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Optimistic for the Football Team? Yes I Am

  • Springs enternal and all that great crap but I will be honest with you I am starting to become really optimistic about this team. I will be the first to admit that when Joker started changing the coaching landscape I wasnt impressed and then the on the field performance was even more dis-heartning. But the talent, although young is there.. We are seeing alot of the younger guys leap frog the older guys for PT and here are a couple of important area's that I feel we could be really good at.

    To win you have to have a dominante D-Line. Do we have that, jury still out, but were not looking at the roster wondering how a 280 pound kid is going to clog the holes. Rumph, Cobble, Coleman and probably Chapman will do that. Collins has to stay healthy of course but hes battle tested and ready to go. Heard a lot of names last year, young names that were on the fiels making plays, a year to get stronger and compete means, yes Virginia, UK has depth on the D-line. Something I can say we haven't had.

    QB play.. Point blank, kids go under the Radar and Kids just don't play well at the college level. I think we have both situations in Smith and Newton. I know what Morgan his Freshman year, but that was also with Cobb. I know we had a ton of potential drops early in the season also, but there were alot of balls that were air mailed from Newton too. Smith was thrwn to the wolves last year and in a pinch put up some good numbers, throw out the South Carolina game and he did decent. I really think we would have destroyed UT if we had Smith starting. I don't care what anyone says, for UK to win it has to throw and catch the ball. Smith gives us the best chance to put the ball down field and losen up the defense. He knows his strength and keeps to them. He is a smart kid and has the respect of his team. I really think its going to be hard to put Patrick on the field this year, but I am glad Smith will most likely help put a redshirt on him.

    WR.. Did anyone notice that we kept 2 of our starting wideouts out for the Spring game and we still caught the ball. We actually have kids who can catch, run and stretch the field. I am not going to spend to much time on these guys because until I see live game action I am just going to say, I have seen them all do what they are supposed to do.

    Offense System, have not and I repeat have not been a fan of what has transpired after Andre left, that year we took Joker and Shane to UT and almost one, I said if Joker gets a chance he will be a hell of a OC. He was with the talent of Dre, and Burton. Then he got conservative, and it trinkled down with Randy. THe UT game plan and the talk and actual proof that UK will go to a spread adn throw the ball more says we are going to.. wait for it, the days of the AIr Raid.. We have no choice! Our young oline will provide protection but not sure we have any road pavers.

    We have a coach who knows hes on the hotseat, a veteran staff that doesn't want to look for a job next year, a lot of young talent and kids saying and doing the right thing. We haven't had one arrest this Summer woohoo!. JK guys. But honestly we have the perfect storm for 6-6 or 7-5 season. UK will be looked over starting at UofL. Talent wise I this could be 2nd or 3rd best team in the last 10 years. I am talking all around talent, not just a Cobb, but a lot of Cobbs. We shall see and I will be there to watch it all.

  • I like your enthusiasm, but I think you are about 1-2 yrs off. This yr we may very well struggle quite a bit........2013 the defense should be very, very special....not to mention that most of the offense should be back.

    2014 about half the defense should be back, but nearly the entire offense should be back.

  • I really want to be optimistic, but it's going to be tough unless we can pick up our offensive production significantly. I have confidence that our defense will continue to improve despite losing guys like Trevathan because we have a lot of young talent and I really like Minter's ability to maximize player potential with his schemes.

    This team is just so very, very raw. I think it's feasible that we could be looking at a 4-5 win season. Anything over that would be an over achievement knowing what we know with this group.

  • There's no question our offense will have more production than last year. Lots of skill guys return, and our OLine will be fine.

  • How, with evidence, can you say such a thing?

  • I need to see improvement in several areas. Not just wins. I want to see a collective effort by this team and staff each week to get better. An exciting attacking gameplan offensively would be refreshing and it seems Joker has done that by shifting the focus of the offense. I think the defense as a whole will be better and Minter has already shown he is aggressive.
    No more Vandy/USC games those were just terrible to watch and really stoked the fires of the LOD. Hopefully, the team shows enough improvement and promise for Joker and staff to return. Not sure if we will win more games this year so selling improvement will be tough. I could see anywhere from 4-7 wins. This will be the first year in 3 years that I will be able to attend a game so I am very excited and hoping to see some good football.

