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***Sneak peek at some coming attractions***

  • CEO Shannon Terry has posted a few things about some of the new features we have been working on for you guys. A couple of them are going to be released in the next month or so.

    Here is a snippet:

    "We've always tried to stay one step ahead of the industry. 247Sports was the first to provide a top 247 ranking of juniors. We were the first to provide an industry generated rating and ranking composite (247Composite) that ranks prospects well into the 1000s and we were the first to release an industry generated team recruiting ranking (247Composite Team Recruiting Ranking), giving users the broadest and most unbiased team ranking to date. But those features are just the beginning.

    We've taken your feedback, reprioritized our current features, and added eight new products to our database & profiles."

    We will have more information closer to release, but following is a sneak peek of a couple of the new products (with sample photos attached to this thread):

    We are adding the "Ratings and Rankings History" to our database. The product shows both ratings and rankings from 247Sports (team of scouts) and 247Composite (industry-generated). Users can now compare the two.

    The 247Sports Crystal Ball is coming, too. This feature allows the entire 247Sports network of national and team reporters to put their reputations on the line and predict where prospects are going to school. It also records the date. We are going to open up this to other reporters (competing networks, papers, sports media) so they can also predict destinations. The Crystal Ball will give individual predictions and a prediction from a group of analysts. In the near future, users will be allowed to participate in the prediction process.

    There are many other key features/products coming to Player Database 2.0. This is just a snapshot and we will have more details in the coming days.

    Remember, we are rightfully compared to networks that we helped build and have been around for more than a decade. We are just getting started, and we are excited about moving our efforts to message boards, interaction and mobile.

    Your team. All the time.

  • The crystal ball thing is awesome for guys that work for this site...Chris would have all his predictions out there showing he knows more then a bunch of these national idiots lol

  • Sounds great KR!! Love the fact we users will get a shot to compare our "knowledge" to the pros and CP247 staff!! Super Cool!!