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We Arrive at the Crossroads.....

  • nashwan

    We need to find and hire a dedicated task master who can be a tough teacher and relentless worker for a coach. You guys can spit out the names. But the burden of proof falls upon our AD and ultimately the university and the state to figure out a way to bring in a winner and also to navigate the tricky ways of bringing in big money to lift this program from the debacle it has become. Big time coach combined with a large amount of capital for improvements to facilities and personnel is how you win in this league and college football in general. Now, let's stop the negativity and get to work doing what should have been done 50 years ago.

    I cannot help but think, truly, that this is the time things begin to finally change for those who love our football Cats and know that we finally are going to dedicate the resources needed for success. I feel it in my bones.


  • BTT

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  • I find myself looking to (current Top 5) Kansas State as an example of what UK could be.
    A financially successful, low budget, non-traditional, winning football program. Yes, Even in the SEC!

    KSU faces many of the same challenges as UK. & their histories are not too different. It's located in the boondocks & the state of Kansas is no recruiting hotbed...What it does produce, KSU shares some of that talent w/ KU....And though KSU has a mid-tier ath. budget...But has Btm-Tier FB facilities & an old Stadium...(Even now that is winning games, has a devoted following & boasts the nations most profitable Ath. Dept.!)

    Oh, Did I mention that KSU FB, not too long ago, was once considered the worst FB program in the country. W/ losing streaks & national rep as the biggest laughingstock in all of college FB. (Sounds vaguely familiar to some school I know)

    Yet, under the right coach...Coach Bill Snyder..They were/have been a very respectable winning program. One that competes w/ the best of the best, in the B12/Nation.

    True...When he was gone, the program suffered & showed quick slippage. 7-6/5-7/5-7...The Ron Prince yrs proved that it was the coaching that changed everything at KSU.
    It's the coaching that brings the players, It's the coaching that gets them game ready. And poor coaches do not...Even w/ = or better talent.
    Some men have it & some men do not. Even if they come w/ great resumes, references...Even when they are great guys, outside of FB.

    It takes a good-great coach to succeed at non-traditional schools...It takes a winner, a proven winner to do it!

    And by looking at KSU & thinking of UK... Bobby Petrino is the proven guy that's out there, available. (And he has some reasons to be in the state of KY)...He maybe the only great coach that UK might have a shot at. IMO, Mitch/Eli need to make him a proposal...Knowing his warts & all his flaws. If UK could get him for 3-4yrs...It'd be worth it!

    If he says "no"...I would seriously consider Opt. B: Sonny Dykes...From coaching stock...Has won & put up massive OFF #'s everywhere he's been. (UK/TT/AZ/LaTech)...And kinda-sorta like Joker...He's a UK man...(Masters - 1999). OFF sells tickets & Merchandise...It brings excitement...BBN sure could use some excitement about FB, right about now.