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This UK team is absolutely AWFUL.

  • You'd never know we had an NIT team in 08 under BCG. I know we've had the luxury of having elite talent take us to 30 win seasons and runs in the tourney since cal took over but good gosh this is awful guys. Our team outside of mays, are all under the age of 21. Most of our kids under 20...but we expect them to be mature veterans and know exactly how to play through adversity. Last year whenever MKG, Davis, or Teague would struggle...jones lamb or miller would be there to pick them up and get their head straight. Year before it was jorts, liggins, and miller. Year before it was Patterson and company. We have mays but he can't do it himself. Wiltjer just doesn't have that edge about him to get it done when we need him.
    I know the freshman have been as frustrating as any players in memory but I didn't think our fans were this spoiled. You show me any group of freshman who can come together with great chemistry but no veterans with experience, and I'll shut my mouth. Preseason ranking was too high, all access shouldn't have happened, and the expectations for this team were too much for any kid.

    They don't deserve to be in the tourney, do more than teams like Bama, ole piss, and Tennessee...but not some others. But they also don't deserve to be criticized like this when they're all just kids. None of us can understand what they go through, and you know we all talk about their "confidence" but how would you feel after a loss if you looked at posts like your alls? Idc how the rest of the season goes, I'm gonna continue cheering them on and not look forward to next year. Because win or lose, they play for UK

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  • nashwan

    We are beyond spoiled. Look we cannot win at the level of last year consistently. Anyone who believes so has not played hi level sports or cannot see the forest for the trees.

    I am so proud of UK for all they are doing all the way around and we as fans expect miracles always and with 18 year olds. Really. Come on. We are spoiled to the max.

    This is the kind of thing that allows national sports writers to beat us up. Come on gang. We stink for a year with primadonnas? Sorry sp?.

    Be real though. GBB.

  • Why don't you guys have some heart and support the team?

    Why is it one sided? It's easy to bark, but try doing something to support a team.

    I see so much hypocrisy it's insane.

    TJ got RIPPED two years ago. People wanted him gone. He comes back... "OHHH TJ IS AMAZING OHHHHH THANK YOU TJ BLAH BLAH BLAH" helps us win NT.

    Teague sucks, teague sucks...ohh WHY DIDN"T HE STAY. He could have been a lotto.

    Brandon Knight is horrible start Doron Lamb as a PG. blah blah blah. OMG, he took us to final four.

    How about we stop bashing, and support these players. THey might be the pieces that wins us NT next year.

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  • Last year was a fluke, an anomaly , NBA lockout kept a couple players who under normal situations, would have gone pro. This will be the norm, for a calamari coached team, get used to it.

  • Knight, jones, and lamb are prime examples of how freshman play with and without vets. It took a little bit and some bumps in the road for jorts, miller, and liggins to come into their own and help the freshman out.
    Jones, miller, and lamb were that for us last year.
    This team simply doesn't have anyone to settle us down, get our minds straight, and get us momentum when times are tough no one to calm the kids on the road to stop a run. These freshman have had to learn all of that on their own the hard way...and they've taken heat all year. Cal has seen this and has tried his damnedest to get the heat off them, he knows they're kids and y'all don't seem to understand that. They play like freshman plain and simple, and to be honest...I'm proud of how these kids have performed the way they have and proud of how cal has done with who he's had. NO COACH in the country could do what cal does, this is just a down year in our amazing run and I'm not gonna be upset about it

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  • Wow, really? He was a 5* recruit and the #5 ranked SG in the country on 247. I would say that qualifies as a supposed "superstar" coming out of high school.

    And what he is doing is a far cry from routine freshman mistakes. Your average freshman doesn't repeatedly lower his head, dribble into a crowd and just throw the ball up over his head....not at this level of basketball, or even at the D-3 level. Hell, not even at the high school level. His problems go well beyond typical freshmen mistakes of poor shooting, court vision, defense, spacing, leadership and so on.

  • If it's not one ref, it's another. Seems to be a pretty common theme.

  • LOL,

    #5 superstar? lol. REALLY? can i have what you are smoking?

    I'm sorry, top 2/3 players in the class would maybe considered a superstar depending on depth of the class. Now you are saying #5 shooting guard is going to be a super star? LOL, that's hilarious.

