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**One new feature that's coming soon ... **

  • ... is the rankings history and module. Shannon mentioned some things in his update post, but this one is cool.

    One new feature we are planning to release some time in the next couple of weeks is the 247Sports rankings/ratings module. Kudos to our developers in building this feature for profiles.

    It will incorporate:

    Start to finish ratings history of a prospect w/ key dates
    Start to finish rankings history of a prospect w/ key dates
    Located on each #247Sports Prospect Player Database profile
    For Football and Basketball Recruiting
    Shows both graphs for comparison purposes -- #247Sports & #247Composite

    We will not have a ratings history for the 2013 class, but we will have a rankings history of the 2013 class. For example, we’ll have when a recruit moved from No. 10 to No. 2 in 2013, but we won’t be able to display that a recruit went from a 90 to 95 rating. Beginning with 2014 recruits, we’ll track ratings history as well.

    One example of how this will look when released will be to check out Chris Jones' page and the comparison between 247Sports and the industry.

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  • That's really cool cool

    Expanding on what is already the most complete player page in the industry.

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