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Thoughts on Snodgrass

  • Not trying to be a negative-Nancy but we all know that commitments can end up stinging even with the most elite college fb programs since players commonly flip and there is no early NSD like in basketball. That said, I think Snodgrass is pretty sincere with his verbal since he took the time to publicly announce it on a Kentucky sports programming show. More importantly, it shows that Stoops is making headway with a solid Ohio pipeline in recruiting that we have not really seen before with UK football.

  • not a problem at all....never take it personal some ppl have information others dont doesnt mean anyone is any better an insider here also for basketball love my kentucky basketball so i kno ur not just some guy who attacks ppl over a keyboard hahaha....right now kentucky is kickin the rest of the big tens ass in midwest recruiting so i can see you guys being really good

  • All good enjoy the game. To close the book on Snodgrass he did try to commit to ND, but it wasn't accepted and then we stopped recruiting him. Why, I have no clue always assumed it was grade concerns. Snodgrass is a huge get for a program like UK and Stoops. Stoops has made a splash and has talented kids talking UK football. If you guys land Kief then you will have beat out ND and OSU because OSU wants him badly and he's a take for us too.

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  • We only have 1 WR committed who the staff really liked. Wiltfong has been on record as saying he's the best player in IN although 247 rankings say otherwise. We recently had 2 WR's transfer out so we had 3 new offers go out last week. Think it just came down to our staff liking other guys better and I agree. Dallis Todd, Malachi Dupre, Trey Quinn, are just a few we are in on. Passing game wasn't the problem in NCG we had no running game and our D was embarrassed.

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  • Well, Kief changed his mind at the last moment and chose to attend OSU's spring game. We had 50K+ today in CWS. Over double the old record!! I still think it's UK or OSU for Kief..with OSU now leading by a smidge...had he been in Lex today I think it would have been game over. UK has Kiefs teammate from laSalle..Jaleel Hytchye..a nice corner I have high hopes for..(youd think with 4.3 speed and having to cover Kief in practice daily for 3 years would help his chances huh?)

    Also..Kief has good relationships with UK target Drew Barker, Mikel Horton, Mike Edwards, and Darius West. I think West is an exceptional S, great great skills. I also think hes the least likely of that aforementioned group to come to UK..but inside sources have UK leading and he was here today..Horton said he was gonna be a Cat..and he was going to commit on his 1st visit here..but his coach at Lakota told him slow down. Horton is a 6'1 225 rb with offers from a bunch of great schools..FSU..being one..Vandy, lots more. I think Horton is so so similar to former Wisconsin star Ron dayne..and I also think he could be a SEC LB with that size, power, and speed.

    Thanks to you "Outsiders" for the good wishes. Same to yas. pumped..50K at CWS for a spring game!! WE had 4,500 last year..Uk's attendance today was most by any of the 7 SEC teams holding thier similar games thus far!! Stoops has changed the culture here in so short of a time frame. Expectations run wild!! I know you guys..hailing from two of college footballs top historical programs are used to such things..but we in bluegrass land are NOT!! I knew there were in excess of 40K tix out for the sg, but you know how these things work..coulda been 30K..but people just kept coming in..and coming in..filling the lower arena and half of the upper!!

    BTW.. You Golden Domers up in South bend land got one heckofa OT from Ky...Im talking about big Hunter Bivin. Really,really wanted this kid. Bookend tackle..future starter in NFL..barring injury. Kids a monster with very good feet for a 6'7 320ish man-monster. Wish Stoops had got here sooner..we coulda kept Bivin..but he grew up a Irish fan. Hope you guys got plenty of syrup ready, cause Bivin will be handing out pancakes like IHOP. If he hooks up with those long arms..its over for most DE's. IIRC..Bivin was benching like 375 as a junior..never saw his senior results..Id guess hes 400+ by now..take into consideration his wingspan..those really long arms..thats like an average guy benching 550. Passes the look teat dosent he?? Looks like a NFL LT right now. Bivin also handled Jacob Hyde pretty well..the same Jacob hyde that whipped Laremy Tunsil over and over at the U-19 practices..(Hyde whipped a lot of top OL in those workouts..Hyde is a beast..kid could play OG or DT (slated for DT) moves really well and is built like an anvil at 6'3 340..strong isnt the word. Uk got a big time sleeper here.

  • Thanks for the report on Bivin. Definitely my favorite OL in this years class. Thought he was easily top 5 OL in the country, but think playing in Kentucky hurt his rankings. Kid showed out at UA game. Very high ceiling, don't be surprised if he lines up inside for us.

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  • Glad you opened your mouth on Kief. Won't be able to backpedal when he commits to us. Hope you show up on that day. I guess we've moved up in the world of big college football when we've got Notre Lame and Nebraska fans trolling our boards. They like to try to pick on us cause they wouldn't dare go to a Bama or LSU board.

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  • idk if ur talking to me cause i said a few things about kief but never said anything like ohio st is definetly gonna get him i actually think its gonna be a battle...being in the SEC is a huge draw for midwestern kids...add to that stoops has the name and a new buzz about the program wouldnt surprise me at all if you guys get kief...

  • I don't know who I was talking to now. Might have been you. You have me confused sometimes. Your only halway on our side.