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Texas A&M to renovate stadium........for $450,000,000

  • How short a memory some fans have it wasn't but a few years ago UK was ranked in the top ten, yes it was short lived but we were still there, plus we were competitive also and were beating the likes of Georgia and LSU we can win in the SEC. We need a good coach and then the money everyone wants to spend might get spent, until we get a coach that can recruit in here it won't matter what conference we are in and the SEC doesn't want UK to leave for BB purposes alone. We are the SEC in basketball and believe it or not that does matter to the conference and would do anything to make sure UK stays. Yes people we need better facilities in football but the fact is we are a basketball school plain and simple, think about this our basketball facilities are the best in the country why? Because we have the winningest team in the history of the NCAA. Thats why people donate big money to the university its for basketball purposes and for any fan to want to skip out of the sec to the acc is just crazy, the reason those boys come to UK is to play in the SEC and when we get a coach who can win six to seven games a year people will be happy again and money can go into the program until then please don't act as if we don't deserve to be in the SEC... And don't ever think we will go from the SEC to ACC for football it just won't happen we just need a decent coach that understands all he needs to do is win six or seven go to a bowl and everything is fine...

  • #1) Every coach that UK has hired, has had the understanding that if they could consistently win 6-7 games a yr...They'd be bowl eligible, the fan-base would be happy & everything would be gravy...Unfortunately, Not very many have been able to do that. Brooks had the best run of any coach not named Bryant (IMO)...But as soon as us fans got a taste of success, we wanted more. And as we have seen over Joker's 3yrs...It's not a given it can/will happen...Even w/ the improved recruiting of Joker&Co.

    #2) If UK FB is the cash cow of the ATH DEPT...And it is...Doesn't it make sense to MAXIMIZE that revenue stream?
    Sure it does, but that's not happening at UK. The pwrs that be have chosen to not make UK FB a prominent piece of the SEC landscape, and in turn they have not gotten the rewards that our other SEC brethren have reaped for yrs & yrs. (Just take a look at how other schools in the league are profiting & tell me that UK has been trying.)

    3) Now, I love me some UK MBB & everything that UK BB has come to stand for over the yrs...However, Playing against schools that rarely if ever care about MBB, makes me feel like I'm watching Memphis in CUSA. (Where everyone else sucks except for them!) Sure, UK is the winningest program in the history of the NCAA. But how did we get there??? Playing people that do not care about BB. Great teams & all...But the fluff scheduling sure as heck helped!!! (And if we are priding ourselves on MBB results...Might as well look to play in the BB history rich conference where BB matters!)

  • Great Post...The whining about money, upgrades is just excuses. UK made a mistake with Joker, it happens, but now its time to fix the REAL problem and that is our head coach..As we have seen with the moderate sucess we had under Rich, you produce just a decent product fans will show up and it would also help in going and getting the money that is necessary to upgrade like you all think we need to do...Would you invest in a bad stock? Thats what UK football is right now...

  • Might as well start looking at plan B. We are not leaving the SEC for another conference. Period. If football is the cash cow of college athletics why on earth would the university leave the most successful conference for one with less payout? Basketball? There is no way in hell that happens. If there is an actual lack of concern by this university to upgrade facilities for football while in this conference why would we expect a penny in the next 20 years in another? Instead of running away we fight it out. The ONLY way this gets fixed is the boosters, money people, tells them enough is enough. If they don't then it is what it is. But money drives this. The ACC can't come close.

  • I believe we need to hear from the UK President. He should be interviewed by 24/7 , the Kernel, or any other organization (maybe even Sports Illustrated ... covering a 50 + year problem at a major school) to discuss UK's football program, nothing else. How can we make this happen? Any ideas?

  • Everyone would love a more in-depth discussion w/ him...But I'm sure he'd not give away any insight as to what he's willing to do for UK FB (ie...Nothing!!!!), other than deflect questions w/ non-coherent ramblings.

    He was just interviewed on cn/2 "Pure Politics" a day or so ago and spent 3:50 not answering a direct question about that very topic. Spent his time going in 5 different directions. Never gave a direct answer.

    Anytime a direct question is answered by a person saying; "Well let me say this 1st"...They are not going to answering your Q:... Your getting the ol'runaround!

    KSTV Kentucky Sports Television  - UK Preside

    UK President Eli Capilouto appeared on cn|2s Pure Politics Monday evening and discussed some of the issues facing UK football with Ryan Alessi.

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  • He was interviewed, and they did ask. Just the other day. He sounded like a politician being asked what he plan is to fix the national debt...."Blah, blah, blah, plans, blah, blah, doing good work, blah, blah...". He never actually answered a question the whole interview.

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  • Can't deny that the ACC schools reside in better television markets ... but as far as competing with the SEC schools on an annual revenue basis ... the ACC has a long way to go. In 2011, the average annual revenue for an ACC football program ($21M) was just over 40% of that of the average SEC football program ($50M).

  • ^^^ In 2010...UKFB was one of the top 20 most profitable FB programs in the nation...While being in the BTM 4 of the SEC in revenues (UK was #9...And by a WIDE $16.5+M margin from #8 ARK & $35-40+M from ALA/UGA/LSU/AUB & UF - who's FB revenues were more than UK's entire ATH budget!!!) ..

    Think about the above statement for a sec...For UK to pull off that feat, they must spend WAY WAY LESS on FB than most other SEC schools...And even though they are VERY PROFITABLE...They are/and have been BEGGING for facility upgrades - just to try to compete in the SEC!!!!

    Please explain how UK FB is supposed to compete w/ those schools...When instead of supporting the program & helping it compete on a level playing field, the UK Admin bleeds the program dry to fund other pet projects.

    IMO, UK has a LONG WAY TO GO to compete w/ the now top 10 other schools in the SEC...

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  • Why not just build a brand new stadium for half a billion dollars?