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  • What in God's holy name makes you think that Turg can coach up this young players like that? Coaches like Pitino and coach K have openly admitted they cannot do it. So what makes you Turgeon can or will? Nobody and I mean NOBODY coaches you talent like Cal. Just because he can will with freshman and sophomores doesn't mean a guy like Turgeon can. Just listen to your self...our recruits ranked between #50 - #100 will br just as good as UK's top 10 and top 20 recruits. HAHAHAHAHAHA...our recruiting class will be lightyears better than yours. Our coach is lightyears better than yours. You sound ridiculous. Your embarrassing your fellow fanbase.

    You may very well have some nice players coming in, but that doesn't mean they will be NC contenders. You Maryland fans better worry about finishing better than 5th in your conf before you even think about coming onto the NATIONAL CHAMPION KENTUCKY WILDCATS board talkin shit.

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  • Not Chris but I can tell ya that Young and the Harrisons will play together. Young will play the 3 in that scenario which he is perfectly capable of. Young's commitment to Kentucky is pretty imminent also from what I hear.

  • I will say, if Maryland gets the Twins they will be capable of competing for a National title. Honestly, any team within the top 15 range pretty much has a legit chance. It's just all about getting hot at the right time, and the offer to James Young is not about the Twins, that's 100% about Troy Williams, Young will play the 3 in college, and if the academics get in order, he will be a Wildcat.

  • Andrew Harrison
    Aaron Harrison
    Nick Faust
    Alex Len
    Shaq Cleare
    Jake Layman
    Charles Mitchell
    Evan Smotrycz
    PeShon Howard
    Seth Allen
    Sam Cassell Jr.
    Damonte Dodd

    The Maryland approach wouldn't be apples to apples with what Kentucky's been doing. It's been #1 rated classes with a nice role player or two by way of upperclassmen like Darius Miller, DeAndre Liggins, Harrellson types. Cal's been GREAT at restocking the cupboard and then meshing tons of new faces after major roster turnover. Even for all the praise he gets in that regard --- he's still underrated.

    Maryland's turnover wouldn't be as extreme. If the twins came to fruition for any lineup Maryland put out there, I think a final four argument becomes fair. Obviously, anything can happen in a one-game elimination tournament, but Maryland would be sporting a roster pretty befitting of a top 3 seedline.

    I happen to think highly of Turgeon as a bench coach so maybe that's just an agree to disagree thing. But he wouldn't be doing what Cal is doing for the 13-14' roster. He's be blending in a pair of ultra-talented guards with what will, by that point, be known quantities around them. Faust is a baller whose shot release belies the rest of his game. Len has lotto ceiling and we as Maryland fans probably give him the benefit of the doubt on potential. Personally, I need to see him stay on the floor for 25-30 minutes before I get carried away. But in the interest of rank he'd of probably been a top 25 type had he come from the States. Shaq Cleare was obviously highly recruited and gives us nice beef inside.

    The bench would have talent to be sure, but it's not all about rank and pub'. We're also looking at style and fit. There's guard depth to spell the twins but also a cast of low maintenance types to accept lesser roles. That's not PR spin for "no talent", it's how teams get built. We have wide bigs to let the kids make $ off the pick and roll, and stretch 4's to get them in space. Only the twins would be freshmen on Bklyn's hypothetical 14' squad, it wouldn't be a handholding job with diaper dandies galore.

    I have no clue where they kids will end up but if I were on Maryland's staff I'd pitch the known quanities that would be surrounding the twins just as Kentucky can pitch the NBA fast track. These kids are going league/lotto regardless of where they play, it's all about selling them a situation. Kentucky/Cal are the last program anyone wants to be going against for top players. But your post misses the mark on a few counts.

  • Gracias.

  • That might be a decent crew to set up with the Harrisons. Maryland seems to have a very guard heavy roster (Including Faust, who is quite good and plays one of the Harrison twins positions at SG and Stoglin, who likes to have the ball and score) which can be difficult to win with come tournament time. Can the Harrisons come in and play with this squad? Sure. You'll be running a lot of four guard sets though, which will probably cut into some of these talented big guys' time.

    This roster clearly has some talent coming in at the forward position. None of them are slam dunk recruits, however, and my thought is that if you look at national title contenders, i.e. final four teams, they usually have a nice selection of of experience or a boatload of five star talent. So my reply is that sure, they could be good, but I'm not going to bet my farm on it just yet even with the Harrisons. I still think that UNC, Duke, Syracuse and NC State are going to have better talent and probably finish ahead of you guys.

    Edit- so I guess, in summary, I think you guys might even be better off if you DON'T get the Harrisons. They will be playing positions that you already have pretty good players at and you could use some more help in the paint. Give everyone another year to gel together and bam, you're winning the ACC. It's tough to do that with just a couple of one and dones.

