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What do LODs add to the program?

  • I'm not sure what constant griping does for the program, but I can understand why people do. I just call a spade a spade.

    Out of curiosity, I looked at our SEC record since 1982 when I really first started watching closely and we're 61-166 through those three decades. I know a lot of younger guys gripe from time to time, but some of the older folks on here have witnessed the same thing year after year and still go into the next season optimistic. It doesn't matter if you "pump sunshine" or are considered LOD, you're still a fan because you care enough about the program that you want to voice your opinion.

    I guess I lean more toward the LOD at this point because I felt that CRB had brought some life into this program and actually finished 4-4 back in '07. Sure, we were still under .500 but it was the first time since Claiborne that this team looked somewhat competitive (sure a few major drubbings) when they took the field. I guess my reason for bitching recently is that we have taken a step back over the last two seasons when I felt that things were in place for us to move forward. Sure, I wasn't expecting to really win the conference but I've just seen too much at this point that doesn't give me much hope for moving forward. I have and still give this staff credit for a couple of good classes in a row but I still remind myself that both of those classes were still in the bottom three of the conference. That in itself doesn't give me a lot of hope for the next couple of years but I think there will be enough talent to occasionally win three games a year in the conference.

    So, I guess to answer the question: I guess I'm at the point I would consider myself a realist and have therefore learned to curb my enthusiasm for the direction of the program. Does bitching make it any better? No. Does attacking everyone who doesn't have a positive outlook on the program help the program? No. Do I think I have a right to voice my opinion on this board? Yes. Do I really care what people think about that? Hell no.

    I really hope we can get this thing turned around this year but honestly can't see two conference wins. That doesn't make me a member of the LOD.

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  • I wish I could pump sunshine. That would be cool.bashful

  • Making stuff up out of thin air seems to be a problem around here.

  • Two quick comments that come to mind. "Can't never can do anything" and " Only two ways to fail, quit or die"
    I don't mind critical posts, but posters who have quit on the team should go away quietly.

  • I have heard callers on sports stations, who are clearly Kentucky fans (though I hesitate to call them that) that are hoping we lose to U of L by 100 so that their agenda is reached. In my opinion, that is repulsive. Any Kentucky fan that has resorted to hoping YOUR TEAM loses, has flipped to some level I hope to never be. You can want change, you can want improvements, but there will never be a day that I will cheer against my team for some ulterior motive. I think that's the difference between fans that are legitimately critical and ones that just want to be right.

    And I'm of the opinion that we all need a little sunshine pumped our way from time to time. I'm a fan because UK sports make me HAPPY. If you're never happy, you may need to rethink things, or get another hobby.biggrin

  • And yet you say this topic is not for baiting purposes

  • SSPFL rockon

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  • Yes that's right it isn't for baiting purposes, but I don't remember giving up my right to an opinion. Fortunatley thats how I was raised.

  • 1000000% spot on Hop. Regardless of whatever FACTS are used to debunk the same tired LOD argument continue to go ignored. Sadly, we will never be rid of the LOD. It will never be good enough.

    IMO, here is where the problem lies, its jmho but I think the majority of the LOD are basketball fans who just watch football and in some cases attend games. Because of the history of the basketball program they just assume we should be able to dominate in football just as we have in basketball with no real knowledge of how that level is reached. You simply cannot unseat traditional powers such as Bama, Florida, LSU, UGA, UT, Auburn, and so on by throwing money at the program. A RECRUITING ROOM WILL NOT WIN THE SEC EAST! Now please do not get me wrong, more money would go a long long way in improving our program. That's a no brainer, but it takes time to build tradition and unfortunately we play in the most tradition rich powerhouse conference in all of college sports. It will take time along with winning consistently to do so.

    This isn't basketball. One hire regardless of who it is, will NOT take us to the top 10 immediately. Can we become a contender in this league...without question, but going about things the way the LOD does will never get us there a second sooner. A mess board has never EVER effected a football game, a top ranked recruiting class or any other aspect of sports. For those who think that ranting and raving about change or whatever you LODers call it, brings about doesn't. Your ranting and raving has not placed joker in the "hot seat". Your ranting and raving has not brought awareness to anyone. All its done is piss off the real football first fans and made mess boards (a place for fans to discuss our programs and teams) unbearable at times.

