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Thinking about how we ended the streak against UT...

  • Is how we should start our streak against UofSmell

    The way Joker showed everyone he, not only could draw up a creative game plan, but also, that he had the nuggets to go with it. The way he prepared Matt Roark the week(s) leading up to the game and how he (and everyone else) managed to keep it a secret from, not only UT, but even BBN (the most knowledgeable, well scooped, up-to-date, game ready, IN YOUR FACE fans on earth)... was nothing short of genius.

    I remember Tommy and I sitting there in the bleachers (with War, Cobby and the1st Sgt just a few sections away) being blown away like everyone else... and also, like everyone else, we were like "okay, this was just to catch'em off guard on the first play of the game" . Then, we were like "okay, this must be the plan for the first series of downs". Then, we were like "holy sh!t Joker, are you really gonna use Matt for the whole first half?" Then... the second half started... and we were like WTF!!! However, as the game went on, the excitement in Commonwealth Stadium was growing more apparent with each passing play... the reality of what was unfolding on the field right before our eyes, was stirring up a fan frenzy. All of a sudden, the games prior and the terrible season meant nothing anymore... ending the streak was all that mattered. So, when that final second ran off the clock, you just knew it was go time.... it was either storm that field like a raging bull or get your ass trampled on.

    Trust me, there's an "end" I'm trying to get to... but just hang on a bit longer. lol

    The way the fans rallied behind Joker and the team after such a disappointing season, meant everything to those young men who left it all on the field week after week (against the worst of odds) even after hearing all of the negativity spewing from BBN. Thinking back on that day made me realize, that the best thing we can do for our team (and Joker) is to pick up where we left off... by bringing that same level of excitement we shared at the end of the UT game... and dropping it like a BIG BLUE BOMB on Papa Johns Tardinal Stadium.

    Finally, I ask the same of Joker and that is... pick up where YOU left off by starting this season the way you ended last season. To win against the Cards, much less any SEC team, you MUST think outside the box the way you did when you ended the streak. Being the underdog, we can't rely on the typical Joker playbook... we need excitement. The fans love it, but more importantly, the players do... and they thrive on it. When the team "feels" the excitement from the fans, it pushes them to pick it up a notch... they find gears they never knew they had and they play with more confidence.

    In the end, if we ALL (fans, team, coaches, etc) deliver that same kind of spirit to any field we play on... then even if we lose, it won't hurt near as bad... or be near as disappointing as last years losses were.

    If we really want Joker to build a football team, that can compete in the SEC, then we (BBN) must roll up our sleeves, grab our damn hammers...and HELP BUILD IT!!!

    GO BIG BLUE!!! cheers

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  • I don't disagree with you at all and I kind of like the idea but I can already hear the coach speak (not a shot at Joker).

    "We're not going to change what we do...we're going to do what we do..."

    The Tennessee game was an emergency situation.

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  • I'm sorry...but did Joker really do that much imaginary stuff vs. UT or did Minter's unit basically stuff UT the entire game save 1 series and forced 3 TOs?

    I'll give Joker credit for getting Roark ready to go in a week's time, Matt played a heckuva effort in QB start, but our offense score 10 pts on 216 yards...not exactly an offense that was so creative and won the game.

    I'm glad we got the UT win, but that UT team finished dead last in SEC and was pretty bad. I'd hope Joker can be more able to get his offense to consistently execute which they were one of the 3 worst units in D1 football last year. Woodson's era teams weren't all that creative, etc...they simply executed consistently. Woodson was accurate and on time, Burton/Tamme/Lyon/Johnson made catches, OL usually blocked their assignments and protected, etc..

  • He put together a game plan to win! That is all that counts. Savor the win and look forward to the next one.

  • ^^^^^^^^
    What he said!!

  • Lack of execution, for a number of reasons, was the primary culprit behind last season's poor showing.

    Whether we're talking about poor execution on the OL, which could be attributed to pre-season and early season injuries, or poor execution from the QB spot (I've went back and watched a number of games only to see the safety valve or short route waving his hands madly in the middle), or poor execution from the WR spots (drop drop drop drop), the offense was ineffective because of problems in execution.

