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Uhmmm, Mitch, we have a problem......

  • If you want to show them UK fan support you had better go to a basketball game.

    And what is this trying to blame the season ticket holders who are not renewing for poor recruiting.

    Wins brings in recruits or change as at Vandy. Excitement within the program brings in recruits. Early playing time also brings them in.

    An attitude of always looking to blame someone other than the man in the kitchen is what got UK in the mess its in now and I don't mean Joker or any coach present or past.

    Barnhart and every basketball loving AD's inability to get money into the football program since CWS was built are to blame other than Joker or the fans who don't renew season tickets.

    Maybe after almost 50 years the fans of UK football will demand a better product instead of just accepting what is given to them in the fall of the year and handing over their money.

    What lost the fans?

    Many did not want Joker. Many did not want the CIW idea but accepted it because of Brooks. Many saw that Joker was the easy hire, the cheap hire. Weither he was ready to be a head coach in the SEC is neither here nor their since the AD made the decision to not even look at what might happen if Joker failed. ANd for many,Joker's loyality to the program was what they say as give him a chance because he's loyal. Thats fine if you think a SEC coach needs to be from the school he coaches.

    Many fans who have been loyal to the UK football program for decades disliked being talked down to in the media and being called 'microwave fans" by the AD. Bad move IMHO.

    IMHO, many of those who have not renewed did it because of the AD's attitude toward any critical analysis as much as anything. Being smug is not the way to win friends and influence people when your job is to fund the athletic programs at UK. All athletic programs especially footall. Weither anyone agrees with me or not, Barnhart is not a good AD for the football program. Other sports at UK are fine but the one making UK money is football and the one that loses big time with empty seats is also football.

    Excuse after excuse. Pass the buck here to their is the way the UK football program has been handled for over 40 years. At UK, history repeats itself after every coaching change. For 40 years the AD's have tried to find the genie in the bottle by hiring a new coach after they all fail for the same reasons, lack of funding and lack of recruiting budgets to be a team in the SEC. Give Joker what he needs and he will make it.

    Papa Brooks say it coming and said that UK needed to get into the 21 century with its football program but that has fallen on deaf ears and now it has come full circle with some trying to blame Brooks for Joker's demise. The fault is not with Joker or Brooks. Look up the feeding chain if you want to see the real problems.

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  • A high horse?

    How did what I said about this particular "statement" by fans affecting recruiting for this year have anything to do with 2008/2009?

    Recruiting wasn't great in 2008/2009. There were a lot of misses in those classes. Those recruiting classes affected last year and will potentially affect this year. The vast majority of the staff from 2008/2009 is gone, replaced with guys like Cassity, Minter, Washington, Pardue, Nord, and Turner. You know, guys who are out there trying to improve recruiting.

    We had the #2 CB in the nation on campus last weekend, taking pictures of him and his family in UK gear, talking about coming to a school where he could be a program-changer and shock the world. We have another ESPN 150 recruit on campus this weekend. It's obviously not last season's results bringing guys of that caliber flocking to come and see Lexington. So why are they here? Who is bringing them? Who is responsible for that? What would be the effects going forward of getting a few of these guys to commit to the coach that is here right now and will be here for this entire season.

    That's why a new staff and new recruiting inroads this year are so important. So we don't have another repeat of last year. And then blame the next coach. And then have more recruiting troubles. And then blame the next coach. And have recruiting troubles. And blame the next coach. And have more recruiting failures. And blame the next coach.

    So, I guess you can just look forward to perpetuating the cycle. I mean, after all, everyone knows adding negative to negative produces a positive, right? Hell, if only Meeeeetch had faaaaaaar'd teh Joke. What an idiot Phillips is, having a 5 win season at UK. Doesn't he realize that after you win 8 games two times in a 15 year span, you can never have a bad season ever again? What kind of special needs child actually loses a bowl game? I mean, Pitt literally had no coach. Seriously, there were no coaches at Pitt. None. Zero coaches. The players were literally just running around out there with no game plan.

    What kind of moron goes out and hires a bunch of recruiters when recruiting is poor? How much of a drooling retard is our coach to replace a poor defensive coordinator with a guy with extensive HC/DC experience? This mongoloid actually went out and hired Mike Cassity, who everyone knows is an awful coach who is completely unable to recruit Florida kids. Don't get me started on Pat Washington, who has never put a single receiver in the NFL and brings absolutely no coaching experience to a position that obviously needed no help.

    The gall of this man, trying to rectify problems as they happen. The idiocy of teh Joke, not being able to fix things instantly or identify them before they happened or keep players from being injured, or breaking rules and getting suspended, or just flat out not executing the game plan, which was probably the worst game plan ever drawn up in the history of organized football.

