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Want to see more Mobley, AJ Legree!

  • I personally would love to see Mobley get more carries. The kid runs like a bull in a china shop, lowers his pads, and keeps his feet churning..drives thru inital contact. Most of his carries thusfar have been in situations where the opposing defense KNEW he was going to run. AJ Legree showed he had both the hands and the toughness required to play wideout in the SEC. Make 2 tough grabs..blocked well...and showed he had some wiggle and shake in his game. Kid is a amazing leaper..use his skills. Sweat hasnt been targeted near enough either..kid is electric with the ball in his about 8 targets a game..3 or 4 on quick hitting hitches and screens. With Towles in at QB..I see more chances downfield..we've missed on every one so far..when a wr had 2 steps on a DB and was home free with a good pass 50 yards downfield. Lets gamble..on 3rd and ?? from thier 45 on in..if were not in FG it..some on 1st down..or 2nd and 3rd and 1 or 2..surprise them with a bomb instead of a play designed to get 3 yards.