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UK bball attendance and Rupp crowd

  • First off I want to recognize that Sat's crowd was dead & is awful at times, BUT I get so tired of hearing people saying oh it's BC of the blue hairs or the all rich blue bloods don't like to cheer or even show up. Enough already. It all comes down to our whole fan base being spoiled. We are all so used to winning & expecting our players/teams to be over the top good, exciting, or perfect that not a lot gets our fans up off their feet. Unless it is an over the top sick dunk, a barrage of 3s, or some amazing defensive play almost all out fans just golf clap their way through the game.

    Next, I don't want to hear oh if I could go to the game I would be crazy, but I can't get tickets, BS! There are easily 10 games a year that just about anyone that wants to get tickets can get them, including many times lowers. Hell, UK is going to end up having at least 5 games with 100+ tickets available for each game in the eRupption zone. Not to mention there have been lowers for sale for at least 5 games I have seen through ticketmaster. Plus, there are almost always really good seats(first 10-15 rows) of the upper level available through ticketmaster for the first 10 or so games. There are plenty of ways to get tickets.

    Lastly, people always love to tell me how they would love my tickets if I can't ever use them or ask me to get them tickets for games ALL THE TIME. However, when I actually can't use my tickets or have access to other tickets it is like pulling teeth to get people to use them if it’s not a "good game". I bet I offered 30+ people really good lower level tickets to Saturdays game vs Portland & almost everyone couldn't "use" them for whatever reason. It's laughable how people always act like they would love to go to a game at Rupp or cheer so loud if they were there, but it just isn't true! UK fans are spoiled & don't appreciate how good we have it, especially right now with what is going on with Calipari & this run. You better get to as many games as you can & enjoy all the wins BC it is not always going to be this good!!

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  • tgh, I was one that mentioned the $$ people that sit on their hands but I also mentioned the spoiled fans of UK and in that and the rest of your post I completely agree with. As good as last years team was there were only a few times relatively speaking that the crowd ever sounded like the Duke crazies and I hate to use Duke as an example of anything positive but in this case its true and appropriate. Their crowds are consistantly great when it comes to noise and being enthusiastic for long stretches during the games there. Phog Allen Field House is another good example compared to the Rupp Arena atmosphere. I referenced BBM and the excitement during that event and if that could be instilled into the everyday crowd during a game no one could ask for more. There have been national media personalities that have praised the Rupp crowds and I have wondered "are we watching the same games and hearing the same noise level". GO CATS

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  • You're not going to hear lot of noise with some of the teams we're playing right now. People just don't get excited about those teams. The UNC game last year was the best college bb atmosphere I think I've ever witnessed.

  • our crowd only cheers when the team is on a run. sad. Hate to say a certain school used to be terrible, then more younger people made up more of the crowd and its now one of the best.
    it should be a party almost at all sporting events.

    tgh, try offering different people.

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  • Hell offer me tickets and I'm there. This time of the year it's hard to spend $100+ on tickets plus gas for an hour drive each way.

  • While Rupp could always be better, Cameron Indoor is a terrible example this is used allll the time. I've been to games many ACC venues, thanks to a friend who is an ACC/Big East official and I live in the DC area. Cameron is small as hell, I believe seating around 9,000 fans. They are probably 7,000 students who will always be nuts. Very few people in the Virginia/NC area are Duke fans, as they have virtually no alumni network in this area.

    Cameron Indoor is one big eRUPPtion Zone. /endrant

    That said, as a son of a season ticket holder at UK, I get home to see 2-3 games per year. There is a huge difference between a Portland game and a Florida game, not just because its a lesser opponent and game, but because it IS the "replacement fans" that attend those early games when its quieter. I know when I attend the Christmas/December games, I don't see the people in our section that are usually there. This to me proves exactly the opposite of what most people think--the actual season tix holders ARE the loudest and most engaged. Just my two pennies.

  • I agree tgh. The gigantic myth is that unless you have season tickets you can never see a game in Rupp. If I hear Matt jones bash cal for wanting to eliminate the blue/white game any more I will puke. Outside of 3/4 premium games anybody can get in Rupp for face value or less for any game.

    This is why we don't need to add seats to Rupp in the renovation. If anything we need to eliminate 1 or 2 k.

  • That game was absolutely amazing. The atmosphere was like nothing I've ever been to.

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  • I f we say its ok for the crowd not to be as loud or excited for a particular team that playing in Rupp why should Cal or anyone else expect the players to play at full speed no matter what team they are playing, whats the difference? The crowd needs to be there for the team no matter the level of competition and the team needs to play with intensity for the whole game again regardless of the competitions skill level. IMO anyway.

