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Oh Boy... Dyshawn Mobley's pissed

  • Our offense did not lose this game. Mobley is a true freshman, he needs to grow up and get over it.

  • If you had told me that our QB would complete 70% of his passes for 280 yards, 2 TDs and no interceptions and that our backs would consistently find running room, I would have bet a paycheck that we win the game.

    If you had told me that TB would complete 90% of his passes to wide open receivers and that we would give up 200+ yards on the ground, I would have called you crazy. Mainly because there are three scheme-specific outcomes on defense. You can usually pick at least one of three on every single snap. You have QB pressure, coverage, or run defense according to scheme. We somehow managed to do none of those three things at any point during the game.

  • Best summary of the game I've read anywhere. Just nailed it.

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  • That may be the case but its still not the best way to use a big bruising back and this ain't High School.

  • I watched Dyshawn play for 4 years and can't remember him fumbling the ball one time. Joker doesn't like playing Freshman, but when you have Freshman like Dyshawn that are very talented you give them their chance to prove themselves.

  • Mobley is big and very strong, but I wouldn't say he is a bruising running back. He has a unique running style for his size. Mobley has excellent vision and he will put his head down if he has too, but he would rather just give one cut and make you miss. The thing I noticed about Dyshawn is he constantly moves up field even when making a move he almost never moves laterally.

  • Yes, he completed 70 percent of his passes for 280 yards, but come on my grandma could have completed most of those passes. Screen left, screen right, screen in the middle, screen here, screen there, screen everywhere lol.

    Yes the stats look good, but 280 yards on 50 passing attempts is ridiculous. If they continue to run these little bubble route screen passes all game, then unfortunately UK will get absolutely man-handled by a defense with speed. Yes, he will probably continue to complete 70 percent of his passes because they are mostly screen passes, but those passes will not work that effectively against an SEC defense. You MUST and I repeat MUST establish the run game to open up the passing game downfield and until UK does this they will not be successful.

    Why come out of the gates throwing the ball so much. UK didn't attempt to establish the run one time that game.

  • Putting Mobley at LB...This would be the worst mistake UK could possibly make. If they moved Mobley to LB the whole staff along with everyone supporting the coaches decision should be fired for their ignorance. (ok ok a little far, but seriously Mobley NEEDS to stay a RB) Got something special with Mobley at RB, and its just a matter of time before he will get to prove himself.

    He has played out of the shotgun/spread offense his entire career in football, so picking up on the blitzes should not be that much of a learning curve for him. Dyshawn is an overall good RB. He does very well out of the shotgun in running situations.

    Given it is high school and you can't see too much from that, you can still see his running style. Many of you all should look at some of his highlight clips on youtube, just so you can see what kind of runner he is because many of you have a perspective that he going to be a full back type of Tailback, but that is not his running style.

    Also, make sure if you don't watch the entire video take a look at the 2:00 mark. He used to do moves like that all the time.

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  • I don't know what game you watched, but while there were a few screens and short passes on the perimeter, the bulk of Smith's yards came from respectable throws from proper reads. This includes one absolute strike to La'Rod King to convert 3rd and long that was perfectly on target if not a perfect spiral.

    Those perimeter passes and bubble screens keep defenses honest. Perimeter passes force DBs to creep up and LBs to play horizontally. Screens force DL to check their pass rush to prevent over-pursuit and hold LBs nearer the line of scrimmage. Just because you don't understand the tactical decisions for playcalls doesn't mean that calls aren't tactically sound.

    The thought that all 280 yards came on screens, bubble or otherwise, is insane, especially given that our screen game wasn't particularly effective. 70% completion ratio means that Smith made the proper reads in the offense and that, for the most part, WRs caught the ball.

    I can't fathom those who had a problem with the passing game on Sunday. Smith was extremely efficient and poised, our OL did better than expected in controlling the pass rush, and our WRs caught the ball and got upfield.

    As far as the run game not being established, both Williams and Sanders gashed UL numerous times. Unfortunately, fumbles kept us out of the endzone at least once. In an uptempo hurry-up offense, passing is the order of the day because you are constantly forcing the DL to reverse direction and pursue WRs or pass-catching backs from behind. Once they are winded, your backs can gather up rushing yards more effectively. In a perfect world, this opens play action pass and allows you to go upfield later in the game.

  • The first series alone they ran three screens in 8 plays. One of those screens went for a 12 yard gain, but nonetheless still a screen play.

    Second series... pass completed to T. Robinson for 4 yards, pass completed to D. Robinson for 3 yards, pass complete to Co'Shik Williams for 13 yards, pass complete to R. Sanders for 4 yards. The first 4 plays of the second series were either screens or little bubble routes. Then after 2 plays later R. Sanders caught another screen pass for 13 yards.

