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Reply inside look at the UT program

  • mrhotdice said... (original post)

    UT will win more games next year than UK . UT will be a contender for a SEC Title before UK ever does. The fan's their will not let anything stand in the way of success be it coaches, AD's school presidents or players

    UK could learn a lot from Tennessee like it or not.

    This POST is so unbelievably stupid on so many levels I don't know where to begin.

    The fans as much as you wanna think, have absolutely ZERO influence on the hiring of any of the positions you just named.

    The most ridiculous part of your post...
    What exactly could we learn from UT?
    How to recruit thugs? Let them run wild?
    Act like total Jack asses after beating teams like Vandy (and not to misconstrued out celebration after beating UT) verbally insult a program and coach on the rise?
    Cheat in both football and basketball?
    Get on probation again?

    I guess if I hated UK or had an agenda to see the program fail and crumble then I guess I would agree but as a fan and someone who passionately wants to see this program excel please explain to ne just what it is we could learn from them. Besides the dilusion of the fans dictating who runs
    the university and its athletic department

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