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  • Ranting and raving I can tolerate if it is well thought out and based on factual info. I don't even mind the mini tantrums from those who need to vent. I am adamantly opposed to disrespectful slurs on the coaches and AD. Criticism is fine if it is done in a respectful way, but name calling and belittling someone for their views or because they aren't doing what you want is a childish stand that won't carry much weight, especially if you are not vested in the program and are looking for something for nothing.

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  • BBN..... so united, yet, soooo divided. It kills me how some fans can post only negative comments and/or opinions about this years team, when "this year's" team hasn't even started yet. I mean, we get it people... last year was a train wreck and Joker isn't getting it done. His job may or may not be on the line this season, but for the love of all that is "Kentucky Wildcats", can we show some BBN pride and STOP with the negativity and get behind Joker and this team? The more support we show, the more motivated our players will be. As fans, we should do whatever possible to help instill that "Winning Attitude"... it's a must needed requirement for any underdog to "believe" in themselves. Lord knows, our guys need any edge and all the luck they can get.... let's, at least, try to do our part to help.
    They deserve nothing less... especially, at this point.

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  • My favorite is Large Organic Debris! LMFAO! Seriously though, Joker and the football program are in a pivotal year. If they can win games and get back to bowl games, than the football program is on the right track. If they underperform again, than it will be time to seriously consider the direction of the program. I, for one, hope Joker makes it happen! GO BIG BLUE!!!

  • Sorry bro, but it's the coaches job to instill a winning attitude in the players. I understand the underdog thing, but why should we be underdogs to UofL and Vandy? I think we need to hold Joker's feet to the fire if we want to see an improvement in this program. It is hard to deny that our team was unprepared in many games last year, and it is also hard to deny that Joker seemed lost in his postgame press conferences. Joker is going to have to step up his game if he's going to right this ship, and I don't think it helps if we just pretend there is no problem.

    I love football too much to sit quietly and watch the program regress back to being laughably noncompetitive. I will bet my house that you sunshine pumpers weren't keeping your mouths shut when Gillispie was leading the basketball team to the NIT. Strong took over a program that was destroyed by SK and it only took him 1 year to pass Joker who took over a team with a decent foundation. I find this unacceptable, Joker needs to improve as HC or he needs to move on. It's NOT the fans fault!!!

  • I agree, but there's a time to show your frustrations and let your emotions dictate your attitude toward Joker and the team (that time was months ago)... and there's a time to rally behind the team and coaching staff and display a bit of optimistic support (that time is now).

    I'm not pumping any sunshine... I just prefer to be optimistic. I know exactly what's at stake, but I had my month-long, farrr Joker rant at seasons end. Since then, some changes were made and what's done is done. I may not agree with those changes, but it was either go on whining about something I had no control over and remain a frustrated, unhappy, negative fan... OR opt to accept the hand we were dealt for this upcoming season and just pray for the best. It took some work to regain my annual pre-season optimism, but it's a much better feeling to have leading up to kickoff, than that of a year-round pessimistic LOD'er.

    FYI... if we have another season full of let downs and frustrations, I will be one of the first on here having a farr Joker rant again. lol Like I said though, there's a right time for that.... but I'm not gonna worry about that until (or if) the time comes. It's not worth it.

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  • I believe it is the job of the coach to find players who already have that winning attitude, and get rid of the ones who do not. If a winning attitude has to be instilled after a player arrives, he doesn't stand a chance in the SEC. I also would like to think that Joker holds his own feet to the fire and expects no different from the fans. I continue to believe last season was a fluke and Murphy's Law reared its ugly head all season long and yet the team never quit. You gotta respect that at least, and that is the result of coaching. In order to keep my optimism I tell myself it's always darkest before dawn. Is that sunshine pumping (get it)?