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  • Stoglin was basically suspended for the upcoming season and chose to enter the draft instead.

    I don't think Faust is an issue but that's just my opinion. College hoops has trended away from position specifics. 2004 Nova types have more than shown there's a model for fielding your talent and letting it shake out (NOT comparing us w/ 04' Nova). But I don't think Turge or the kids would get caught up in playing the 2 or the 3. Wings are wings and positions are more defined by what you can guard. Faust is 6'6, has a good wing span, strength, and athleticism. He can check small forwards and be a part of any free flowing offense off the wing at the other end.

    I think the single biggest missing piece for Maryland is an elite point guard. I think you may have just missed the Stoglin-NBA Draft thing before your post. But I think it's a no brainer we're better off if we were fortunate enough to get them.

  • Maryland = 5th in ACC

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  • Hahaha....down vote huh? That's you rebuttal? Hahaha

    How about this one then....

    Maryland < UK lady Hoops.

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  • I'm assuming you think that was me since I have a mysterious down vote as well. It wasn't. Here, I'll give you an up vote to neutralize it. Directional arrows and zinger aren't of interest. I overlooked your post because it wasn't substantive. I do the same to Terp fans on our board.

  • I appreciate the upvote, however i think someone may be avenging my down vote because it wasn't me bro.
    Id much rather debate (and yes take little jabs at each other) than use down votes.

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  • And now i see down votes popping uo everywhere.
    Cmon guys, lets not get into down voting....

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  • For the 5th in the ACC notion from your previous post...

    I thought we were talking about Bklyn's post and the hypothetical rosters being discussed. It's the internet, it's all for fun. It's possible (even likely) the kids go to KY like a lot of others and it doesn't even matter.

    I disagree that, that roster would make us 5th in the league, but even so, it's not that condemning of a thing to say. In an expanded ACC you're probably reasonably competing for final fours from that 4th or 5th spot. It's a fickle thing to talk about because as a previous post stated, so much can be getting hot at the right time. It might be more accurate to say what seed line we'd earn. Anyway... The cards fell NC State's way this season as far as roster overturn...they're looking good in 13', but I don't believe in them maintaining (could be wrong).

    But saying MD's behind UNC, Duke, and 'Cuse isn't really that condemning. Those are perennial bluebloods and the Orange are a tier behind. Nevermind I'm of the opinion the hypothetical being tossed around makes us better than at least 1 or 2 of the aforementioned. If it came to pass, I'd think that team would flirt with the top 10 for better part of the year.

  • Look all kidding aside, i have nothing against Maryland.
    You guys have a nice program, but honestly i have no idea how you guys are here on this board tryin to talk junk (some...not all)

    Right now Maryland isn't in the same universe as UK.
    Im sorry but the truth hurts. Right now UK is the "IT" school. UK has nearly matched Maryland's overall accomplishments in the last three years.

    In the last 3 years UK has been to 3 straight elite 8's (Maryland has 5 total) UK has been to back to back final fours (Terps have 2 total) and UK has a NC (its 8th) while Maryland has 1 total. Maryland has 5 reg season conf ships and 4 conf tourney ships total.
    We are the kings of the mountain in recruiting right now. Yes it will level off eventually but it won't be next year. We just don't land 1 or 2 5* recruits like most other programs...we fill our roster with them every year under Cal.

    Its ridiculous to come on this board talking about being a good as we will be next year. I hope Turgeon does well there and best of luck to you guys, but im sorry...the twins will be wearing blue and white and paying for Cal. Its gonna happen. Maybe Maryland will be NC contenders soon but your not ready for UK and probably won't be any time soon.

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  • Some of your other previous comments...

    "UK is in most opinions the solid leader for the twins."
    "the twins will be wearing blue and white and paying for Cal. Its gonna happen"
    "Their recent visit to Maryland hasn't given any evidence that UK being the leader in their recruitment has changed. "

    Here is one of the main sources of beef you'll see prominent w/ MD fans in this one. Where are you getting that KY leads and where are the Experts getting it from?

    It is not lost on Maryland fans what Kentucky has done in the last three seasons. There's no program, we'd desire going up against for kids on the trail less.

    The beef comes from quotes like the ones you dropped. The kids are basically silent. They aren't gaffe prone and info is twice as centralized because their father doubles as AAU coach. The notion that they are going to UK may be right and hell, it might even be where I'd put my money. But the deduction you're making is what turns off the MD fan base. The logic basically seems to be: We're Kentucky, we just won a natty, and we've handpicked the best guards of our choosing in Cal's tenure. It's not dismissible but it's not Harrison-specific either. Any so called major opinions or sources handicapping for KY are guilty of the same thing. Maryland has lost out to lesser programs for any number of reasons countless times.

