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The pay for info is getting................

  • -24 points for expressing my opinion. Wow, bunch of cyber bullies, lol.

  • Not quite.

    1. Mods can choose to post non-VIP. Their posting in a non-VIP thread does not make it VIP thread unless they choose to.

    2. Many non-VIP posters start non-VIP threads and it sucks for them to have a string of posts that they can't read in a thread that they started. When I post from my cell, I have no idea whether not the posts I am reading are VIP or not and thus, when quoting, I don't know whether my posts are VIP or not.

    3. Mods have closed down non-VIP threads regarding commits etc and replaced them with VIP threads under the assumption that both conversations can go on in such threads. However they can't. When a VIP post is quoted in any thread, the response is always made VIP. When any post (including non-VIP posts) is quoted in a VIP thread, the response is made VIP regardless of whether not the box is checked. Editing won't fix it except by removing the checkk from the quote post box. As an example, there was a VIP thread regarding Marrow becoming our TE coach (note: I do not remember if any non-VIP threads on the topic were closed) and a Nebraska visitor came over to congratulate us on his hire and to express his sorrow for losing him. If we responded to his posts using the quote function, we were unable to make our posts non-VIP. When the Nebraska visitor, a non-VIP poster, responded to our non-VIP posts made without using the quote function, his posts were made VIP and he was unable to read his own posts.

    4. I am not allowed to log into sites using my computers at work and since I am not allowed to have a cell phone with a camera at work I have a blackberry with a tiny (non-touch) screen and tiny keyboard. I occasionally get to browse from my workstation computers (much easier on my eyes than reading the tiny screen on my cell...) but I can't read the VIP posts when I do. When I finally get home or decide to use my cell to read them, i find out they contain information that is readily available for free across the web. That is a pain in the A.

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  • I get what you are saying, but there are times when folks ask questions in free threads - and the answers should be and need to be VIP. Don't know how else to say it/explain it.

    If all the scoop is free, why would anyone sign up? In fact, as I've mentioned a few times, people were canceling their subscriptions because they felt they weren't getting their money's worth. Too much was free.

    Folks pay for breaking news, excellent recruiting information, behind the scenes scoop and interaction with the guys - pretty much all day, every day. It's not like a free one-hour chat from 1 p.m to 2 p.m. on Tuesday with your local newspaper guy where 18 people get their questions answered and the information is stuff you already knew.

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  • It isn't showing only the down votes. The number displayed shows how many MORE votes it has received than the other votes.

    This thread has about -25 more down votes than up votes. Doesn't mean it hasn't been up voted by some, just means it's been down voted by more people.

    Same with +threads. A thread could get 10 up votes and 1 down vote and it would display on the topics page as +9.

    Hope that makes sense.

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  • The answer is just to have a members board and a free board. If there is no privileged information then no one will pay and there will be no site.

  • Which is the way that Cats Pause used to be set up and was the point of all these comments in the first place.

  • I would hope that nobody hopes to get the "scoop" information for free. I certainly don't. But what you guys don't seem to understand is that this VIP/free thread intermingling is very confusing. And when things become confusing for consumers they become frustrated and angry. You guys seem intent on keeping the boards together (which doesn't really bother me one bit since I'm subscribed), however be prepared for irritation from the "have nots". You're really just deliberately setting up a "you're an outsider" situation.

    Addendum- I'd also add that I'm sure you have marketing people and have looked at what situation gives you the best success rate for signing up new folks. Or at least I hope you would have looked at that. You'll want to, as a business, do the best thing for your sign up rate. However you always have to be prepared for the unintended consequences which, in this case, is confusion about getting information.

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  • I guess I am old school, this isn't rocket science, its easy to understand. The VIP posts, unless you are a VIP poster, you can't see them. Its hard for an old guy like me to understand anyone's confusion on this but hey in today's world people want it their way no matter what.