    The defense didn't fare any better with a rewatch either. Whether we're talking about safeties throwing their hands up and looking around, or CBs running downfield and turning over their opposite shoulder to look for the ball as it was caught in the endzone, or LBs crashing inside and giving up the edge, a large portion of our problems stemmed from lack of execution.

    Whether you attribute last seasons' failures to coaching, injuries, youth, system changes, or even players getting complacent after 5 years of relative success, execution (or lack thereof) will determine not only this season's success/failure, but also Phillips' future at UK.

  • CJP had 2 big items going against him & our team last season: 1)his insistence upon going with Morgan Newton @ QB no matter what, and 2)the absolute failure of our WR's to do their jobs by not catching passes, not blocking downfield after a catch was caught(which was damn rare!!), and their inability to run a correct pass route.
    Had these two things not happened, last season probably would have been a 8 win season, or at least ended with Kentucky being invited to a bowl game.

  • I like the pro style offense. When u have playmakers any of the offenses are fun to watch. It all comes down to athletes and making plays.

  • Joker has already stated that the past two years we had to run to set up the pass which is not what he prefers nor what has brought us success in the past. This year he plans on passing to set up the run. It all will hinge on the execution of Max and our receiving corps. Add to that what should be a stellar defense by our standards and we could have the makings of a special season.

  • Okay, I'm gonna be the bad guy here when I say this, but........... Matt Roark may have been the "QB" for Kentucky who finally beat Tennessee, but up to that point, in his WR career at Kentucky, he was pretty much a "bust" as far as being someone who did their job @ WR. Yeah, towards the end of his senior season he finally started catching some passes, but just because he was the QB when we finally beat UT doesn't absolve him of all his sins, i.e., the potential game changing TD pass he dropped against Alabama, and he was WIDE OPEN, and the potential TD pass in the bowl game against Pitt that he dropped, again WIDE OPEN. Those, in addition to many other dropped passes during his 4 years @ Kentucky, does not, in my mind, elevate him to any illustrious status among any of Kentucky's past great players.
    I know many of you will disagree with me just because he was the QB that finally beat Tennesseee, and would deem him worthy of a 'pass' for all the other miscues, but in good conscience I can't, and I won't.
    I'm glad he helped us beat Tennessee after 26 straight years of losses to them, but I'm also glad he's graduated and won't play for us any more.

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  • I don't know about any imaginary stuff....but the offense was efficent enough to keep UT's offense off the field while hanging on to the football for over 35 minutes, and allowing the defense to have some pep in their step late in the game....and no, UT didn't finish dead last in the SEC. In fact, believe it or not, the week before coming to Lexington, they beat Vandy and James Franklin.....and here I had been thinking that Franklin (and Cholly Strong as well) had never lost a game....

  • That game plan would not have worked against almost any other team on our schedule, and wouldn't have even worked against Tenn if their QB didn't have a messed up shoulder. Also, Joker would have never even dreamed about doing that if it wasn't for injuries and having no QB to use at all. Still, it suited the situation, and we won, so it deserves some praise.

    I don't disagree that we need to shake it up and come out to surprise UL, but I don't think a gimmick offense is an answer. What we need to do is pull out a couple of surprise plays on them early to catch them off their guard.

    I say send King long on the first play of the game. There's no way Charlie, or any SEC coaches are expecting Joker to do anything risky on the first play of the game, as I don't think a Joker Phillips coached team has ever done anything but run the ball, or throw a short pass on the first play! IMO, General unpredictability is the new philosophy Joker needs to embrace.

    As far as gimmicks go though, they work occasionally, but even when they do, you have to be able to play fundamental ball too. Generally, a team that gets the lead with gimmicks, ends up losing it in the 2nd half because the opposing team catches on. We need to play liberally, strike fast, take an early lead, and then become conservative, defend, and control clock. In the past, Joker has always played conservative until he gets too far behind, and then, opens things up. At that point, it's usually too little too late.

