly like Bama coming back from probation who was hit at the time as UK.

    When is the realistic time frame AFTER PROBATION to start going 4-4 in SEC games on a consistent basis. They did it in 2006 and not since then. UK was 3-5 in 2007. I think they've been 2-6 every year since, correct?

    When is it OK to expect .500 season in the SEC 3 out of 5 years? I've pretty much resigned myself to the fact UK will not be winning the SEC east anytime soon.

  • I think expectations have raised, as they should. Brooks built the program up, and we want to stay up. I expect to have an 8 win season every year. I think that's realistic. But, not renewing season tickets will never be the answer to helping a program. Just my opinion.

  • One thing i think hurt Joker was the HCIW. Usually when there's a coaching change it generates excitement through the school and the fans. When Joker took over there wasn't any excitement because we had already accepted the fact and knew he was the coach. Plus all that energy and excitement helps recruiting and it unifies the fan base. Joker didn't have that when he took over and I believe that's why he's had a short leash. Personally I think he's in over his head from what i've seen but if he shows improvement and doesn't look totally inept I will support him.

  • Some on here advocating support of the progam - no matter what - are selectively choosing clusters of years where there was limited success as justification.

    If some people see 30+ years of futility, embarasement, and frustration as reason enough to jump ship, that is understandable to me. If the reason to withdraw support is because the current coach was promoted, and presented by the administration, as a way to continue a few recent years of success, considering results as of late, that makes sense to me too.

    It may be that the current administration is making a substantial push to improve the program. If true, is the effort based on a desire to compete in the SEC for a change or, is it a desparate move by the administration that knows it is finally loosing generations of frustrated fans that have simply and finally had enough?

    Personally, I don't see this football program ever being anything but a lower tier SEC football team and the non-SEC record is not the measuring stick for success vs. failure.

  • Not blasting UK here, but has the HCIW thing ever really worked out? Fischer at FSU is probably the best example of it on the field, but Bowden didn't want to leave.

    Muschamp left Texas.
    Maryland ran off Franklin
    Hope has not done a good job at Purdue
    The WVA soap opera with Stewart and Holgerson was a PR nightmare.

    I'm sure I might be missing a few.

  • This is all good and well, but the same people who jump off jump right back on when we show any life. That is lame.

    You are in or you are out. If they have had enough then thats tough, and good for them to make a stand they feel is right, but stay out of complaining about every little thing and dont jump back on the bus if it gets rolling under current leadership.

  • I am wondering how football season ticket sales are actually going. While many on here are posting they got a call from UKAA about renewing tickets and gloated over denying the renewal, they are just assuming it is not going well. Some of these same people have also complained that UKAA does no marketing. I think sales calls are part of marketing and it is obvious from the posts that these sales people are working hard. Previous season ticket holders are the "low hanging fruit" and are called first to give them the first option to purchase. I am sure all the talking by many about no renewing did not take the UKAA by surprise and I am sure the UKAA took measures to prepare for the disgruntled fans. Although sales may be down, it wouldn't surprise me a bit if UKAA does much better with ticket sales than most expect. It appears to me they are working the phones hard and this could give very strong results and add many new fans to the stadium this season.