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  • How could it be any worse than it was the first 3-4 games last year? Depth is a big concern but we bring back our 3 most talented linemen in Miller, Smith and Warford. West is talented but unproven. RT is the scary part but we do have some options. I think the OL play will be better how much better who knows.

  • I'm like you. I really want to be optimistic. I do feel our O will be much improved. I worry we are way too young on defense which in the SEC is a recipe for disaster.

  • The guys that will be playing this year will A. hopefully be more healthy, B. and are more talented than those who they are replacing and C. We have one of the best centers and guards in the nation...

  • The OLine is going to be thin unless they can stay 100% healthy (and they almost never do). And young, which typically means a bit undersized/raw.

    The skill guys returning are ones that are questionable at best in production and in health. I worry about depth at WR but am excited to see guys like Collins for the first time. Can we reduce the number of drops this season? Our backs seem to be our strongest position in terms of depth but I wonder how they can hold up with a thin line. Will we be able to develop enough of a passing attack to get defenses out of the box so that we can have some semblance of a running game?

    Will be have an established QB early on that we can stick with for the sake of development?

    Like I said, I really really want to be optimistic. And I am if these guys can develop to their full potential in a couple seasons. I'm just having a hard time seeing them making a splash this season.

  • I have to admit, the closer the season gets the more excited I am about this season. I don't know if the improvement we see will equate to more wins than last year but I expect to see a big leap forward in our offense and the defense to either hold steady or slightly improve. We have added a number of young play-makers on offense which we sorely lacked last season as well as restocked the Oline with young guys that are capable of providing depth as freshmen.

    Personally though I think the biggest improvement may come from an improved environment in the locker room. The young group of players the staff has brought in the last two years have brought a new attitude and a renewed desire to win (think the Woodyard recruiting class). It seems from day one they have tried to bring a "win as a team" attitude to this program while some of the guys that have left the program were more "I wanna get my stats" kinda mind-sets. Finally the majority of the team has taken on the win as a team attitude and I think that above all else will make a huge difference in how these young guys (as well as the rest of the team) handles game prep, game focus, and the way they handle adversity when it comes along.

    I love this team! They're young but they're hungry, they're enthusiastic, and they are willing to give it everything they have to get a win. I'm not sure we, as fans, have seen that out of our program as a whole since the Woodson era ended.

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    "Kentucky Football needs to be and will be a championship contender in the SEC."~Mitch Barnhart 11/4/12

  • Why do you bring up the Vandy/USC games, but not the Georgia/UT games? Do they not count as improvement? I'd say a collective effort by the team and staff was exactly what transpired for the last two games of the year.

    I get your point, we need consistent improvement over the course of a single season. But the way we finished last year, and the way the Spring went, I can only be optimistic.

  • Every team in college
    Football is replacing starters. The guys moving Into starting roles are almost universally more highly regarded than the people they are replacing. The guys moving into starting roles on the o-line are reported to be bigger and stronger than the guys who graduated. Add to that the fact that we have experience at qb and running back and have two of the best I-linemen in the conference and there is some reason for optimism.

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  • I only look at 3 games as "almost unwinnable" with the roster we have this year. We are bigger, stronger, and faster at a lot of positions than we were the last two games, in which we played well. If we can put a great defensive effort together, and beat UL in Louisville, we will be 3-0 with a young, confident team heading into a winnable game at the swamp. I think the sky is the limit if they can pull out the first game of the year. And when I look at the two teams comparatively, It is just my opinion, but I feel like we should win in a low scoring game. So, given that I think we win at Louisville, hell yes I am optimistic. Anytime you can start 3-0, there is great reason for optimism, winning can be contagious!!! cheers

  • The reason I dont bring up UGA is we didnt win and I didnt watch it but from what I read and heard the effort was there. UT I didnt mention because we won and broke the losing streak. Obviously the effort was there. Make no mistake about it, I agree with you the last two games where good signs. I am very optimistic we will be better and look forward to seeing this young team mature. However, our young talent will cut its teeth in the SEC and usually doesnt spell a big season as far as the win column goes. 2 or 10 wins I just want to see we are ready, aggressive play to win football.

