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Tears shed at Lee's announcement

  • I watched the ESPNU piece about Marcus Lee and his commitment and was quite touched when he had to wipe the tears from his eyes right after his announcement that he would attend UK. I think he realized that he had made a life changing decision and that it was the right one. He also must of thought that at that moment that he had confirmed his self worth as a b-ball player and as a person. Lets look briefly at what he has experienced in the past few weeks. To begin with he was being recruited by the elite programs and could have gone to any of the schools. He then cut his list to 3. Calipari comes for a couple of visits at least and offers. Then it was time for BBM and he made his decision right then and there but went home to think about it and the result was the same UK was the place and he felt it would be just fine to be away from home since he had seen the love the coaches,fans and his fellow recruits had shown him So lets thank Lee for picking KY to be his home away from home.

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  • I smell what you're cooking, Sleepydog.

    Welcome to BBN, Marcus. Thanks for having the courage to follow your heart. You've worked hard and sacrificed much to reach this point. Keep working and remember you got an army of rabid fans that can't wait to blow the roof off of Rupp when you get your first run out.