  • Nate, how many games with that kind of crowd response have you honestly seen at Rupp during one of UKs games? A lot of the fans are spoiled because of the success that UK has had in the time they have been playing in Rupp. I went to a lot of games when Memorial Coliseum was the home court for the Cats and I dont remember many if any that were as bad as it was in Rupp during the Portland game and other games this year in particular. The UNC game last year was fantastic in all aspects but is the exception rather than the norm.

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  • I never disagreed with anyone in this thread. Just agreed with that specific post about that game.

    As for Rupp's typical atmosphere I agree with the OP.

    Once when I was about 12-13 my dying grandfather got me a ticket to the UK SCar game. This was about 2000-01. The ticket was in the corner about half way up the lower bowl. We were up 25-30 point with say 12-15 minutes to go and it was so dead in there I fell asleep until the 3 minute mark.

    Oh, and by the way I haven't read all of your post yet. I just get a kick out of this happening on the home court of the best fans in the country. It literally is so quiet in there at times you can take a nap.

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  • Oh I know you didnt say anything about the OP but was just commenting on the UNC game and truly I was wondering if you had seen very many games like that one during other games at Rupp. Im old enough to remember the games in Memorial Coliseum and the different in atmosphere btween there and Rupp was like night and day. You couldnt hear yourself speak a lot of the time and it was truly exciting to be there but I have been to Rupp several times a few years ago when I lived in Lexington and like you said there were times when you could litterally hear most every word the coaches were saying. One thing I dont agree with tgh on is the fact the fat cats get a lot of the seats in the lower arena and sit on their hands during the games no matter the opponent. It would be so much better if the students and everyday folks were put there but I know thats not going to happen.

  • bigbluerules...don't know you at all and you may the biggest/best fan ever, but no offense I hear that same thing from everyone. "Offer me your tickets if you can't use them or if you ever can get extras please let me know" Guess what, the same people that tell me that ALL THE TIME are the same people that I offer my tickets to and they are the same people that almost always turn me down.

    It just gets old hearing a lot of our fans act like they want to go to games or that they would go any change they get, yet don't jump at the chance when it is readily available. You can't have it both ways. Just saying.

    Sorry to get on my soapbox, but after seeing/hearing a bunch of our fans complaining about our Rupp crowd on Saturday just annoyed the hell out of me.

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  • Sleepydog.....when did I say anything about this-->"One thing I dont agree with tgh on is the fact the fat cats get a lot of the seats in the lower arena and sit on their hands during the games no matter the opponent. It would be so much better if the students and everyday folks were put there but I know thats not going to happen"

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  • I would take your tickets any chance I got. The problem for me is I'm in my last year of school, thank the lord, and have worked during almost every game. I know for large majority that probably isn't the case for you, but I would guess a decent amount of people have legit reasons for not taking your tickets.

    If I'm ever fortunate enough I will own season tickets.

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  • I get everyone is very busy, but it's just hard for me to understand that all these same people who are always asking me for tickets can't find a way to use them when I offer them tickets to a Saturday game a noon. I'm guessing 90% of the people I offered them to didn't have work as an excuse. Oh well, their loss.

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  • Read the very 1st sentence of your original post and you say and I quote' I get so tired of hearing people saying, its BC of the blue hairs or all the rich blue bloods dont like to cheer or even show up" unquote. Im not jumping on you or anything just saying I believe that part of the problem with the Rupp crowd is indeed in part because of the people who sit closest to the floor seem not to be motivated to yell,scream or simply show they support the team in their effort to beat the opposing team rather than sit there on their hands and gab or are on their social media device. thats all no criticism of you or what you have said just a different opinion, thats all.hoops

  • True, but how many people do you know who have kids that might have a game or gymnastics, etc? Not trying to be a pain, just playing devils advocate.

    As for it being their loss, I totally agree. Like I said if I had the means and time at the moment I would be at every game. Unfortunately for me that isn't the case.

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  • I think it is funny this is coming up now. I dropped my season tickets last season for this exact reason and said that attendance / atmosphere were going to be effected by playing all our "top" games away from Rupp. I couldn't give my tickets away for these types of games when I couldn't make it down. But honestly, how many people want to go watch UK beat somebody by fifty every game? To the casual fan looking for the experience (Cal's words not mine) it is boring and very, very quiet in Rupp for all but the Starting lineups and when a major play / string of plays happen.

    I found that I could drop my season tickets, go to the games like Duke in Atlanta, Maryland in NY, buy the games I want to buy at Rupp and still save money year in and year out if we are not going to play anybody of note at home anymore until conference play.