  • Look guys (suncat and others)... you missed the entire damn point I was trying to make. I was not trying to discredit any other player, coach, offense or defense... I was simply giving credit to Joker, as the HC, for being ballsy enough to carry out such a creative, totally unexpected "game plan". Especially, knowing damn good and well, that "certain fans" would have given him a relentless, evil tongue lashing... if things went the other way in that game. The sad part is... some of you still are anyway.
    I mean, he already knew his ass was on the line... especially, in some eyes of BBN and the "disgruntled fan" hall of justice. So by having the guts to stick to the "plan"... even when the stats were far from pretty (and in the face of a hostile, unhappy fan base), he showed (or proved to me) that he's a much bigger man, than any "small" man of a fan, who continues (to this day) to whine, cry and throw hissy fits like some spoiled brat not getting his way... or didn't get everything he ask for from Santa Claus.

    At this point, the team (and BBN in general) has zero use for the pathetic fans who never have anything positive to say or one who "chooses" not to support Joker and our football team. It is what it is... the season is upon us. It's time to face reality and either "choose" to hop aboard the Big Blue Wagon... or kindly (and quietly) step aside. Like or not, the season is going on with or without your support. Either way, I will enjoy being a part of the excitement and "choose" to rally behind Joker and our Kentucky Wildcats. I hope you all decide to join us, but if not.. have fun sobbing in your dark, depressing closet.

    Btw, It's really sad how quickly a thread, meant to excite people about football... has yet, become just another ever-awaited opportunity for the haters to hijack it with their vomit.

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  • I would say Morgan newton (whom I thought would be good) was 60% of our issues last year. If we have productive qb play we win 7 games. 25% of our issues were major I-line injuries and 10% was learning a new defense.

    I disagree in your assessment of our front seven on defense. IMO they played as well as any front seven we've had since the Pryor/peters/jjarmon etc days. Our secondary was awful, primarily because we were stuck with Steve brown who could have cared less about his situation. He was a bitter baby. Thank brooks for that situation.

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  • I don't see any hijacking here? If disagreeing with your opinion is hijacking a thread, then what is the point of posting? I was at the game and I agree with you, it was awesome. However, let's not pretend Joker was being ballsy... he had no other option. In fact, I seem to remember him saying as much, something along the lines of, "I had to do this or run an injured QB out there." The D and sheer determination of Roark and others (and a God awful UT team without any QB play) won us that game. I'm pretty sure we all would've taken the W any way we could get it.

  • I can't argue with that. All I'm saying is.. I hope to see Joker take more chances and think outside the box this season. Even a losing team can be more exciting to watch... so if not more wins, at least give us more excitement. The underdog always has a better chance to pull off the upset when theirs more excitement and loud fans on "their" side of the field. As a fan, those games are much more exciting to be a part of, than any game we are expected to win.

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  • ^^^Translated: if you are unwilling to deny reality, don't post and don't be a UK fan.

    C'mon jaw, I see nobody hijacking your thread here. You might not agree, but it's not like Suns post is even blaitantly pessimistic. He's just calling it like he sees it, and happens to disagree with your premise. Get over yourself. I'm just as tired of hearing some of you complain about those that disagree with you, as you are hearing them complain in general. It works both ways.

    And as far as your post, the fact is, if Joker ran that game plan 100% of the time, for an entire game, we would lose even worse than we usually do. I'm glad you are excited, and I agree we need to throw in surprises, but gimmick football just doesn't win games very often. That's not an "LOD" opinion, that is an educated football opinion.

    when you suggest that BBN has zero use for fans that don't agree with you, you are basically saying, think like me or you are wrong! That is one screwed up philosophy to live by man.

  • I don't have a problem with anyone disagreeing with my opinion. However, when it's clear that a thread was meant only to be positive and stir up excitement (for a change) instead of the same old garbage we've already heard/read a million times... I "DO" have a problem with that. Even though we should expect it by now, it's still a shame how the same people, are always wanting to show their ass by stirring up the same, ever-tiresome, worn to death arguments... that's what I meant by "hijack".

    If you don't see where anyone is attempting to do just that, then, you obviously haven't been paying much attention to some of these characters in previous threads, concerning anything related to "Joker" or "UK Football" ... no offense.