    See below:
    1. Steven adams (4th ranked)
    2. Sam Dekker (8th, not playing bad but no super star and MUCH higher ranked than goodwin)
    3. Rodney Purvis (10th ranked, not playing bad but not better than Goodwin either.)
    4. Kris Dunn (11th, not good at all)
    5. Grant Jerret (12th ranked, not playing much)
    6. Glenn Robinson ( 15th, better than goodwin, but small margin)
    7. Kaleb Tarczewski (16th, nope much less production)

    All players ranked ahead of him that's not performing. What's funny is i can name more players that producing similar. Only difference is that Goodwin is ASKED to be the star and others are asked to be role player. HUGE difference and difficulty.

    All it took was 1 or 2 of last year's players to return. Teague or Lamb would have made Goodwin look much better.

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  • You don't think a 5* who is ranked in the top 5 in the entire country at his position and is voted to play in every major all-star game is considered a superstar coming out of high school? Good God, man, what do you consider a supposed superstar at that stage, i.e. coming out of high school? Top 4? 3? 2? #1 only?

    I'm not saying that means you are guaranteed to continue as a superstar, only that at that stage you are. And I wouldn't expect any freshman to repeatedly make the boneheaded plays that he does over and over and over again. He just has a poor basketball IQ and was clearly overrated as the #5 SG in the entire country. Show me another freshman SG in the country who plays as clumsy, out of control and selfish as him. Name ONE. Please.

  • So then do you blame Cal for missing out on Shabazz? There has to be some sort of blame on somebody. Its not an awww shucks everybody is just so great.......Its just a tough year situation. Somebody has to shoulder the blame. Please let us know who in your opinion or what in your opinion gets the blame for this year. Since you aren't willing to blame the guys that actually play the game.

  • No one has to be blamed. We still had the #1 recruiting class in the country. Lets just all agree that it didn't turn out like we had all hoped. It's not the end of the world. The sun will rise if we don't make the tourney. We all knew this would eventually happen recruiting the one and done's. Plus, this years crop of freshmen was one of the weakest. We will be ok.

  • Congrats for Goodwin for achieving so much high school accomplishments.

    LOL, you didn't even respond to the fact that many of the top recruits aren't even performing. I named bunch of players RANKED AHEAD OF HIM who isn't performing. Usually you don't PLAY these players. Is that so HARD to accept? BTW, Marcus smarts has just as much TO as goodwin. He makes a lot of bone head plays. That is why OkS are struggling at times, not just smart obviously as a team.

    Also, superstars for me are people who can come in college and dominate right away. Davis, MKG, John Wall, Demarcus Cousin, and Brandon Knight. Pretty sure Kanter would have too. You know, who comes into college and dominate. Unfortunately those are rare and usually a top 5 talent. Even surefire player like Derrick Favor didn't dominate like he could have. Josh Selby #1 recruit out of high school didn't do jack his freshman year. Andre Drummond? What happened to Perry Jones? What happened to Quincy Miller?

    Are there better player than Goodwin... OF COURSE. He wasn't top 10 in a WEAK class. Don't expect him to dominate. Goodwin is 13.8 ppg, 4.5 rpg, 3 a FRESHMAN.

    Also, don't you think Goodwin is forcing the issues at times because there is no GO TO PLAYER? like Davis or like MKG. No Lamb. No Knight. No Wall. No Cousin. SO he tries to take it in himself without having the skill yet. He plays hard, but out of control. He will improve.

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  • Why do you have to blame anyone?

    I seen so many companies who point finger...that doesn't do anything. They go out of business or struggle. Why does UK fans need to blame or bring heat to anyone? We just won a NT. We have insane talent coming in. Why not show support and potentially keep 2-3 of these players.

    Cal has taken blame. Let's accept it and move on. No reason to go on this tirade and show so much hate. Let's show heart and support. I am too disappointed. But we were fine in tourney when NN was playing. So, i don't think i will BLAME anyone. I will simply accept it and move on to next year.

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  • No, whats being said is that Goodwin is playing like a freshman but being asked to play like an experienced player. Call it who's ever fault you want but shit happens. We had absolutely no experience returning like has ben said, and we lost out on multiple recruits like Bazz, Bennett, Lyons and oriaki sp? Lamb and Teague who could have helped us tremendously and could have helped themselves but they left and we lost our best player and fighter, our heart and soul an most ill affordable player to lose and we got this. Kinda like a perfect storm and we still won 20. I hope they all come back and give us some experience next year and some the year after. They probably won't but I wish they would. They all just need more time an a different season. This one has worked out how it's worked out so learn from it and come back buy in with a new team learn your role and win number 9. They didn't turn out to be Davis and MKG but not many do. And I seriously doubt even they could have done what they did without Miller, lamb, and Jones. Now take them out of the equation and MKG goes down midseason and how far does that team go with better players and better maturity for average college freshman?

