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OT: Penn St Football

  • I know this is wishful thinking and the NCAA would never reconsider it, but is there any chance the NCAA would rescind Penn St's bowl ban for this season (but still not be eligible for the Big 10 championship)? If the NCAA actually stepped back and looked at the whole Sandusky/Penn St/Paterno situation, they would realize that these players and this team are wrongfully being punished for something that actually happened years ago and they had no part in. I realize the administration is to blame for the way this was handled but not the players. The players who stuck around should be rewarded for their commitment to the university and not punished for it.

    Having said this, the university should not benefit monetarily for any bowl appearance that the team would be chosen for. All income from the bowl game would be designated for team expenses only and the balance be given to a charity of choice. A separate accounting firm should be assigned to take care of the finances for the bowl game in order to keep it separate from everyday monies.

    I know this will never happen simply because of the NCAA and how they operate, but this team has shown a lot of fight and they are suffering from acts of others which they had no control.

    For a team that was essentially left for dead, this is a remarkable story and these players need to have their day.

  • I wouldn't wanna be the one making that call. Unfortunately the program has to pay. The kids didn't have to stay and play either. They could have gone elsewhere but what O'Brien has done this year is nothing short of remarkable.

  • You're right about this ... but that's the nature of the beast and happens every time any school in any sport gets sanctioned by the NCAA. There's just no other way to punish programs unfortunately.

    In this particular case, while I agree that the current players and coaches had nothing to do with the past acts ... the school and the program still has to pay a price for those acts, IMO. I wouldn't change any of the penalties handed down no matter what this or any future teams do on the field at Penn State.