    Must I continue on throughout the whole game. Idk what you call a few screens, but 8/13 first plays were screen passes/ bubble routes. Into starting the second quarter 10/19 UK's first plays were screens or bubble routes. UK did not establish the run game. In the first quarter Uk only called a designed run play 3/17 plays. In the first half UK only ran the ball a grand total of (drum roll please) 7 times. For the game UK only ran a designed run play for a total of............... 13 times and 3 of those rushes came late in the 4th quarter when the game was already over. That is not establishing the run. You are right the run game was effective for the most part, but running the ball a total of 7 times in the first half is not acceptable. Late in the game UK was forced to pass the ball to try to overcome a large depict, but they may not have had such a large hole to come out of had they utilized the run game more in the first half and beginning of the second half. Now onto the screen plays again. You can tell Randy Sanders is UK's offensive coordinator lol. No wonder the Vols ran him out of Knoxville.

    21/35 of Smith's completions were bubble routes or screens. That is being generous. In the third quarter Smith did have a very good drive where he accumulated a good amount of yards passing. He threw to collins for 12 yards, Boyd for 15 yards, and Collins for 22 yards in three consecutive plays. Also, the drive beginning the fourth quarter was pretty good too, as he found King and Boyd for around 20 yard gains. Saying that though, 21/35 pass completions being little screen or bubble routes is horrible.

    UK must have a balance between the run and the pass game. Nobody wins throwing the ball 50 times a game unless you are Texas Tech when they had Leach as HC. Nobody wins in the SEC throwing the ball 50 times a game. Unless Brady, A. Rodgers, or Bree's decide to come back and strap on a jersey for a team in the SEC. END OF STORY.

    The best way to keep a defense honest is to run the football. Screens are a good weapon to be utilized, but they should not be the main weapon of attack if you get my drift. Screen plays are like using frag grenades, you would want to use them sparingly, and precisely at the right time.

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  • Joker and Sanders were taking what UL was giving them. They were cheating up a lot to try and stop the running game. We were hitting the underneath, on the sides where it was open. Yes at some point WE WILL HAVE TO RUN but against UL what they were giving us we were taking. Mobley will get his chance and I think he will shine. However, he needs to be careful with his messages and opinions. I'm glad he is frustrated because that tells me he is a winner. Now he must harness that frustration and use it when given the chance!

  • We have a communication problem. You believe every checkdown throw is a "screen" or "bubble route." I do not. Fundamental difference in nomenclature. There were bubble, tunnel, and RB screens called in this game. Other times, there were a number of routes run by various receivers and the throws were checked to TEs, RBs, and WRs running underneath two deep safeties. Not throwing the ball to a fly, post, or flag route does not mean the play call was a "screen" or "bubble route."

    I thought the gameplan was pretty smart when we had unknown quantities at several OL positions, keeping Smith in the shotgun and giving him a check-down or safety valve on most plays to get the ball out. That, combined with the uptempo pace and no-huddle allowed us to move the football pretty efficiently. We were over 50% on third down, including converting at least 3 third-and-long situations. The pace obviously impacted UL's front, allowing us to rush efficiently, if sporadically. It also minimized the pressure on a young QB and relatively inexperienced OL.

    We threw more than I would have liked, but I can understand why.

    Would you have preferred more 7 step drops from under center with 4 fly routes called? How many more times would you have liked to see Max pressured into bad decisions with no safety valve, or for him to take more sacks? Line up the power running game with two backs with a history of injury problems or a true freshman in his first ever game behind an offensive line that had more question marks than known quantities?

    I agree that, with the benefit of hindsight, our OL had success and we could have had more success with the run game. However, that is with the benefit of hindsight and something to consider going forward, not something that was obviously apparent to everyone before the game.

    Lost in this conversation is the fact that our imbalanced offense had 10 drives on Sunday. Two of them ended in TDs. One in a missed FG (UL 24). Two on fumbles (UL 22, UL 2). And one on downs (UL 18). 6/10 drives got us in scoring position. Failure to capitalize on those opportunities is a valid complaint, but completely ignoring the fact that our offense was improved and (especially when contrasted with the defense) has several things to build on in coming weeks is just inane.

  • Nobody was serious about that...just frustration and sarcasm.

    Bottom line, it wouldn't have meant a W if we had played him more, he's a true frosh in his first game, he's lucky he got three snaps....and this isn't high school....

  • You must not know what a screen play is. We probably only tried 2 or 3 all day.

  • This is a good post. Although, I believe that they were running the ball effectively regardless of how much UL was cheating up. Almost every run play went for more than 5 yards per carry.

  • Thanks for pointing out that this isn't high school. That does not change my opinion whatsoever. If you would have read my comment you would have seen where I said, "Given it is high school and you cant see much from that." But....... all that video was posted for was to show his running style, which generally will stay the same from high school level to college level. He will add tidbits to his running style, but he will not change it entirely, but only add to his arsenal.