    Jesus Christ.

  • Great post JD

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  • By the way Jeffries do you want to put your money where mouth is on that 2-9 record this year? I would love a piece of that action. You can put any dollar value you want on it.

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  • If you're arguing that the fans aren't buying tickets because of product on the field, how can you also argue that their expectations are too low? Isn't them not buying tickets because of product on the field a reflection of higher expectations?

    You're talking out of both sides of your mouth.

    And fans have been plenty supportive for many years. I can agree that there are issues with the attention paid to FB by the administration and boosters and that the marketing hasn't been anything to write home about (even though I think the push of the social media aspect this year is an improvement). But you have to be kidding me if you're really going to rag on fan support when Kentucky has routinely done well attendance-wise in previous years despite the product.

  • Tell me this: Do you seriously believe that fans refusing to support the football team will change something within UK's administration? Let's pretend for a moment that it would,

    How, exactly, will these affected administrators win more games? I mean, that's what we want, right? More games won?

    So how do the administrators win more games? How are empty seats going to influence those administrators to win more games?

    Your argument doesn't even make logical sense.

    If the administration has failed football, it has failed football when fan support was good, when it was bad, when the team was winning, when the team was losing, when the team went to a bowl game, when it didn't go to a bowl game, when it won the SEC, and when it finished dead last in the SEC.

    Do you seriously think that 2012 will be the first time ever that fan support for UK football will significantly decrease? That this will be the first time ever that fans will stay home, not purchase tickets, not show up?

    You hit one nail on the head though. Some arrogant-ass fans think Phillips was the wrong choice and simply won't be satisfied until he's fired, no matter what. If Phillips exceeds expectations I hope they never return and that I never have to have the unfortunate experience of reading another word of their drivel or hearing another insipid statement from their slack-jawed mouths.

    If he fails and is terminated, I'll endure their little back-slapping session about how "right" they were and wait patiently for the next "faaaaaaaaar _____________" campaign.

  • Are you really as stupid as you appear online? We won't "ignore [m]aybe 2-8" because that does not in any way represent a potential record in college football. 12 games. That's how many are played. 12. Every year for several years now, in fact. If you would like, I could go through all of the potential results of a 12 games season. I'll give you a hint: there are 13 possibilities.

    Not only do you misinterpret what other people say, you can't even articulate your misinterpretation of a rational person's coherent thought. I'm just trying to help you out. So when you post here, other people won't be waisting there time.

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  • You know he won't. He probably won't even answer you. Pussy.

  • Finally...

    You hit the nail on the head, i've been a season ticket holder for 10 years but didn't get em this year and won't until something is fixed or done and i'm not talking about Joker. I want to see progress in all phases, I doubt I will though... Joker has the passion but he doesn't have the funds to go out and hustle kids like everyone else in the SEC... It's a shame that Vandy has a larger recruiting budget than we do, not heard of Joker being able to wow recruits in helicopters on friday nights as of late has anyone else???... Until some things change i'll be on the couch...

    Yes the economy is down but that's total BS as a excuse, I bet Rupp sales out, the economy isn't to bad for that, I bet papa john stadium is filled too... Mitch will also bow down and let CAL have whatever he needs or wants like he should it's just a shame that we have a FB staff that could do well with alittle help... Oh yea he'll also do it for the soccer and softball team and every other sport but football... No major renovations and no way Joker will get a top recruiting budget like he needs... No coach will thrive at UK with this blue-print. That's also why we will never get a top coach or show progress on annual basis.

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  • Just so I'm clear on your thoughts:

    You think Phillips is at a disadvantage monetarily in recruiting. You do not believe he will be given additional funds to improve recruiting. And your solution to assist Phillips (or any other coach) in his Herculean task of recruiting the best talent possible is to remove the one thing he can sell that doesn't require a recruiting budget? You realize fan support is a huge recruiting asset, right?

    Fan support may be the only thing this program can sell right this instant to improve recruiting, which I think everyone can agree is the very first building block to improving the program. And not only are people withholding that, but actively encouraging other people to withhold it as well.

    Brilliant move, really. I think everyone should stay home and refuse to support the team until every high level player in the nation starts seriously considering coming to a program to play in front of a bunch of empty seats for the only coach that could be enticed to coach at a school with no season ticket holders in a stadium that doesn't need to be improved because no-one shows up.

  • Hey, I'm not happy with the program by any means but if I could buy season tickets and attend games on a regular basis, I would.

