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SEC Football schedule discussions

  • Any news out of Birmingham regarding changes to the number of games played in conference?

  • Coaches voted 13-1 against adding a ninth SEC game, the only holdout being Nick Saban. It will still happen eventually but doesn't sound like in next few years. Commissioner pushing members to play at least two higher profile non-SEC games in lieu of a ninth SEC affair.

  • Looks like it was announced in some fashion today that earliest there would be a 9-game league schedule is 2016.

  • Spurrier summed it up best. You want to see Texas vs Texas A&M or Kentucky vs Texas A&M?

  • So when does looserville start complaining to the legislature? Seems inevitable to me UL/UK goes away if SEC expands to 9 games in conference.

  • I really think that playing a tough out of conference game is better than playing 9 league games. In the best football league under the NFL, the SEC members should want to play foes from other leagues early in the season to prove to the prejudiced media and other conference 'haters' (see Mr.G at Ohio State) that the SEC IS the best football conference in the USA. You can't prove that unless your conference plays some games with other conferences. Insomuch as playing too many in conference games , the prejudiced get to judge with their biased opinions instead of letting it be done on the field. Alabama took Michigan out of any hyped up title run early last season. Sabans' gripe may well be that some of the top SEC dogs will always play another tough out of league game, but some won't , giving them an edge in conference play. ( I think that A&M was guilty of that last season.)
    If they do decide to make 75% of the SEC schedule play in conference, football in the SEC will get treated as poorly as does basketball. The SEC should have had 3 more teams in the NCAA tournament last year, but didn't because it was bashed down by the prejudiced committee in the NCAA office. They are licking their chops to do the same to football. So all the teams in the SEC need to play a tough non conference opponent as Bama, Florida and Georgia always do, and leave the 8 game schedule as is, and keep the prejudiced Big Ten, ACC, &PAC 12 from dictating who plays for the BCS championship................because if given any opportunity, the SYRACUSE, DUKE AND OHIO STATE media big dogs will do their absolute best to drive the SEC down...............and for the folks that think that is hogwash, the President of Ohio State proved that this past week !

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  • It makes no sense for the SEC to move to a 9-game schedule. With the new playoff system, the SEC's goal should be to have at least 2 teams of the 4 in that playoff system ever year in order to maximize revenue. That's pretty easy to do under the 8-game schedule since the SEC champion every year will either finish undefeated or with 1 loss and finish in the top 4. Also, typically there's multiple one loss teams in the opposing division, where the team that loses the tiebreaker and doesn't play in the Championship game, would finish in the top 4 and get the SEC's 2nd playoff bid (example: Florida from last season).

    But when you add that 9th game, most of the SEC East teams are going to have to play a really tough game against an SEC West opponent like TAMU, LSU, Alabama, etc. so you can kiss the scenario of having multiple one loss SEC East teams goodbye. Therefore, the addition of the 9th conference game will make it much less likely to have 2 SEC teams finish in the top 4 and virtually impossible for 3 SEC teams to finish in the top 4.

    I think Steve Spurrier put it perfectly, would you rather watch UK vs. Texas A&M or Texas A&M vs. Texas? Also, as a UK fan I would much rather watch UK vs. Louisville than UK vs. Texas A&M. If the SEC network is anything like the Big Ten Network, the 9th conference game doesn't offer it any benefits since there will be fewer games to televise. You'll have more content, advertising space, and viewers by televising UK vs. Louisiana Monroe and LSU vs. Tulane than you would by televising just UK vs. LSU.

    The important thing for UK is to keep the permanent game against Mississippi State. Miss. State is the undisputed odd-man out in the SEC West and is currently getting their clock cleaned in recruiting by all the other SEC West teams. Ole Miss has sky-rocketed ahead of them and will dominate Mississippi recruiting in the years to come. Its tough seeing them winning any SEC West games the next few years unless Auburn gets put on probation. So, I'd rather go to a 9-game conference schedule, keep our game against Miss. State, and trade the Louisville game for a non-conference cupcake, than go to an 8-game conference schedule with 2 rotating SEC West teams. Although obviously, maintaining the existing SEC scheduling system is in the best interest of all the SEC teams.