  • I like to identify the problem. Instead of just pretending like their wasn't one. So I'll do that then simply accept it and move on to next year. So when it happens again I won't be surprised.

  • And when that #1 recruiting class all turn pro next year, then what? You cant continue to constantly depend on a group of freshmen to carry a team. There needs to be some continuity and leadership. Where is that going to come from? Some 3 and 4 year type players need to be recruited along with the superstars. You should not be loading your bench with walk ons and throwing scholarships at players like Mays and Harrow.

  • Identifying a problem and blaming is not the same thing.

    Why can't I blame you for having crazy expectation. I am also to blame on this. We also made them out to be better than they thought. WE all thought they were top 5 team. These are a things that creates environment where they think they are better than they are. Which can lead to very bad situation.

    And, what were you expecting this year, btw?

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  • MKG was very good leader last year. If we get Randle and Wiggins, i will say this. We won't need any of these players to return and still be a top team.

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  • I agree to an extent, but Mays wasn't a waste. I do wish we would recruit some 3 or 4 yr. players. But like it has Ben said before some leave due lack of playing time and some go to the nba that weren't expected to like Bledsoe, Orton, and WCS. But hopefully Cal has learned something and Willis, Hawkins and maybe some others find their way to our bench for 3 or 4 years.

  • I will say it again...playing hard doesn't require you to be a veteran and it doesn't require you to be over 20 years old.

    These kids represent the state, university, and the people (us) that make up the fan base. They have EVERYTHING a college basketball player could EVER want and that's because of us.

    Coach Cal doesn't believe they are above criticism because he has been critical of them...REPEATEDLY.

    If some of us believe they should be held to SOME standard then I think it is more than fair we are able to express that. Forgiving them of most everything simply based on age is akin to not keeping score in little league for fear of someone's feelings might get hurt. This team is given everything and we have a right to expect something in return.

  • We can agree, but can we also agree that on most teams these freshman wouldn't be asked to carry the load and weight of extreme expectations like they have. Some people wilt under extreme pressure and some have. I refuse to throw these young kids under the bus because of over hype. The freshman lead team experiment didn't work this year but they are not bad players. I think some would have done better and maybe even blossomed playing behind or with some experience but lost confidence when things went wrong. They play in a pressure filled unforgiving environment. Some thrive and some don't. We just simply don't have the kind that thrive. We lost the one player who did. We have really good role players but no leader. It dosn't make me hate them because they don't all have that Alfa male killer instinct.

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  • You are blaming everything on playing hard.

    Archie PLAYS HARD.
    Mays PLAYS HARD.

    you are blaming all the losses on playing hard. THAT"S FALSE. That's not why we keep losing. Yes we have players who don't play hard, just 2 to be exact. To be honest, one just doesn't know how to.

    Let's look at WCS's plays. He was trying and attacking. Everything was a miss. He has no post game. Which isn't surprising because he hardly played basketball. he can play college ball for next 2 years and he still would have less experience playing basketball than players coming in. He over extends on defense, leaving the paint completely undefended as well. He isn't strong with the basketball and he losses the ball too easily. (Remember Harrelson until he learned to develop that. took him till his senior year.)

    It's funny how easy people blame lack of skill to not trying hard. Maybe can be applied to Poythress, but the dude has no clue in terms of angle, timing, spacing, defending, and etc. The dude is completely confused out there. I bet if he had better understanding of HOW to play, he will look like he is PLAYING HARD.

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  • This.

    Our team struggled because we didn't get 2 stars this year. Nerlens was one.

    If we had one of Teague/Lamb/Bennet/Shabazz there is likelihood that we would be in much better situation. It allows to take pressure off these role players.

    I would go as far as if we had Teague/Lamb we would be top 5 team with Nerlens healthy.

    Now we don't even have single star. LOL, that's a major issue. Many of these players that need more time to develop are being asked to take over the team. NOT happening. Basketball ain't that easy.

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  • I think Cal was hoping WCS was 2 year player.

    I mean..he was ranked 40+...

    To think he was coming straight and be a lotto..that's got to be a bit shocking.

    We also had Poole Transfer too. I think that hurt more than we think. He would be a solid senior right now, if he learned to change.

    Cal's been recruiting multi year player...none seems to workout. They all think Cal will have dominating class every single year and never a chance to shine. I think players like Anthony Hick would not have developed here as well as other places, and i think that's the case with Jon Hood.

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  • I expected to make the tourney.