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Suggestion to TCP Staff... Football Forum?

  • Perhaps you are missinmg what I am saying.

    If you quote a non-vip post made in a vip thread it becomes vip regardless of editing.

    Also, posting mobile, vip posts are not indicated. Threads are indicated in the viewing forum.

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  • We want as much interaction as possible - with other users and with staffers.

    One of the great features of this board is the green envelopes. That lets you know that there is a new post in a topic you have viewed. You can be away from the site for hours and come back and know exactly where to go and which threads to open because of that indicator.

    The orange man/silhouette also lets you know which topics you have posted in on the board.

    Frankly, I'm not sure how we lived without these features in the past.

    I know I can do a better job with topic titles. Maybe that will help those fans that are only interested in hoops or football but not both.

    Your team. All the time.

  • I did misunderstand. Will check on that one. Seems that if the post is free you should be able to quote and make your post free as well.

    Good point about mobile, too. I think that is going to be addressed early in the new year. We'll be making several enhancements and I believe that is one that is on the list. If it isn't, I will do whatever I can to get it added. That is important - especially given that more and more of our traffic (almost half) is mobile now. Guessing a lot of new tablets were purchased this holiday season, too, so that number will continue to rise quickly.

    Your team. All the time.

  • 1) Yeah, but you didn't have to delete ENTIRE forums to accomplish that... you could have simply changed the accessibility of a few bells and whistles, so that only VIP's could use/enjoy them. For example... Star Ratings, Up/Down Voting privileges, FB and BB Recruiting Board Updates... could all be available for VIP members only. That way, you appease ALL members... not just VIP's.

    2) No one said segmenting would guarantee more activity, but the point is... having more features and board options may be EXACTLY what is needed to ATTRACT more newcomers to stick around. It's about marketing your product and showing surfers that 247/TCP has ALL they could possibly "want" ... so no need to surf elsewhere.

    3) No, but at least it will make newcomers and nonpaying members feel more welcome or like they have a place on this site. It will show that we care about the needs/wants of ALL members and that our goal is to make ALL members happy... not just VIP'ers.

    4) I doubt anyone has a problem with that... it's a VIP privilege. However, I think all VIP info should stay in the HOB (as originally intended). Why should a VIP thread/post be made in an open FB or BB forum... other than, to unnecessarily frustrate and stir things up with non-VIP's? There's no need for it. You can appease the VIP's all you want, but if you're going to allow the VIP members, as well as, Staff site decisions, to run off a large number of nonpayer's and newcomers... then, you're just shooting yourself in the foot and in the process, may very well be sinking this TCP ship.

    5) Understood, but why alienate the nonpaying members in the process... that's not what I would call "balance". We have to understand that ALL members are a valuable asset to this site... in some way, shape or form. The more board options, features, bells and whistles... the more new members are attracted to the site. The more new members attracted to the site... the more forum activity, traffic and participation. The more forum activity, traffic and participation... the more site growth. The more site growth... the more "PAYING" VIP MEMBERSHIPS!!!

    6) Again, I doubt anyone has a problem with that... common sense is a beautiful thing (when applied). VIP'ers should know when and where to exorcise that privilege. I just think things could be done in a way where ALL members are respected and made to feel perfectly content.

    7) I respectfully disagree... it's the exact opposite. I think we should create separate boards (NOW), so we can enhance our chances and start growing (NOW)
    There's an old saying... "Build it and they will come". With that in mind, the right time is NOW... that's the feeling most of us get. (even us VIP'ers).

    This post was edited by Kevin Ryan 19 months ago

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  • I find it funny that some of the same people who berate BigBlueDawg, sleepydog, and trueUKgamer for starting multiple topics that are similar are the same ones complaining about no discussion on the boards. If there is little discussion on the boards we have to point the finger mostly at ourselves the posters. Sure the staff provides some topics but overall it should be driven by us.

  • Kevin, you keep emphasizing what is best for the paying members... and how decisions were made to appease "their" wishes. You even suggested that we lost the BB and FB forums as a direct result of VIP'ers feeling like too much was given away free on this site... and because VIP'ers didn't feel like they were getting their money's worth. How does taking away ANYTHING add to the value of their VIP worth? Personally, as a paying member myself, I feel like I lost something in that deal.

