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Stoops already paying off.

  • Mark Stoops name, reputation, already working in UK's favor. Some fairly talented Fla athletes are already wanting to hear more from UK all of a sudden. Brisly Estime, 5'9 185 DB/KR ..Jeff Badet 5'11 160 wr, Sean Paul..a 6'0 180 cb..among those. Estime reminds me of a young Bob Sanders. Badet has speed and wiggle. Paul is a good sized corner with some quicks and toughness.
    Ryan Timmons is also super interested in the Cats. Don't think we had a chance before id say we are the leader to gain the super fast athletes services.
    DJ Eliot in Immoakalee,Fla watching and recruiting the Alexander twins, Deadrin Senat, and Tumba Johnson. To land even one of these kids would be a big time deal.
    I really think when Febuary rolls around..Stoops will have took Uk's 2013 recruiting class from 64th to the 35-40 range. I could see around 4 4 star caliber kids signing..Timmons being one of these.also..some of the lower rated commits will be asked to look elsewhere and better athletes will fill thier spots.

  • Not a pair of twins again! Just kidding but those guys sound like possible KY commits. Stoops has clout in Fla. and we all know what rich recruiting ground there is in Fla. If your prediction of the recruIting and the direction its headed in, comes to fruition then we will be headed in the right direction at full speed. It feels good to be excited again about the football program, amazing what can happen in such a short time. GO CATS

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  • Does anyone have any idea if we will be able to sign a full class of 25? Is it possible/likely that some current players that are on scholarship may be politely asked not to return or return on their own dime? With all of the buzz going around it seems this would be the best year to be able to sign a full class. Hopefully the buzz about future years will be because we are climbing up the SEC ladder. Any thoughts or rumors floating around? GO CATS!!!

  • The thread: "opinion on UK Recruits" might help and answer your question.

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  • This is a critical time in the recruiting process because the dead period starts on the 15th I think and the important face to face part of the process will be over for a while. I think its pretty safe to say that a few of the offers will be revoked if the possibility of getting better athletes presents itself and may be withdrawn regardless if Stoops thinks the player cant help the team in the coming years. About filling all of the 25 slots Im not sure that will happen but lets hope it does because that means that coach Stoops thinks that all of the 25 will be able to help the Cats in the future. Coach Cal doesnt recruit players that arent going to play just to use all of the scholarships and I hope Stoops is the same way.

  • I think it's very likely some of the current commits will not be offered scholarships.

  • I would guess Uk signs anywhere from 20 to 25. No one is sure right now. Yes, some of the current commits will be asked to look elsewhere..I think around 4 to 6 of the 14 current 2013 kids will have thier offers jerked. I mean..Stoops has been HC for a week and already has some quality athletes wanting to hear from him...Jeff Badet, Brisly Estime, Sean Paul.
    We are most likely the leader for Ryan Timmons now. Uk has a shot at the Alexanders, Senat, and Tumba Johnson..not a really good one..but a shot. I look for Stoops to raid the Juco ranks early in his career at Uk to speed up the process of closing the talent gap between Uk and the rest of the SEC. Juco players arent as risky as your regular kids..they have played against better evaluating them is easier.
    It is an exciting time to be around UK football. I believe Stoops can get this ship sailing in the right direction.
    2014 will be a key year..lot of in state talent..especially on defense.. Matt Elam 6'6 340 DT thats quick and explosive..his John hardin teammate lb Dominick Brown 6'2 230..quick and big hitter. Derik Overstreet DE/LB 6'4 235 from Paducah Tilghman. Byron Carver LB 6'3 225 Warren Central. Then Drew Barker since Couch. Reggie Bonnafon from Trinity, Nacarius Fant wr from Bowling Green.
    It dosent take a rocket scientist to know when you play great will be in all of your games.

  • We currently have 16 scholarships available assuming Caffey and Kendrick are able to get their grades in order. 9 players would have to graduate early/transfer/give up football/flunk/get kicked off for Kentucky to bring in a full 25 man class. We used a full 25 last class so no players are able to enroll early and count towards the '12 class.

  • If Neil Brown is hired, we'll definitely clean house at TE. Texas Tech used only 1 TE this season and when he got hurt, they didn't play one the rest of the season. Ligon, Aumiller, and Kendrick have all been on scholarship 4 years and aren't good enough to even play in the MAC or Sun Belt, so I could easily see all 3 of those guys being asked to either move on or walk on. DJ Warren would probably transfer since he wouldn't play anymore (Brown doesn't use a FB). Also, I would expect at least one of our underclassmen RBs to transfer since we won't be running the football anywhere near as much. That would get us up to 21 scholarships, or 20 if Harmon is put on scholarship (very likely since he is a 6'2" CB who led the team in ints). Then, there will likely be 4 or 5 guys who leave because they finish the spring way down on the depth chart or have personal things that come up.

    Other than the JUCO Center we are recruiting and may be a WR or high profile JUCO recruit, I hope we don't recruit any JUCOs. Outside of our former JUCO WRs (all of which have been excellent), DeQuin Evans, Mark Crawford, Draak Davis, and Bjay Parsons; we've had a long list of JUCOs since Guy Morriss that have never made an impact here.

  • You guys need to understand that Brown is indeed the OC, he'll have to tweak his offense for the SEC. A&M did, which is why they got better as the year went on. Stoops wants to incorporated a power running game with the offense, just knows you can't just lined up in a power I on a constant basis to win. If you guys listen to his podcast the other day, he wants a multiple offense that can be balance. It won't be a pro style and it won't be a true air raid either

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  • I agree sleepy. Very exciting time to be a Cat fan. Cant think of a more exciting time surrounding Uk football..especially coming off a 2-10 season and a housecleaning of the staff. Stoops is a household name in college football..and DJ Eliot is a young, ace recruiter that also happens to be a elite positional coach. With interest from athletes like Jeff Badet, Brisly Estime, Sean Paul, Jaleel Hytchye, Ryan Timmons..things are already looking UP. Id say 4 or 5 current commits will be politely asked to look the 2013 class could jump from 64th to around a 35th ranked class when the dust settles.
    If Stoops can land a couple 4 star kids..he has a good jump on the rebuild. Eliot was in Immoakalee last night..watching the Alexanders, Tumba Johnson, Deadrin Senat. Also hard after Booker T Washington's Denver Kirkland and Matthew Thomas. If we could get any of these kids it would be HUGE.
    Fans already buying season tickets..its important to fill Commonwealth next year and give the young Cats a homefield advantage. Lots of BIG games in Lex in 2013..Bama, UofL, Fla, Mizzou, ect. I think Stoops will get us at least 1 big time upset next year. Will be fun. Id love to be in Commonwealth for a Gator upset..or a Bama upset. How great would that be? We always play Georgia tough..and with Stoops defense..we will have a chance to win most of our games..will come down to turnovers, penalties, big plays.

  • I hope your overly optimistic posts in regards to recruiting will now start to be accurate with this new coaching staff BBD12.

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  • Seriously? TAM's O got better b/c of JF's growth. Period.

  • But the unknown is DOES Stoops have the players on the team now to do the 4-3 like he would like, and will BROWN have the players on the team now that can do for him, that make his offense a success? It will still be about the jimmys and joes when it comes down to winning.

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