  • I think the program has been going in oppsite direction since 2007 season, I think lack the direction from the AD office is one of the main problems , and yes Barnhart has been great for secondary sports, he should be given a round of applause for that but as somebody that only follows football I think he has done a poor job overall with that sport, I I base this on my personal observations and talking to multiple people around the program over the past 10 years, listen if Barnhart does big things in regards to football the next 2-3 years I will be the first to say I am wrong ( I want to say I am wrong) Barnhart defenders are more Barnhart fans than they really are football fans but UK will never be proactive with football they are reactive, they are happy to be mediocre or below as long as fans go to the game and buy tickets

  • Tommy, I'm 47 and live in Virginia Beach. When people see me sporting my UK cap, they always comment on our basketball team. I'm very quick to respond that while I love UK bball, I'm a UK football fan first and foremost.

    Dude, I consider myself fortunate if I attend two games a year. I'm not going to sit back and pretend I'm a guy with all this money who can hop on a jet every week and make a game because that's never going to be the case, at least until my daughters go to college. I don't expect us to compete with the SEC powers before I die, I just want to see some direction for the program that I haven't seen in my lifetime.

    I love the fact that people are eternal optimists, I really do. I just think that if they have witnessed the same thing I have for the last thirty years they would be concerned. Like I said, I head into every single season optimistic but I am genuinely concerned with what the hell is going on right now. I know last season was tough for everyone but, for the life of me, I just can't put the CJP preseason statements and the WKU game out of my mind. That was a total buzz-kill from the start and opened my eyes somewhat.

  • I for one don't have a problem with people voicing their concerns about the FB program. It's when it becomes more of a personal attack on coaches & players, and just over the top opinions that gets me upset. It's healthy to have concerns about the program. We have some issues right now.

    People know when they're over the top and pushing buttons. Some people thrive on it.

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  • Perfect example. A post that is laden with untruths and falsehoods. No direction? Try a completely renovated practice facility. One of the top video and sound systems in sec. Major increases in staff salaries.

    Barnhart set in motion the best 5 year stretch In our program's history. Hell, what were we? One of two or three programs in the conference to go to 5 straight bowls?

    Barnhart all but said the joker has to win this year to keep his job.

    Our struggles last year boiled down to one thing. An awful qb for the first half of the season. Is that joker's fault? Maybe, but it was really a case of bad luck. He signed two 4 star qb's in one class. One had a major shoulder injury and one was a bust. If we have solid, not spectacular qb play we go to our 6th straight bowl in a "rebuilding" year. I think the qb situation is much better now.

    Either way... Terrible post but great example of what the lod is all about. It's likely bowl or bust for joker. But to act as if there is no direction or organization for football is plain dumb. There are simply no facts to back that up.

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  • First off, I'm not sure what your second paragraph in your post has to do with the topic at hand but ok, I'm glad you get to attend games.

    Anyway, if you read my post, the point I was trying to make was that regardless of the current status of our program, the constant whining, bitching, and moaning as well as ripping the coach and AD are absolutely pointless. To think in any way that a message board is a platform to bring about change is laughable. Their are many people on this board who are alums, current students, members of faculty, boosters etc... Those who are actually active in support of the program and its betterment have my respect but those who contribute nothing more than a "to hell with Joker" "farrrrr Joker" or "Farrrrr Barnhart" are imo nothing short of pathetic. That's just my opinion.
    Its like the old saying goes, "if your not a part of the solution then your part of the problem" for those who do nothing but bitch and scream for peoples jobs are only adding to the problems they are so quick to attempt to educate us on.

    And as my man Hop has said many many times, so many LODers choose to ignore facts. That's the most aggravating part.

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  • When you say he has done a poor job overall with football, who are you comparing him to? His success in football has been better than most of his predecessors at UK. It would appear, based on UK's football history, that he has actually performed above average, not poorly at all.

  • Great post. When you bring facts loder's run for the hills. Barnhart has handled the football terrificly considering the deck of cards he is delt. We're coming off of the best 5 year run in our program's history yet people are blaming Barnhart for something? Barnhart will have a tough decision of we don't take another step forward this year. But to act as if one Bowless season = Barnhart sucking is stupid. Every program in our conference has had a season without a bowl in the last decade.

  • What??? More facts??? Tomfoolery I tell ya!

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