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The Louisville media

  • Well explain to me why a Louisville fan is even on Catspause? Why do you even care what we think?

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  • I'm, actually, over here to see what you guys were hearing about Jason Hatcher. I'm hearing UK may have a pretty decent shot. Some UofL "people" are saying it's a done deal to Louisville, has been for a while. I'm not buying it, I'm hearing it's still pretty open, and UofK is definitely in the mix.

    That's when I stumbled upon this thread. Since it's discussing UofL (Hurtt), I thought I'd try and find out why it's such a big deal to Kentucky fans what's going on with him. UofL, nor any of their players, are going to be in any sort of peril as a result of the Miami investigation. And, UofL will continue to move on with or without Hurtt. Almost their entire coaching staff has recruiting ties in Florida, not just Hurtt.

    There has not even been a hint of a minor violation at Louisville since Jurich has been there. Until he mentioned their names in an article yesterday, I had never even heard of who the "compliance officers" are at Louisville. That's because no one has ever even sniffed around their programs for inproprieties since Jurich has taken over. So, to hope something is going to come of the Miami stuff and somehow negatively impact UofL is just wishful thinking. If Hurtt has to look for another job after all of this, so be it.

  • Just one real question. You say ul is so clean right? Then why did they hire Hurtt in the first place? I'm sure they they had heard about the things Hurtt was doing down in Miami.

  • A) Why would Strong know what Hurtt was supposedly doing at Miami? From what I understand, the NCAA is even questioning themselves on how they went about obtaining information and the validity of it.

    B) The only things that Hurtt has been publicly accused of involved giving recruits rides, picking up a dinner tab, and driving players to a boosters house (all against the rules). A booster who, by the way, bought his way to the "inside" of their the point he actually led the team on the field on multiple occasions. This is the very same ponzi scheming dirtbag that is everyone's source. If you don't think Strong and company didn't run up against (or even participated in...I'm not the naive type) some booster rides, dinners bought, booster meetings, etc...while recruiting in and against SEC teams, then you're crazy. That's the culture of recruiting in that, and most, conferences. Hurtt was recruiting in the ACC, by the way.

    Bottom line is, I'm not defending Hurtt. If he did something bad enough that warrants a major penalty from the NCAA, then it will effect his status at UofL. If it's deemed minor enough for the satisfaction of Strong and Jurich, then they'll keep him. I'm fine either way, IF you do the crime then do the time. Bridgewater decommitted from Miami (the school that is involved with this stuff), was considering L$U until they put him on hold to go visit Mettenberger and he said screw being second fiddle, I'm going to follow Strong/Hurtt/et al to Louisville who desparately needs a QB. I, in no way, think UofL "outbid" L$U for Bridgewater.

    If Hurtt is shown the door, don't you think Strong has some other "candidates" with great connections in Florida that he could replace him with? For the record, in my opinion, Hurtt seems like a decent dude. I love hearing him talk about the team, etc..(much more...umm...eloquent and engaging than Strong). I'm sure he's not innocent, but, I feel like he probably got caught up in the culture of that program...when in Rome, as they say. That doesn't absolve him from blame, but, I think as long as he's honest with Strong and Jurich and they don't think he's doing anything dirty at Louisville, they'll stand by him as much as they can.

    By the way, thanks for the adult conversation on this. I'm enjoying it, as opposed to just people name calling and being irrational.

  • You are delusion if you think Strong didn't hear rumors about Hurtt while he was recruiting against him.

  • I love how the same fan base that calls Cal a cheater defends Hurtt to the end. Hurtt who was knowingly breaking the rules and can't deny having knowledge.

  • If you really want an adult conversation you are going to have to put away you're childish mind and get real. Strong knew what hurt was about that is why he hired him but they are not doing anything the other top programs are not. The spotlight was on hurt though and that can be bad for business. If strong does not get hurt then teddy would not be atLouisville.

  • Childish mind? That's rich.
    Get real? What part of my post did I not say if Hurtt is proven dirty then he should pay the punishment.

    But, for those of you holding out hope that UofL/Bridgewater/Strong/etc.. are going to be negatively effected by the outcome, you may want to move on. Make special note of where I said "I'm not defending Hurtt"...and if he did enough wrong he needs to be punished. Some of you won't be satisfied until the NCAA says the only reason UofL gets good players is if they cheat. Bad news folks...that ain't happening.

    The NCAA is not investigating why, or how Bridgewater ended up at UofL. They are not investigating anything coach Hurtt has done at UofL. THEY ARE INVESTIGATING MIAMI'S ATHLETIC DEPT!!!! NOT UofL. So, good luck with that.

    I think the funniest part of this is the fanbase of the most penalized University in the history of the NCAA is trying to somehow convince themselves that UofL is cheating/cheated.

    Goodbye, not sure why I thought anyone here would participate in a rational discussion. My fault for overestimating some of you. For those of you capable of having an adult conversation, sorry those discussions couldn't come to fruition.