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Type of coach UK need to turn program around

  • I think we all know that the inevitable is coming UK will have a new head coach next year. I was looking at Joker even before that Arkansas game and he looked like someone that had already gotten his walking papers… But I can't understand some of these picks for head coach. I understand that a lot of you guys look at the offensive production and the win/lose record and determine who UK should go after but more than that should go into the decision to turn around UK Football. It's nice to have a really good and flashy offense that scores points but that's only half of the battle. If UK looks for a coach in this way then we'll be setting ourselves up for another Hal Mumme era were w have fun but not win very many games and we lose to a score like 62-60. That's not turning the program around…

    I was looking at Sonny Dykes during the La Tech vs Texas A&M game and noticed that he interacted more with the offense than he did the defense. I noticed that while the offense was executing and players knew their assignments and played well the defense was lacking that same attention to detail. They played mentally tough, meaning that they continued battling when they faced adversity, but they didn't play physically tough, they were physical at the point of attack, they didn't play disciplined in the back end. The DBs was hesitating and not reading their keys correctly and arm tackling…. I wasn't expecting La Tech to shutdown Texas A&M's offense however but I was expecting to see a more disciplined defense. The stuff I see infested in UK's defense is the exact same stuff that I saw in that game.

    UK needs someone who is a perfectionist on the offensive end and defensive end. They need someone that is going to yell at the players and demand more than the players think that they have in them, he needs to push players to the limit in offense and defense. He needs to stress team football at every position and be a hardnosed guy who trickles that toughness down to his coaches and players. He also needs to demand change from the Athletic Administration in order to really turn around the program.

    Usually when you find a coach who stresses alignment and assignment football and stresses execution in this not only offensively but defensively you'll find a Head Coach who is a perfectionist and you'll find a team who plays tough on both the offensive side of the ball and defensive side of the ball. This is the type of coach that UK needs to head up UK Football in order to turn this around. The reason why Rich Brooks did a good job at UK was because he was close to being that guy… The reason why Guy Morris did well his second year at UK was because his Coordinators, Brent Pease and John Goodner was that way… More so Brent Pease than Goodner…. And this is what UK is going to need to turn this program around. If you look at just offense and the win/lose record then you'll have another Hal Mumme on your hands where the offense is great but you'll lose games by a score of 62-60….. Sonny Dykes reminds me of another Hal Mumme. You've got to have a check list when evaluating coaches that should take over the program.

    Bobby Petrino would fit the bill perfectly however from what I hear and read he's not coming to UK, he'll either be at Tennessee or Auburn next year. Jim Tressel is actually a guy of this stature, I'm surprised that I said that because I don't like how ultra conservative he is however he fits the bill on what UK needs to turn this thing around. Jim Leavitt is another guy who fits that bill and probably the most realistic hire. Another guy that I would hate to say but again he fits the bill is Phillip Fulmer. All of these guys also demand that the Athletic Administration change some of their ways as well. Jim Leavitt would be to a lesser extent than the other guys on that list…. Butch Jones and Mark Hudspeth may be that those types of guys that pay attention to detail on both ends of the field but not necessarily have the stature to demand change from the Athletic Administration and if that's the case I'll take that too.

  • Iowa States HC Paul Rhodes would be a solid choice..

    Va Techs DC Bud Foster would be a solid choice..

    Westerns HC Willie Taggert would be a solid choice..

    I selected these 3 because 1) all 3 of them fit your criteria and 2) all 3 would be realistic candidates..

    We can mention Gruden, Cowher, Dungy, Petrino, Tressel, Peterson, etc.. Yes, those are fascinating names, but, they aren't realistic options.. Tressel maybe, but, UK doesn't need the NCAA following them around on a daily basis. We have enough of that already..

  • Unless the university is willing to put forth the money the program will never change.

  • I think better candidates would be Jim Leavitt , former USF HC and current 49ers LB Coach, and Troy Calhoun who is Air Force HC.

  • As soon as you said Petrino was going to UT or auburn and then Tressel fits the bill you lost me. There's nothing true about what you're saying. Sorry. Not being mean.

  • Troy Calhoun, no way..IMO, the last thing we need is a guy who runs an option style system, unless you plan on Whitlow being the QB for the next 3 years and losing Towles and Smith to transfer.. Leavitt was in a football hotbed in Florida and couldn't compete on the recruiting trail, even with Central Florida, much less UF, Fl St & Miami.. What would he do in the state of Ky? My guess, very little..

  • Actually Troy Calhoun runs a Spread Flex Offense. Its an adaptive offense meaning that it is flexible enough to adapt to the personnel that you have. If you are in an era where you do have a Max Smith and Patrick Towles then you can pass out of the offense, but if you are in the era where you have a Jaylen Whitlow and Morgan Newton then you can run out of the offense. Of course the run would be option..... I've seen this offense be effective both ways. The passing version of the Flex-Spread Offense is an offense based from the Flexbone formation with the QB at the shotgun position sometimes and other times under center and the passing numbers were Air Raid like. The predominant running version would be like what Georgia Tech does....

  • LOL.... understood. This post came form the Howard Schnellenberger train of thought and if you go by that then Tressel fits the bill. But as I said in the post I can't believe I said that because if I were to make a list Tressel wouldn't be on it. Jim Leavitt would however be my number 1 guy.

  • I've always hated Fulmer because he wore the big orange, but I think he'd be an intriguing choice. He's probably a pretty good guy and he's the only coach on anybody's list with a proven track record of winning in the SEC over time. He's also a coach we could build a 5-year plan around, whereas a lot of the names can't be counted on to stick around if they're successful.