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Petrino and the whole truth, please read and then decide

  • Thats a good point but there is no way he would agree to that and in that way I get what I think is best for UK no Petrino. Again what you stated is a good point but it doesnt address the character flaws that he has exhibited time after time with former employers.

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  • All I can say to the original post is that UK sure would be lucky to get a coach that was interviewed by Auburn, Notre Dame, LSU, and Oakland Raiders, or was hired by Arkansas and the Atlanta Falcons. I could really care less about the whole motorcycle - girlfriend incident, and all the rest of it is a great coach looking to improve his career. What Bobby Petrino does is win college football games and go to BCS bowls, and he's proven that he can do it at a mid level SEC team. He's never had any problems with the NCAA either. We would be damn lucky to have him coaching for us, as well as his brother and the rest of the staff that he would bring in here.

    I say all of this as a true blue diehard Kentucky fan who used to think that the name Petrino was as evil as any other spoken by man. My mind began to change while he was at Arkansas, and I was finally sold on him during his final season there. He's not nearly as bad of a guy and some people try to make him out to be, including me for years. He's just a guy who eats and sleeps football. He puts in the time and hard work necessary to get the wins on the field. My former self a few years ago would want to kick my ass for saying this, but I would absolutely love to have him as the head coach of my beloved Kentucky Wildcats.

    “People who live in the past are afraid to compete in the present. There's no future in it.” -- Sparky Anderson

  • Well I respect your opinion but I dont agree with it, and isnt that what makes this country great. The fact that he cheated on his wife is really not the point just another example of his flaws as a human being. You and others are really missing the point I tried to make in that I dont care if he tried to get another position at a more prestgious organization its the fact that he has lied to the people he has worked for all the places he has been and remember he lied to those adoring fans also when he assured them all he was there to stay. I just dont want the KY program and fans to have to go through the same things that his former employers fans had to go through.

  • I get your point, but I would have to argue that you may be being a bit naive. That's the way things work in the world of hiring and firing coaches. He's not the first, and wasn't the last coach to mislead his employer or the fans. What many people don't want to allow themselves to think about is that these coaches don't lie because they are liars. They lie and say misleading things because if they don't get the other job they don't want their current job to be effected because of it. As soon as the media finds out a coach is looking at other schools they write their articles and do their reporting on TV. Then, at the college level, your opponents start to use that against you in recruiting. You're having to sit down with kids and their parents and explain your side of the story. All of a sudden you are having to answer questions about your future to nearly everyone you meet. Isn't it much easier just to deny that you are interested in any other jobs and say that you are happy where you are? Won't it serve you and your program much better if you do happen to stay put? That's why coaches are misleading when it comes to the question about coaching searches. Honesty in those situations can only hurt you and your program. It's a perfect example of no good deed goes unpunished.

    “People who live in the past are afraid to compete in the present. There's no future in it.” -- Sparky Anderson