    You are right about one thing, putting Dyshawn in would not have meant a W. There will be no W against a quality team until secondary realizes that they need to defend passes, and the linebacking core along with the D-Line minus Dupree needs to stop the run and help with defending the pass.

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  • Yes several of those routes were not considered designed screen plays, but I also don't believe many of them were his check down receivers either. Many times those little 1-3 yard routes would be his primary look. I know at least 11 of the 21 were designed screen plays, and that is without going back and looking at it in detail as I only took a little bit of time to look into this. I would not have preferred Smith to drop back and throw fly routes, but I would just have liked to seen more play action (by first establishing the run making the LB commit to the play action), out routes, 7-10 yard slants... basically tested them in the middle of the field because they looked soft in the middle of the field despite the hype that surrounded the core of the UL defense. When UK tried to attack the middle they were successful more than not.

    Overall I like your post though. Good post.

  • You realize that those first four plays you described are an average of 6 yards per play....6. yards. per. play. Why out of everything that went wrong yesterday are we lasering in on playcalling on offense...the one thing that actually worked most of the afternoon.

    On the 7 plays you mention from Series #2, assuming the two plays in the middle you don't talk about gain even zero yards, you're still looking at a 7 play drive averaging 5.25 yards per play. Meaning 3rd and shorts or even not reaching 3rd down.

    We got beat like a drum by Teddy B & Co. But our offense is nowhere, NOWHERE, near what they were last year, and frankly I'm very optimistic. Too bad if it keeps up, we'll still give up 40+ points a game. Minter has a LOT of work to do!!

    PS--the douchers on the ESPN broadcast can go both bl0w a goat. Worst, most unprofessional job I've ever seen on a major network.

  • You are wrong. That's all I can say. You are wrong. By pre-snap reads (two safties deep) maxwell knew his deep routes wouldn't be open.

    The fact that you bashing play calling on offense and don't understand what a screen pass is tells me one thing. USE THE IGNORE FEATURE. Which I'm doing right now. See ya...

  • Ok. First of all UL did not have two safety's deep very often at all. Actually, when they did run a two safety set they were playing 8-10 yards off the ball. They have a strong safety and a free safety. Sometimes they lined up the strong safety in man coverage, sometimes he served as an additional LB at times, and sometimes he was used in zone coverage. But.... lets just assume that the safety's were playing deep just to entertain your comment.

    If two safety's were deep, then that could mean a variety of different coverages. We will look at cover 2 first, since a lot of times when safety's are playing deep that is what is being run. One of the best ways to beat a cover 2 is to attack the safety's vertically. Why? You attack the safety's vertically from different angles because those two safety's are responsible for the deep pass therefore you can cause problems in their coverage as they would only have 2 men responsible for the deep pass and you could send up to 4 WR's deep, but still keeping the corners and LB's in the middle of the field by PA fake or sending a RB on a flat route as well as a TE on a short route. In a nutshell you can run a various of different looks, but if one is in cover two somehow you want to attack them deep, which would also open up the post route if the two safeties are occupied covering other receivers. In cover 2 the most vulnerable part of the field is deep. So, tell me once again how he knew before the play that they were not in a cover 2, since the safety's play two deep off the ball in cover 2.

    Now cover two man would be trouble for the deep ball, but not for out routes, slants in the middle of the field, etc.

    I could go on this for hours as I played CB my entire career in football, but what I am getting at is if those were his checkdown receivers than I am completely fine with that. That was not the case most of the time. Two safeties deep could be a good thing for attacking deep especially if Louisville was in a zone defense, which they were frequently through that game. Therefore, Max Smith could not have known prior to snapping the ball what the safeties were going to do. He would have to read the safeties after he snapped the ball. Defense will disguise coverages. The QB can read defenses before the snap of the ball, but it would be very difficult to read the safeties just simply by them playing 15-20 yards off the ball.

    UL had two safeties, but they used them differently through the game and many times their was two back, but they were only playing 8-10 yards off the ball.

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  • I said if UK CONTINUES to run those plays they will get man-handled by a defense with speed. An SEC defense in essence. If they tried to run those routes against Alabama, Florida, Georgia, or even Tennessee those 5 yard gains would turn into no yard gains or very little gains, and eventually a good defense would read the play and break on the ball for a pick 6.

    I am pulling for UK, but I do not see optimism just because the play calling. I like Max Smith and I think he does have potential to be a pretty decent QB, but my optimism with Randy Sanders at Offensive Coordinator is non-existent. If you even come to Knoxville and say Randy Sanders people will cringe lol. Randy Sanders must establish a run game first. When you are consistently getting 5+ yards per carry you utilize that.