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Taj williams and James Hearns

  • I looked at the scout Kentucky page, it said that they are both waiting on "academics." What are the chances?

  • Don't know about Taj, but last I heard Hearns was doubtful.

  • Both are very doubtful to ain't happening...

  • What this means is they fooled around and didn't study enough during the last couple of years of high school and their core GPA is so low that they have to make an ACT/SAT score higher than they are likely to make (based on taking it once or twice already without improvement). My sons did not play sports but make good grades in a county system in KY with a poor record of producing college entrants. I tried to get them to study for the ACT (I made a 28 on it 4 years AFTER I graduated from high school so I know HOW to prepare) but they thought they were smart enough to do well. After getting a 17 twice and an 18 once they got into a Community College. They finally got a B.A. (after 6 yrs and 8 yrs) but a shorter route was available. Kids DON'T listen to adults, and I'll bet these athletes didn't, so now they will have to go to a Jr. College or a Prep School to qualify. Hope we get a shot at them in a couple of years.

  • The chances are super for one if not both. grades grades grades. They must put school before sports.

    If they are able to come to UK I hope they have learned this by now.

    Love to have both we are in such great need at the both LB spots.

  • Hearns has a better chance than Williams at qualifying... with that said the chances either qualify is slim to none

  • Stranger things have happend like UK having such a great class in such a short time. lol. From what I have been told Herns has to pass one class that he has failed in the past yr. And he could take it this summer and be able to make it to UK.

    Let us pray

  • its not just a class he also needed to get a high enough score on the ACT which he re-took on the 9th

  • As I see it, the class should not be a problem for Hearns if he goes to class over the summer and applies himself. The ACT is another matter. I hope he took prep courses, seminars, studied, obtained tutoring and prepared as much as possible before he took the test on the 9th. Would be a great addition. Is it a definite that he would choose UK if he got the necessary score and grade? Are there any legit competitors for his services with rides available? We really could use a LB and a DT to fill out this class. What is the deal with Reed? Did he sign anywhere or is he still looking and taking visits? Has he met all academic requirements for enrollment? Any other possibilities potential recruits out there that are available to be added to this class if they make the grades/test scores that CMS would be willing to sign? Another thing to consider is will a kid that has grade issues in high school and is barely getting by in high school be able to remain academically eligible in college? I don't think there would be a problem if they attended class and actually made a good faith attempt to pass a class, but this is a big "if". Plus lots more distractions (skirt tails, etc) to take their minds off of what should be their priorities. I hope it works out for the kid and UK. He seems to have the raw talent that could be developed into an NFL prospect with work in that area as well. But everything starts with the grades. HS football coaches and guidance counselors should be more involved with the academic side of al athletes, especially the ones that have the ability to possibly get a scholarship to further their education. Even without professional football or other professional sport, they would have an education to fall back on. I know the kids should be responsible for their actions, but I think the coaches and guidance counselors should be extra clear and direct with these types of athletes. Plus if an athlete makes it to UK and obtains a degree, even without the opportunity to play professional sports, lots of Lexington employers are very eager to hire former UK athletes. No a bad fall-back position. Good Luck to all still attempting to make the grades! However, don't give up. If you don't make it this year, get focused at a prep school or juco college to be able to play in the next year or two. Lots of prep school juco players have worked to obtain eligibility to enroll in D-1 schools and later made it big in the pros. For example, see Stevie Johnson. I am sure there are many others, but he was the first one that came to my mind. GO CATS!!!

  • Aren't you supposedly a preacher? I hope not because all I have ever seen you do on the Internet is attack people and kids. I'm sure you know both really well and have cleared any possibilities of learning disabilities, etc, before deciding to go this route. What would Jesus do? Not what you just did.

  • I don't know why you said what you did, but it was completely uncalled for to attack me in such a personal way, especially since the following list of some of YOUR posts could be said to also "attack people and kids". Doesn't the fact that I used MY OWN KIDS as an example of how young people sometimes think and act show I was trying to make a point about THAT rather than "attack" the two athletes we were discussing? You said each of the following in posts on recently. Do your statements mean YOU were trying to "attack people and kids" or just stating an opinion, which I thought was the purpose of this site?

    "Sounds like alot of people are calling out Auburn for acting like a bunch of thugs. I didn't get to watch it since it's not televised here, but the ESPN Gamecast had Auburn's media tweeting a bunch of stuff about whining regarding UK shooting more free throws. They must not have seen the same thing. Of course, they their eye for clean basketball must suck, too."

    "Hatcher isn't happening. UK is already getting better players."

    "With a COMPLETELY different cast, but I still agree. These guys suck."

    "It's practically february, so I'm sorry but this group is a lost cause. Maybe it's a lack of vets, but thus group of freshmen in this class overall is not as good as those in other years from what I can tell.."

    "Far too many opportunities to identify abysmal play to blame refs. Kentucky just sucks is going to break a record for all Americans who appeared in the NIT."

    "It's easy to get the Impression that Stoops is smarter when he presents himself so much better than Joker. As a behind the scenes guy, Joker blunders quite a bit."

  • Hey look, it's the pot calling the kettle black.....

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