  • Agree 100%, but who is the third? USCe, @arkansas, which i would agrue, and who? @UF? UF isn't the UF of old and they have a QB quandry. @UT, bc they are mad and want revenge for losing last year? Injuries will factor into that one, just like any games after week 1, LOL. The last time USCe was here, we gave them an L, and they didn't like that last year and took it out on us, they may be down for our game too.

    I'm just saying, i don't expect to be 12-0 and playing in atlanta and the BCS championship, although i did that with us in NCAA 13 on Heisman mode, but aside from that, i see a MUCH MUCH better product than last year, and last year, we were terrible and managed 5 wins. I'm telling you guys, honestly, if we put one more TD per game, which is reasonable from last year, would probably had 7 wins last year. The O is going to be greatly improved bc of better QB play, and have WR that can do things after the catch, along with actually catching it to begin with. The OL will have no problems run blocking, the concerns is in pass blocking, and if you run block a little bit, you can magically pass block better, i happened to me when i played on the OL.

    The D loses two VERY talented players, but the young and talent is undenialable on that side. Guy was a 3 star ATH coming out of lex and Danny T was a 2 star. The "talent" level should be massively better by the stars, and i am a stars don't matter guy. CB is the biggest concern, but Caffey was recruited as one by A LOT of bigger schools, Rice should have started last year, Dixon has a ton of potenial along with Simmons. The incoming frosh can help at CB too. The DL will obiviously carry the team early, but by the end of the year, the other spots will be more experienced and more impactful themselves. This team will be much better by the end of the season than the beginning. I am ready for some FOOTBALL TIME IN THE BLUEGRASS!!!

  • I was optimistic to begin the season last year but honestly, they totally lost me with the lack of effort @ home against a clearly inferior Louisville team. Louisville just came into Commonwealth Stadium and whipped us in every aspect of the game. And don't even get me started about our non-existent passing game and our "pretend" WR's!
    I am back on board now because those of you who saw them In the Spring Game say we'll be improved, however, only time & a consistently better effort tells that tale.
    I want to see some improvement with good effort. We get that & I will be happy.

  • I was referring to SC, Ark, and Ga. As I mentioned in the post, I think we will beat UL and go into a "winnable" game at the swamp with some 3-0 momentum for a young group. Anything can happen in those games as well (SC, GA, ARK), but they are very tall orders. Another reason for optimism, NO LSU, BAMA, or AUBURN!!

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  • But we always play UGA tough. We even beat UGA @UGA, now they are better now, but how much? They have a lot of questions too. How good will Murray be without his safety blanket (Orson Charles, which he went to HS with)?That game is late enough in the year to be affectted by injuries (or lack there of) too. I think the first 2 games, you can predict off of preseason stuff, after that, young players come through and injuries happen (or vice versa). You have to be closer to determine weeks 3 -13. Arkansas could implode by the time we play them too, or the offense could not be as explosive as under Petrino. Their D isn't much better off than ours either. USCe, LSU, Bama, and Auburn, seem to be the class of the SEC this year, but the first three are Prominent.

  • I agree with most of this, but I think Georgia will be better than South Carolina this year, and get back to the SEC Title game again. Regardless, the 3 games I was referring to were labeled "almost" unwinnable, I know anything can happen. Heck, I witnessed that firsthand when we shocked Carolina after they beat Bama a couple years ago. Although they partially did that to themselves by coming out flat with the huge halftime lead, although we started pretty flat ourselves, so whatever. As it has been said ad nausea, if this young team can come out and punch UL in the mouth the first game, this could be a fun season!!

  • I guess the reason i'm not high on UGA is they always suck when they are supposed to be good and are good when not much is expected of them. One could say that about USCe too though, as well as Ark, so, i have no clue what to think about those three teams. Also, the Mizzou game is late enough to think they could be very beat up by the SEC by that point and could be a W.

  • Punch Louisville in the mouth? Yeah, that is exactly what needs to happen, start to finish. But will Kentucky come out breathing fire or will they keep coming out disinterested like they have continually done for the last two years now?

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  • Im just not freaking out about the Oline - we had a down year last year. The law of averages says Coach Summers and the Oline will be better this year.

    In short Kooky - Im optimistic. I have a hunch.

  • i hope they come out swinging brass knuckles.

    Keep Calm & Stoops On..

  • We have some guys that could be pretty exciting to watch. Both on offense and defense but we are really young so we might be another year away. Regardless it makes as much sense to be excited right now then not.