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Reasons why the Cats offense will be MUCH better in 2012!!

  • NO dobut...we will be vastly improved offensively in 2012.
    First reason...Quarterback play..Max Smith has the talent, toughness, and leadership ability to lead the Cats upwards in 2012. He has a strong, accurate arm...and will stand in the pocket and take a hit to make a nice pass. Behind him will be Newton..a former 4 star recruit who has degressed since playing fairly well his freshman year.

    Runningbacks..we are strong here. Josh Clemons and CoShik Williams will lead the way..with Ray Sanders, Jon George pulling backup duty. I hope the two talented true fresh rbs in Mobley and Taylor get to redshirt. At Fullback..DJ Warren will get more action as a reciever and runner both this year.

    WR: This is where we will be vastly improved this year. We need LaRod King to step up as a vocal leader..and Gene Mccaskill as well. It would be nice to get some production from Aaron Boyd and/or EJ Fields in thier last season..but Im not counting on that. I think Demarco Robinson and Daryl Collins will bring some much needed playmaking ability to our recieving corps. I also think Rashad Cunningham is a beast waiting to devour SEC corners. RC is 6'4 220 and runs a 4.45 or better. I also think frosh AJ LeGree and DeMarcus Sweat will bring some juice to k's wr's corp. Im so sold on LeGree...6'1 190 fast, owns a ridiculous vertical (46-47") and will lay out to make tough diving grabs.

    TE: Ronnie Shields will be a major weapon in UK's offense..Tyler Robinson will act as more of a blocker now..with Aumiller and Kendrick being the other pass catching threats.

    Offensive line will good. Larry Warford and Matt Smith provide both veteran leadership and All-SEC All-American type performance at guard and center respectively. Darrian Miller will be a very good bookend LT. Zach West will become a bulldozer at RG. Kevin Mitchell is slated to start at RT? Mitchell is a gifted athlete for a man his size...he lost weight..which confuses me because he was ultra quick for a 6'6 310lb hes below 300. Will be tough to hold up vs the bid DL...but if hes goning to be blocking quick De's/LB's..and pulling out and lead blocking on sweeps and such..I guess I can understand the weight trim. Depth is no longer a concern...which is so good to see. I feel like Shaq Love will eventually pan out to be a All-SEC type bulldozing guard. I also think the incoming frosh will be one of the best O-Line hauls in Cat history. Jordan Swindle is 6'8 310 and Matt Smith said hes the quickest O-Lineman we have...Zach Meyers will more than likely be UK's next great OC...already strong enough to play in the SEC. Jordan Watson is a nasty...brutish OG...Jon Toth and TJ Jones can both play OT/OG and will factor in later on. I hope to see some of UK's 6'11 340lb bemoth OT Jon Gruenschlager some this year. Also Teven-Eatmon Nared...former 6'7 330..has quick feet and long arms...I see him playing a lot in relief of Mitchell and West.

    PK: Craig McIntosh is very accurate..up to about 48 yards. Thats plenty good enough. Joe Mansour has yet to prove he can be a clutch FG kicker..but he should get some attempts past 50 just to give him some PT and mabye some confidence if he nails them.(In games that are in hand or out of control...not in a tight contest unless its 100% necessary!) Mansour is a very good kickoff guy however..and that is underrated.

    Return Game. Has to be improved. Did we really avg only 1 and 1/2 yards per pr last year? thats horrendous! D.Robinson..Ray Sanders..and Sweat should get hard looks at KR/PR. Id like to see Marcus Caffey get some return opps...he would give us a bigger..more physical returner that has great speed...sub 4.4 I think.

    I see us being a 370ish per game or better offense...with 28 to 32 points per game avg. At worst..i see us avg 24 points and 320ish yrds a game. The key will be that the defense should be able to hold most opponets under 21pts.

  • too much to read,
    but we will be better, we can't play worse on offense than we did last year. I dont think it's possible

  • O-Line play will determine everything.

    If UofL starts with exotic blitz packages, I think we're in for a rough start. Hopefully, the 3 new pups on the line know their responsibilities and grow as a unit (hey now).

    If we're not better than last year's offense, then we will need to pull the plug.

  • and you know that those blitzes are going to come

  • One reason why offense will be better

    1. Morgan Newton, hopefully, wont play a down at QB.

  • I can't imagine it being much worse.

    I think it will help if we can get everyone healthy to start the year. I'm looking forward to guys like Collins at WR who can maybe give that big play aspect back to us. Hopefully even just a serviceable passing game will get defenses out of the box long enough to give our RBs some room to run as well.

    As always though, it all hinges on what happens at the QB spot. I'm not asking for a Heisman candidate, but we need someone that is going to be at the very least consistent. I know that's a lot to ask of someone who still has had limited time as a starter in the offense (Smith) and even more so to even fathom someone who hasn't even taken a college snap to contribute (Towels).

    Certainly won't be a dull moment that's for sure.

  • You can point the finger at MANY things that plagued UK's offense last year but to me, the disappointing play of the Oline is what really killed them. Starting w/the WKU game, UK's line was manhandled out of the gate by 3 out of conference schools which was a preview of the beatdowns UK was going to get in the SEC.

    I guess I'm old school but for me, a good O or D starts in the trenches. If you can't at least fight to a draw in the battle of the big uglies, then you ain't got much chance for success. I really don't see how UK's Oline could perform any worse than last years crew so that alone should be good for a few more ypg and ppg. Bottom line is UK's O really has nowhere to go but up!

  • I believe the offense will be better this year. First, it would be inconceivable that it might be worse, or even the same. Furthermore, if it is not considerably better, this will be a very long season.

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  • To be honest, UK starts the season with way to many unknowns to make any predictions about how they will play but the reality will hit everyone in the face after the first game win or lose.

    Win and their is hope and hope is a good thing, lose but play hard and smart shows improvement but lose badly and the "long season" is knocking at the door.


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