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UGA picks up 16th verbal commitment...

  • C'mon Jeff, you're being obtuse. UL has seen a meteoric rise from 5-6 wins per year to 7 wins per year (twice!), while UK has literally fallen off of the 7 wins per year cliff to the fathomless depths of 5-6 wins per year.

    Plus, everyone knows that trends in football always continue in the same direction every year. So when UL is winning 13-14 games a year in the next few years, UK will be losing 13-14 games.

  • I would give anything to see UK FB doing as well as even Vandy right now... Who would have ever thought 2 or 3 years ago we would be saying that... The truth is it will take a bigger name HC than Joker to get this thing back on track with the lack or support. I really wish Joker could do well, I love the guy... If Joker had the support the rest of the SEC or even UofL or Vandy gets I think he would do very well, but it seems like that isn't possible. Mitch acts like even the "band-aids" aren't possible... It's like FB is set up to fail...

    I'm glad someone else spoke up on this matter, a month ago when I was talking about it everyone was telling me i'm crazy, it's early or we only have 16 SS etc... That doesn't matter when you only have one com...

    What makes no sense to me is kids like Joey B and Tyree H may commit but they aren't getting offered eventhough as of late it seems like Joker and CO have issued more offers than they ever have in such a short time span... It almost seems desperate, i've never knew of Joker handing out this many offers without landing a couple...

    I really hope we land a few this weekend and in weeks to come. This sucks...

  • They went 6-7 with a bowl loss (2011) and had one of their highest rated 2011 recruits transfer. In their 2012 class, they got a couple of pretty highly regarded in-state kids. They have a 4 star lb and a 4 star QB committed to them in the HC's second year (2013).

    This actually sounds astonishingly familiar.

    UK went 6-7 with a bowl loss (2010), had a highly rated 2010 recruit transfer, got a couple of highly regarded in-state kids (plus Faulkner) in 2011 and had a 4 star LB and 4 star QB commit in the HC's second year (2012).

    In 2010, we beat Vandy by 18. In 2011, Vandy beat us by 30. This year? We'll see. In any case, I'm not seeing Vanderbilt doing anything special to deserve the adulation our fans give them.

    The offers are coming out, in my opinion, to get camp attendance up. Tyree Harris is coming to camp on the 27th and will likely get an offer then, if he performs well. Bloomfield may or may not camp with us, and if he does not, he likely does not get an offer, as we have sent offers out to a lot of highly rated OL, including Droogsma, Gall, and Welsh. Offers are going out from every school every where, and its been going around lately that the relatively slow recruiting early this year is by design, to give the staff more opportunity to evaluate guys with less than 20 scholarships to give out. It only reeks of desperation if you're already predisposed to negativity.