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UK Football 2011 and beyond

  • Rise up! In this life we are taught that we must learn from our mistakes in order to grow and progress as human beings, students, employees, athletes, husbands, fathers, business owners, etc. I see more evidence every game from this coaching staff that they either can't or simply won't learn from their mistakes. Poor play calling, schemes, overall lack of attitude and preparation continue to plague this staff / team.


    1. Red zone efficiency during his entire tenure, even as OC. There were glimmers of hope in the past when we successfully ran play action pass to the TE, WR and fullback for TD's. Unfortunately I can count them on one hand with fingers to spare. According to other successful college programs and NFL franchises, this seems to be a high percentage call. Then there are the 'last second go ahead for the win' UT red zone debacles. All of them!

    2. Continuing to come out flat.

    3. Continuing to get beat in the trenches on both sides of the ball. Despite having a veteran O line.

    4. Continuing to call designed off tackle run plays for Morgan Newton. Especially after broadcasting it in press conferences. Correct me if I am wrong, but I can't remember ever seeing it work. I wrote in an over under thread before the Louisville game, that Morgan runs best when the throw isn't there or protection breaks down and he has to make a play.

    5. Continuing to display vulnerable punt protection. Hello Gators!

    There is no doubt about Joker's love and passion for this state and UK football. He is a great guy, he has charisma and his players seem to love him. He has integrity and wants to do things right. We all know he WANTS this program to RISE UP out of mediocrity. He has shown some vision and leadership with the staff moves he made this past year. It LOOKS like we are slowly getting better at recruiting. Keeping Tee Martin was key in that area. It LOOKS like we have stronger more conditioned athletes thanks to Rock Oliver. It LOOKS like this attacking defensive scheme will take advantage of the talent currently on the roster?! (Not impressed after the U of L performance). So now it all comes down to coaching... getting the best out of these young men, teaching them and putting them in the best position to win. After squeaking by two cupcakes and losing to U of L, the future LOOKS grim. It looks like we are headed for another losing season. It LOOKS like the coaches are not learning from their mistakes. This make me question this staffs ability to actually GET IT DONE. They say the true test of a man is how he responds in the face of adversity. These next 3 weeks will say a lot about this staff and team.

    I love football. I Always have. I played from age 7 until I graduated high school. I learned a lot from my coaches and the game. I went to my first UK football game with my Pa Paw back in the 70's. The Fran Curci era. I have been a hopeful, passionate, supportive and patient fan all this time. It's been a long hard road. "Basketball season is just around the corner"... this statement has haunted me most of my life. I know there are a lot of you out there who feel just like me. Rich Brooks built a nice foundation and brought a lot of that hope back for me. Is it a mistake for me to continue to believe or hope that UK football will ever win the SEC east? If so, then maybe I need to learn from this mistake once and for all.