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Sonny Dykes

  • Nah. Oregon doesn't work. Neither does the Patriots offense in the NFL. You guys that think you have to line up in the I-formation and play smash mouth football don't watch the NFL much. Even the Steelers don't play that way any more. The Patriots and Packers both play versions of the spread. As does Carolina and Washington is moving that way. There are very few traditional style offenses any more. Manning changed all of that with Indy. He won a lot of games throwing 35-40 times and runing 15-18.

    An Oregon or Oklahoma State type of offense does work. And can work well here with the right personnel and coach.

  • ORegon's offense is incredibly balanced and isn't a gimmick at all. They just happen to be in the shotgun most of the time. The Patriots? A gimmick? Huh? They're as sound offensively as you will find.

    By gimmick we mean a very simple and "tricky" offense. Mumme's offense, in speaking with Tim couch is so overly simple that by the time he got to the nfl his head was swimming. Hal Mumme was big part in what made Tim Couch an awful nfl qb. Being on the browns didn't help but talk to Tim and he'll tell you what he thinks of the mumme system.

    As far as Malzhan, with a once in a geneartion talent, it looked great. But without that once in a generation talent? Bad.

    I'm not talking about balance as much as I am the actual scheme.

    I don't think you have to be 50/50 balanced. In the woodson days we weren't 50/50 balanced. But the offense was very sound attacking all parts of the field.

    There are many ways to skin a cat. You can do it in the I, shotgun, pistol etc. It's not about formation, it's about the actual scheme and how you attack defenses.