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The Big 4 Tournament

  • I have been talking to numerous people from all different fan bases about the big 4 tournament. I was wondering if anyone knows how successful was this tournament back then and if you think it would be a good way to kick off college basketball season? Also, which teams would you like to see?

    IMO, I think this would be a good way to kick off the season and get some good experience for UK's young team as well as provide an awesome atmosphere for the fans. I would like to see UK, UofL, IU, and either ND or Butler. I think you would have UK play ND; UofL play IU; and then winners advance and losers will play. I think it would be something that could alternate between Lucas Oil Stadium, Rupp Arena, and the Yum Center. It would not have to be every year either. I think it could be every 2 years and that would give the teams and fans something really exciting to watch to start the year. After the tournament each team can play the smaller schools. Another benefit would be that it would help the tournament resume for each team.

    What say you?

  • I don't see that flying with Cal as Coach. We already play Louisville anyways, so he isn't going to agree to possibly playing them twice a year. We play Notre Dame a decent amount of times throughout the years also.

    Cal's schedule is always going to remain flexible so that he can try and accommodate some recruits (if possible) like he did with the Harrison Twins, Randle, and Terrance Jones.

  • Well I may not have been clear, that UofL game would replace the one on later on in the year along with the ND. I think those games will give all team quality opponents and then you can be really easy on the team in the following weeks before the conference games start.

  • I remember it being pretty successful, but I don't think the old "Big 4" was a tournament. It was UK, UofL, IU, and Notre Dame, but UK & UofL never played each other in it. UK & UofL would alternate playing IU and Notre Dame each year. So basically it was really a state vs state thing, not the interstate rivalry. The big problem with having it as a tournament is that it would open up the possibility of UK & UofL playing each other twice in the same year (maybe even 3 times if we meet in the tournament too). It also would require Indiana and Kentucky to negotiate together, which probably wouldn't go well. I'd like to see the old format come back, but it couldn't be with Notre Dame because UofL will be in the same conference with them in the ACC. It could be Purdue, but Butler would be better. I'd like to play Indiana every other year. The biggest obstacle I can think of is finding a neutral location in Kentucky. It can't take place at IU or Butler (neither are big enough), so it would have to be in Indianapolis. As a result, it couldn't be at Yum or Rupp, because neither of the Indiana teams are getting a home location to match them. So where would the games in Kentucky be played? I think that was the biggest reason why the original "Big 4" didn't last. Kentucky and Louisville fans always had to travel to Indianapolis for the games.

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  • I see your points about the games being played always in Indy and as a result it causing travel problems. I would think it could be held in KY maybe at Freedom Hall (however, it is in need of renovations). Like I said to the other poster; I would like that UK/UofL match up to replace the regular game they play later in the year. I see your point about ND and UofL. I think Purdue would be a good team to bring in. And that old format would be pretty cool as a state vs state mentality.