    I think we're a great choice and fit for them but that's my opinion. Frankly, if it were a shortlist of top natty contenders in the last years or a premiere NBA fast track...we wouldn't be in their final four. They're going league lotto no matter what. The kids are neck deep in swag. Its possible they want Kentucky, but don't need them. They'll listen intently to top flight exposure and NBA angle and they're legit sells. But the whole point of my previous posts wasn't to brag about how good we'd be in two years. It was to say that with the twins, they're probably doing the same thing at MD they could've at Kentucky.

  • Whats going on Wildcat fans? Maryland fan here. Was looking for a little info on what your guy's roster is going to look like when we see you in NYC in November? You all just have so much roster turnover that is seems kind of difficult to keep up with. Hoping my Terps can at least be competitive. No one likes to get blown out ya' know (please no sarcastic remarks that look like "wouldn't know what that is like LOL"). I've thought the twins for the longest time were 65KU/35MD at the most. Feel like we have a season or two of growth to go through before we can get to the level of pulling in two top 5 guys. But were back on the rise. The one thing that hold in my heart for the twins is that they want a good academic environment. No offense to any Kentucky degree holders but you guys have a 75% acceptance rate, and you only need 1400 out of 2400 to get in. Compared to a 45% acceptance rate and 1800 SAT minimum. But its likely that they wont be getting a degree at any university though. Again very excited to see you guys in November. Do your fans travel well? I know that Kentucky is a much more national fanbase than Maryland, however we are only about a 5 hour drive from NYC. Also excited to see Noel and Cleare go to work against each other. They battled the hell out of each other when BABC played the Defenders (Here is my Maryland kool-aid powered highlight I know it is not the cleanest dunk but give me a little bit of a break.

  • Do our fans travel well? Did you happen to see New Orleans or the NCAA tournament a couple months ago? The whole city was "Blue" thus the re-christening "Blue Orleans". Kentucky has one of the best and biggest fan bases in America, bar none.

    Keep Calm & Stoops On..

  • The rhetorical question at the beginning of your sentence is not necessary. I'm not taking it as an attack but it comes off with a lot of "attitude and snark" as my mother would say. Any other info on what your squad will look like next year? Strong spots? Any weaker areas?

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  • Listen, i really dont care what offsets the MD fanbase.
    I didnt come onto a MD board and start beating mu jibs.

    A member asked a question about the twin's recent visit on which he responded that he (and actual journalists) didn't feel it was something UK fans should be too worried about at this time. Terps fans came on here ripping him for his opinion thus starting all of this.

    I have no problem at all with other fanbases coming over. I enjoy good debate as well as back n forth. However, if anyone comes over and starts talkin shit...well then...

    So, as i stated, i have no issues with MD at all, but at the same time, i don't care of a damn what offsets fanbase who come into OUR house startin shit.
    If you dont like it then go back to your site pretendig your program is relevant.

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  • You take so many things from my posts that aren't even there.

    The heart of it is: What experts are saying Kentucky leads? What information are they basing it on?

    Shit talking, this, that, the other, take it up with the other fans, I don't care about any of that. Your posts made reference to KY leading and the inevitability of their Wildcat commitment. So I keep asking where it comes from. Is it just linear assumption?

    Edit: I think I've been civil and suspect what the answer is. It's your board. Agree to disagree. Good luck on the upcoming season.

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  • Wow! The Turdles are still floating around? Are we gonna have to tolerate this until the Twins pick UK in October?

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  • Evan Daniels tweeted earlier tonight that the twins would be wildcats. Borzello also said so in his may 23rd mailbag.

    Now, it's possible they are just assuming things based on Caliparis track record with guards but most of these same guys have been awfully confident about the twins to UK for a long time now.

    The disclaimer: recruiting is fluid and shit happens.

  • No if Evan Daniels picks a kid to UK I feel pretty good about it. Because if there is even an inkling of doubt on a kid coming to UK he'll pick the other school.

  • I'll respond civily. Don't ask a dumb question without expecting someone to respond sarcastically. It IS the internet, remember?

    Keep Calm & Stoops On..

  • I feel like both sides are being a little ridiculous here, you're going to agree to disagree here on this point, but I mean seriously be civil, many of the answers are kind of crazy... Some people don't legitimately know things people, it's not unheard of. As to Kentucky's roster it's looking like this:
    PG: Ryan Harrow
    SG: Archie Goodwin
    F: Alex Poythress
    F: Kyle Wiltjer
    C: Nerlens Noel

    Bench: Julius Mays, Willie Cauley-Stein, Jon Hood, Twany Beckham.

    It seems to be pretty sealed about now.