    If you go back and read this thread, you may find your intentions (as great as they were) for making changes, was based on false assumptions... because the majority of those in favor of a separate BB and FB forum, are, INDEED, VIP members. In this thread, you will find a majority of members (from BOTH sides) who are in favor and completely agree on the issue (mostly being VIP'ers).... that should tell you something.

    If the idea is to keep paying members happy and at the same time, attract new ones... bringing back the forums that were stolen would be a great first step.

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  • I can't see much benefit to the fan base in keeping the site together . A person is smart but people are not. Most people need divisions. Clear titles that say, "football here dummy" "click here for VIP info stupid" Chucking everything into one pile does not help the confuses them and dissuades them from wanting to participate .

    Now one can speculate how it might help the staff...

  • Wow....a lot of posts on Forums? Somebody has way too much time on their hands....IMO. I joined this site for the "Insider Information" that it brings. I don't give a damn how the post are sub-divided, alphabetically by birth month, or the phase of moon. Just the good stuff please.....without the teenage girl drama.

  • I've had a lot of people say that they view TCP as a football only board and that because so many topics are about FB they do their BB discussions elsewhere. Perhaps one reason for the limited BB discussion is cause they have to sort through so many FB posts when sadly, too many UK fans don't care about it.

    I like the VIP and regular posts being mixed but do believe it would be better to have FB and BB boards

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  • Staff... is anyone still working on this idea, so we can get a definite answer one way or another.

    TIA for the followup.

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  • Any update here? I tend to agree with the need for seperate boards. I know that I personaly prefer basketball to football and it seems that there is a lot less basketball posts and coverage on this site these days. It could be because of the mixed boards. I do know that is has me trying to decide if it's time for me to switch to a different premium board when my renewal time comes up.

    You can take the man out of Kentucky, but can't take Kentucky out of the man. GO BIG BLUE!!!

  • There are no plans currently in the works to change the existing format.

  • Listen guys,

    We do and want to do as much as possible to cater to our readers but for the reasons that Kevin outlined above, there's just not enough justification to make the change.

    It's not like you are sifting through pages upon pages of threads. Now if that changes, we'll be happy to revisit the issue.

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  • bmac, I dont post repeats I on purpose and can see why some criticize me for doing so. I try to put different thread topics but they do overlap sometimes but the reaction of a few people are just plain crude and hurtful. I have grown to really enjoy this site and the interaction between myself and others but am truly confused about how some posters take advantage of the opportunity to debase me and thats ok if they say it once and go on to another thread but they seem to return to a thread and repeat the same debasement which is ironic considering they found the thread to be annoying b/c of the repetitive topic. I welcome disagreement with my points of view and have no problem with people stating their disagreement b/c thats what sites like this are about differeng points of view as well as those who agree. I will try in the future to not repeat the mistakes of the past but I cant guarantee that it will never happen again.

  • Definitely need to split bball and football. How about the football board being called the commonwealth?

  • The VIP issue is the reason that I don't visit other schools' sites on the 247Sports network and I do visit them on competing site networks. It is extremely frustrating to find an interesting topic and invest some time in reading through several pages of the threads and then suddenly not be able to read VIP comments.

  • I think most people here would prefer to have a separate football forum, at a minimum. The VIP only threads are clearly designed as marketing to make you want to read the information. If it's tucked away in a VIP only section then you'll never be tempted. That's just life in the US at this point, so might as well get used to it.

  • Unfortunatley, I won't buy a membership here becasue the football and basketball boards are mixed. I love UK but want no part of our basketball forum immediately before, during or 2 days after a basketball game. Like driving 600 miles with my 4 kids in the car. I believe the football fans on this site are more knowledgeable, but I am not going to pay to be annoyed all the time. Good luck.

  • On other networks you can't read any of the posts. They are all VIP only. Our boards and our sites are infinitely more open than the others. You have to be a member of each particular site to read anything and you can't post at all. Here, you can go to almost any board in the network and interact with other fans.

    Your team. All the time.