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UK has to mirror Baylor of last year for max success

  • What UK fans cannot do is pretend that we know how good this offense is. Truth is we don't know how good it is. It could be as productive against SEC talent as it is right now, or it could not be as productive against SEC talent as it is right now. We don't know, all we can do is speculate at this point. With that said, if this offense continues to be as productive against SEC opponents as it is right now then UK may be OK as the season goes along. The best chance for success is to mirror what Baylor did last year. NO we don't have an RG3, no we don't have a high draft pick playing WR for us like Baylor did. However if UK's offense stays as productive in the SEC then they won't need those things, however that has yet to be determined.

    Our defense is going to be bad this year. It will struggle in every single game that its in. This is also how Baylor was last year. That deffense ranked #86 in the nation. As a matter of fact according to the rankings our defense last year was tons better than Baylor's defense. The thing that Baylor's defense did was get stops when it counted most. So if our offense can continue to be highly productive and our defense can get stops when it counted most then we will be fine.

    Following this model is probably going to be UK's best chance at success this season. Baylor went 9-3 following this model. That is unrealistic for UK but following this model is realistic for a 6-6 overal record.

  • Good points.

    If we can keep up with teams then that puts pressure on their offense to make plays. If teams feel like they have to score on every posession against us then their offense has to be more aggressive. If their offense is more aggressive it's easier to stop considering our shortcomings.

  • One thing that had me a little concerned the other night was we did not score the first 3 times we had the ball..I know it's early on but this was Kent State and not Ga or Fla..As the game wore on it looked like the guys relaxed a bit but we still need to open the offense up more..