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Salute to the BBN, and UK Football.

  • These past 5 months with Mark Stoops at the helm of UK Football have been something like a thrill ride for us long suffering UK football fans. Stoops is to be comended for pumping life into a program on life support, coming of a winless in the SEC 2-10 ride that was bumpy and filled with road hazards. Sit back, hang on, and enjoy the ride BBN!!
    Spring game was great. 50,000 in CWS for a Spring quote Jalen Whitlow and borrow from Chris Berman...C'mon Man!

    We need to continue to support this team and this staff of coaches. We need to get a lot,LOT LOUDER!! I think we will meet that challenge come real games.
    the 2014 recruiting class is about to get rolling in a big big way. It's not crazy to think UK could be halfway filled up on rides by the start of summer. Even sooner. The end of May. We have 6 on the verge of commiting. That would put the Cats at 8. I think we have between 16 and 18 rides open as things sit..I hope..and expect a few more to come available soon. I wish we could oversign this year. A top 25 class isnt hard to imagine now. I hope we finish in the top 5 of the SEC..that would be a huge step forward.

    UK's media and gameday teams put on a show for the Blue/White game. Way more excitment and enjoyable atmosphere this year. Can't wait to see kickoff time get many days (hours) is it till August 31st??

    You gotta love the ride. The best thing..if Stoops keeps building off this momentum? This ride is about to shift into high gear and hit the passing lane towards an exit to SEC east crown contension!!

  • I love the ride, however its the up commmmming trip that is sccccaaaaarrrryyyy. Tuff sch stoops has neaver coached a game b4 and we have a very young team with a big disssssssssadvantage in talent.

    If UK can get a top 25 class this yr it will go along way. Like they say its not one class thats makes you in football its 2 or 3 in a row that makes you. Talent is talent UK from top to bottom does not come close to Bama right now. However I love the team we may put on the field this yr. A great O Coach and a great D coach. Its the back up players talent level that hurts UK.