    Some of you guys look for reasons to stay away, some of us call it Christmas when we actually get to see these guys play. That's not placing judgment on anyone because it's your choice, it's just how I feel.

  • No I want bet on 2-10. But I will bet we don't get to 6 wins. 5 is our max. But don't think for a minute 2-10 isn't outta question. To the internet tough Guy that called me a pussy I make a living gambling. Pretty sure u don't have enough heart to say that to my face so why say it on the internet. Yeah I goofed I meant to say 0-8 in sec play. 2-10 overall. Just remember western played our ass off last year and very easily could've beat us. That secondary we have could be very shaky early on.

  • Gotta remember JD this is the same dude that threatened someone per PM and then wanted to act like a hard ass because he had some petty ass charges and a stupid looking mug shot. It would be sad if it wasn't so pathetic.

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    It smells like microwaved homeless people in here.

  • Man, you are out of control. It's football dude, not life.

  • I feel the exact same way.

    Thank the lord that JDH actually has the sense and the patience to call out these idiots all the time.

  • Yes law dog I'm incompetent. Totally stupid. You probably go to work everyday at a law firm put in your hours and make good money. I made a mistake it happens. The funny thing is I'm 28 150k house paid for 3 cars paid for and I don't have a job. I bet sports and play poker for a living. Also have 2 kids college funds set up and paid for my wife's college education. Yeah totally stupid. Certainly no law dog or English professor but I have a lot of fun. Especially trolling all y'all on an internet message board. You people are funny how uptight u get when somebody disagrees with y'all. Before u say 150k is cheap for a house. Its all the room we need. Plus no payments are niiice.

  • I got my season tickets for this year, and I feel they were very fairly priced for great tickets. The numbers are low for several reasons, as already discussed, but if we beat UL, many fans will look to buy more tickets. There really is no reason to over think and over analyze the reasons behind the decrease, as it has happened plenty of times before, and the total number is not yet final. If we have a successful season, and continue to show hope for brighter days in the future, ticket sales will bounce back some, but it is not as if the sales are at an all time low, even though the economy and job market seem to be. Support the cats whatever way possible, whether at the game or not, and some good old fashioned victories will quickly rectify this scenario. If you honestly think 2-10 is a possibility, I do not think you are much of a believer at all, in fact, you probably do not enjoy the games, as you are likely one of those fans that constantly says "how are we gonna screw this up?" every time we get any success... If you are worried about ticket sales, then buy some damn tickets!!! If you cannot afford them.... then I guess you understand exactly why some people do not buy them, and should have your answer. If you just do not want to go, then why are you on this Kentucky football message board for Kentucky football fans....?

  • ah which one pulled the internet tough guy on you?headslap

  • Gotta sit back with popcorn for most threads nowadays...some people amaze me. Props to JD for these posts and standing up to these guys. Jeffries, just stop

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  • People clean it up and don't make personal attacks. Attack a post not the person.

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  • trolling isn't allowed. I'm glad you made it public that your sole intent is to troll. Everyone can put you on ignore and if you keep it up we can ban you.

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  • Is this you?

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  • Yeah, clean up the trash talk (personal), and lighten up a bit on the doom and gloom talk with every topic posted lol.. Yes, opinions are free range, but all the topics keep going to the same place thru the same replies... Pleasefingergun

  • I am going to chime in with my two cents. If you think the economy has nothing to do with this, then you are crazy. Yes the football team had a rough season and I am sure that some have not renewed for that reason, but this economy sucks and if you look around it is happening everywhere. I would love to get season tickets again but right now it is not economical for me and my family now. You can argue all you want about the coach, administration, etc.. but the bottom line is the economy. This is not big news and those using it for an agenda are just clueless. I am growing tired of some of the crap being spewed on these boards. If all you want to do is complain, then go somewhere else and bug another fan base.

  • For the love of everything f**king Holy. If you people are so mad/pissed off/disappointed with the football team.. Do us all a favor and STFU already. It's old, played out, and INCESSANTLY IRRITATING. My God, I come here to get information about the football and basketball teams, and give an opinion once in a while. I DO NOT come here to listen to (i.e. read) senseless argument from 4th grade. "My idea is better than yours!! "No, Mine is better". Grow the fkcu up already people. Minter, Jeffries, your schtick is getting very old, and I'm almost convinced the only reason you do the crap you do (i.e. be notoriously negative, argumentative, etc) is to get a rise out of people, and for the attention it brings you. Jeffries, you admitted to "trolling" - If you have nothing else better to do, well, that's a sad state of affairs. /done.

    Keep Calm & Stoops On..