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  • That great game plan only produced 10 points. Sure it caught Tennessee off guard and kudos to joker for that. But 10 points won't win many games. We need a balanced attack out of the offense we run. In order to do that we need playmakers with speed and a good line. Plus a qb who isn't incompetent. Like Morgan Newton was.

  • AMEN BROTHER!!!!!!! So happy that you, Cobby, Tommy, War, and War's Mrs. made that tailgate and game. The postgame tailgate was EPIC.

    We cannot do that again soon enough!

  • I guess my problem comes from ther fact that there are just a few, on both sides, who are hijacking and agenda posting, but as a result, anyone who doesn't post anything purely, even irrationally optimistic is lumped in as LOD. That's messed up! I don't have anything against you Jaw, I hope I didn't come off too harsh. I'm just sick of seeing anyone who's not cheerleeding being told they are LOD and not welcome.

    There was a time not too long ago where all sides of an issue could be discussed, without people taking pot shots at one another. We didn't all always agree, but we could discuss our opinions nonetheless. I have always taken a cautiously optimistic approach to UK football, because unfortunately, I have learned to not get my hopes up too much over time. Things aren't always hunky dory in life, especially in regards to UK football, but at least 99% of us want the same thing, to Win.

  • If Minter's D is successful then so will the Wildcats. Joker hired him to if he does one hell of a job Joker gets the credit. If you give him credit for all bad then you have to give him credit for all that it good.

  • I understand what you are saying, but you and I both know exactly how these same old arguments get started... and usually by the same ones. They come off at first like they are only trying to have a civil discussion or debate... and before you know it, they're reminding us AGAIN about how terrible Joker is, how bad Mitch screwed up, how bad we are gonna suck this year and how the rest of us are just being a part of the problem, for continuing to support a failing program, etc.

    I admit, maybe I did snap a bit soon, but it's only because I know what's coming... It never fails. It never can be just about being excited about football season or getting pumped about kick-off... someone always has to be doom and gloom and spoil everyone else's party (good mood). I should know better... but it still sucks when some of us are just looking for reasons to stay positive and be excited.

    I don't know why that's so hard for some of you to understand, but here's to ya anyway...cheers

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  • Again, I don't see any of that here, and apparently neither does anyone else aside from yourself. The fact of the matter is that Joker, as head coach, has been a disappointment to date. If you can't accept that, you can't accept reality. Now, how much of that rests on his shoulders, previous staffs' recruiting woes, lack of execution from players, etc. is up for debate, but the results are not up for debate. And acknowledging the results does not make anyone less of a fan, does not equate to anyone showing their ass, and so forth. Now, I'll be the first to agree that a few people take it over the top and are generally annoying as hell, but this is on BOTH sides of the fence.

    I want Joker here, and I think ultimately he may just work out. I think we will be much improved next year on both sides of the ball. I also think we looked absolutely putrid at times the last two seasons by being unprepared and undisciplined. If I see Joker throw his hands up in the air with that "what in the hell is going on here" look again, I may pull my hair out. I think we showed a lot of improvement, especially on the defensive side of the ball, towards the end of last season. Rational analysis of a coach/team's performance means taking the good with the bad, and being a fan of a team does not mean blindly supporting it at all costs. If that were the case we would still have Billy G.

    It is also clear that a few posters (not directed at you JawJacker) throw around words like "agenda," "hijack," "passive agressive," and so on, and they have no idea what they actually means. If people want to be taken seriously, they need to understand what they are saying and not just throw buzzwords to the wall and see if they stick.

    Now, if we have to run the wing-t to beat UT next year, so be it. It was a fun game to attend, I'm happier than hell we beat em, but the game plan (offensively) was nothing more than necessity. GO CATS and happy 4th!

  • That's cool... you and I can both agree that this whole "sunshine pumper" and "LOD" bullsh!t is getting old. That's why I was "hoping" my OP would bring some of us together and be a more positive, "enjoyable" thread... at least, until we got to the second damn page. Stupid me... who was I kidding? lol

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