  • This schedule, while it doesn't include the "huge" home game isn't much different than the rest of the schedules in the last 30 years at uk.

    The difference now is simple. A. TV contract. B. HUGE high definition TV's. One of my good friend's has really good season tickets. The only reason he keeps them is because they are great seats. he never has issues getting rid of them because they are good seats. he only makes it to 3 or 4 games a year.

    I have another great friend who has decent seats (5th row of upper deck) and can't give them away. Why? Because it's a long drive and because folks would rather watch them on tv.

    Look at football attendance at places like alabama and Florida. They're down. Not because they aren't good. But because folks would rather watch on tv.

  • Fans are definitely spoiled and I'm as guilty as anyone. I don't even get excited for these cupcakes anymore. I can barely even wake up to watch them now days because I work midnights. Some of it is national championship hangover but for the most part the game atmosphere sucking has to do with what the previous poster mentioned. Every game is on TV and the TV coverage is exceptional. You can see every little nuance of the game w/commentary and replay in High Def in the comfort of your own home without having to pay for parking, food, tickets, gas which is all a big deal right now with the economy the way it is. I realize that has nothing to do with actual game atmosphere but it does have something to do with why people might be hesitant to take your tickets off your hands. Anyway if its happening at UK its happening all over the country. We're still the best when it comes to showing up to game and supporting our team.

    Another thing I'll throw out there is that fans are starting to wise up to the fact that with College Bball none of these November and December games even matter. Especially against these cupcakes at home. We're going to win these games and they don't even show up on our tourney resume. Its nothing but a glorified practice.

    Also I think you could make a case for Cal's recruiting strategy coming into play. Trust me I love the way he recruits and I'm not about to argue that he should do things differently. I love having NBA studs and I love the excitement they should bring but its possible that fans just don't have a lot of time to get to know the kids. They don't have the attachment to these player that they would seniors who would have been through a little bit of everything. I'm not saying this is the case just throwing out a possibility. I know this isn't the case with me. I personally feel like the better the player then the more exciting the atmosphere should be but some fans might get off on forming a bond with the players and hards to do when you only know the current players especially for 9 games.

  • No I said that comment about the blue hairs and blood blues b/c they are not the main problem for the atmosphere in Rupp. It is our WHOLE fan base. I go to virtually every home game and there are plenty of fans throughout the whole arena that are not any more energetic than the rest of our fans. Yes, I will agree your typical 80 something year old fan is not going to be as loud or crazy as a bunch of drunk 20 year old college kids, but UK's basketball fans are just spoiled. Outside of a small number of the students that act crazy, most of the other fans in the stands are just as bad as rest. Yes, I get the A LOT of this has to do with the opponents UK is playing but the bottom line is UK bball fans just don't appreciate what we have. My .02. I realize others may disagree, but just how I feel. Really disappointing to me.

    And to your point about needing more energetic fans closer,,,why? The student attendance is awful for games outside big non-conference or SEC play. I don't see why UK should reward the students for showing up only for when they want. Personally I would love to see UK reduce the # of student tickets and allow more average fans the opportunity to buy season tickets. There are thousands of student tickets left over for more than half the UK games. True story.

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  • I totally get that. As a season ticket holder it just REALLY ticks me off personally when I am the guy that all my friends and family always call to get UK bball tickets and beg to any extra tickets I may have. Then when I actually do, almost no one wants a lesser game. LOL. Sorry its just me being on my soapbox being pissed how ungrateful people are. It just gets really old for me personally.

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  • I do have to say, it's hard to pass up watching some of the games from the comfort of my home. When I got back from my last deployment I spoiled myself with a 60inch Samsung 3-D T.V. I also have DirecTV which has three full time 3-D channels, and one of them is ESPN 3-D. The UKvsDuke game was being played live on 3-D and honestly it was freaking awesome! Don't get me wrong, I would have loved to have been at that game, but it was really fun to watch it at home.

  • I have a big screen tv and HD picture but when you brought up your 60 inch 3-D TV I began salivating, and I knew you were just aiming that at me knowing the way I would react.biggrin

  • I'll be honest, the fans at Rupp have baffled me for a long time. Take the Baylor game for instance. Not a great atmosphere at all until fans realized that UK was on the ropes for real and then the fans found a sense of urgency.

    As big as it is, there are just too many times that Rupp is actually very, very quiet. When fans are engaged, Rupp is very loud and a tough place to play. But that isn't always the case.

    As for fan attendance, I do think that it's harder to sell tickets to games these days because of man caves, HD TV, etc. And apparently, give them away lol

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