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Record: 6210 (3/13/2012)


Officials officially blew this game.

  • Poor shot selection also can cause a drought. Were the ifficials good, no, but they did not cause the loss. Selfish play and bad shots at the rim by our two driving guards were our main problem

  • I have a hard time saying te officials cost is the game; but I completely agree that the refs blew a ton of calls.

    They missed two HUGE ob calls late in the game. Both were off Bama. Every time Jacobs got the ball on the block, he committed an offensive foul. Nerlens caught an elbow in the chest every time. Gieye (SP?) camped in the lane. The second half strategy was to camp him in the lane, run a ball screen and get in the lane. He would screen Noel or be camped in there and get an easy look when Nerlens came to help.

    Not too mention, Bama held, hip checked as pushed ALL night. They were not athletic enough to keep up with us; so try played like the old men at the Y. Kudos to them for succeeding.

    Again, did it cost is the game? I doubt it. But officiating overall is such a joke.

  • How bad is it when you complain about the refs in a game vs. Alabama. Thats like Alabama complaining about the refs in a football game against us. Sure the game got physical. I think we should be complaining about how we got pushed around and didnt push back. This is the softest team we may have ever had. We have too many guys that want to be the star and drive the ball. How many times could Archie make a pass when he drives and gets fouled? Ill take an open WCS or Noel under the basket any day over him shooting 2 free throws. Alabama just exposed us for what we are, soft.

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  • No way did the refs cost us the game and its not even about the fouls. For me it was more the simple calls that hurt us, not cost us. They missed 4 easy tip out of bounds that all went against us that should have went for us, but had we got all 4, the way we were playing probably would not have mattered.

  • Actually, after a time out UK isolated Wiltjer three consecutive trips and got a Noel put-back off a Wiltjer miss, a Wiltjer basket, and Wiltjer going to the line (where he missed the front end of the one-and-one) on the next three offensive possessions. Good coaching by Calipari. That sequence cut the lead to one with just over a minute left and would have given UK the lead if Wiltjer made the FTs.

    They followed that sequence with a quick shot by Mays, and two drives and misses by Goodwin (the first of which he had a wide open Wiltjer at the three point line for a shot that would have tied the game.

    Someone else noted the fast break where Goodwin had Noel ahead of him for an alley oop but instead he drove into the defender for a missed shot. I'm not sure whether Goodwin's problem is selfishness or a low B-Ball IQ. I believe that he usually plays hard but he seems to think that he must be the hero by taking shots.

  • ukcat,

    I agree to a point with the good coaching. This is one time I felt Calipari didn't make the adjustments he needed to. Why did he wait til the game was on the line to go back to KW? Most of the second half, he had KW at the top of the circle when his obvious matchup advantage was down low. They weren't stopping him. It could have stopped the run Alabama made by KW even hitting 2 or 3 shots or passing off of him underneath. I actually rank the loss in this order:

    1) Calipari
    2) Goodwin
    3) Foul shooting
    4) refs

    If ANY area above the refs is corrected or improved or played well, we win. So I don't consider the refs as THE problem.

  • Losses on the road don't worry me. If we would have taken care of business at our place this loss would be no problem. You gotta expect bad calls on the road. You have to beat team convincingly on the road to get a W. Like I said just like two years ago when we dropped so many road games not a problem because you don't play tourney game on the road. But we've dropped a couple games at home so these road losses are now a problem because we most likely have to win some of them just to get into the tourney.

  • I saw the same thing and after listening to Cal on his weekly radio show, he evidently saw the same thing. Lets hope that Mitch passes a note to Slive over that fiasco. You don't see this happen in football to the top dogs, why should Anthony Grant be granted the OK to let his players beat the hell out of us and not get the fouls called. UK should have shot 20 more free throws. Does that change the outcome? You damn betcha! If you didn't see that then I don't know what in the hell anyone was watching because Cal sure saw it the same way. Some of you guys need to realize that its OK to stand up for your team. Sure they didn't play great, but when your getting the living crap beat out of you that is the usual result.

  • Wiltjer's strong first half didn't come from isolating him in the post. It came from Wiltjer being aggressive with the ball from the perimeter. In the first half, Wiltjer took eight shots (from the perimeter, driving past his man, backing his man into the lane, etc). He was aggressively looking to score and take advantage of the mismatch -- he was the one guy who had a clear mismatch. He did not take a shot in the second half until Cal ran those low-post plays for him.

    Unfortunately, Cal does not have enough time outs to set up plays throughout the half. He has to teach the players in practice and hope that they remember what to do when they get in the game. And his system is based on breaking guys down defensively -- i.e., beating them in one-on-one situations. That is not generally Wiltjer's strong suit but he had a matchup against Bama that allowed him to do that in the first half. He just stopped doing it in the second half.

    Goodwin can do that but does not react well to what the defense does after he beats his man. I have said previously that this leads me to believe that Goodwin does not have a high basketball IQ. He seems to have already made up his mind as soon as he starts his drive. Usually that decision is to shoot, leading to many bad shots. But it's just as bad when he has predetermined to pass because he has made up his mind to pass and the pass may not be there leading to bad turnovers (bad because they often lead to fast breaks the other way).

    Harrow has shown some ability to break down the defense and makes generally good decisions when he does but he does not do as well when the defense gets physical. Bama had physical guards and if the hard hand-checks and body fouls are not going to be called it renders Harrow ineffective on offense.

    All that said, the one guy who showed the ability to break down his man effectively against Bama was Wiltjer. When he was aggressive, Kentucky was controlling the game. He did not attack in the second half and Kentucky lost. Now I am not blaming Wiltjer but when guys that have the willingness to attack (i.e., Goodwin) are ineffective then this team needs guys like Wiltjer to step up.

    At the end of the day, however, the only chance for this team to advance far in the tourney is for Goodwin to begin to understand how to make his team better (and by extension, himself better) if he is capable of that improvement.