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What do you want to see in 2013?

  • From this football team. I think any realist can take a look at our schedule and see it's going to be tough. What I really want to see is improvement. I want our guys to look like a football team. I want teams to know that when they play UK they're going to have to come to play. I want to see a coach and players that act like they care. I want to see some toughness. I want to see Stoops screaming at an official. I want to see an entertaining brand of football. I want to see some fire!

    Wins and losses arent' going to be the key stat to look at next season. Let's win the games we should win, steal a few of the 50/50 games, and make the big boys sweat a little bit. Hey, we might as well sneak into a bowl game while were at it.

    What do you want to see?

  • I expect to see a disciplined team with a defense that will smack you in the face and flies around the ball. I expect an offense that will keep you off balance and keep the DB's on their heels.

    One quote from Hatcher today that stood out to me was that Coach Stoops told him that we were going to win a bowl game this year. It may seem a little far-fetched to most of us because we're accustomed to the same crap we've seen for the last three years but I think Coach believes we will do better and I will buy into that. Time to change our mentality, gotta believe in these guys.

    It's going to be like night and day watching Elliott and Brown calling the shots. We have some talent and these kids will be coached up to a level we haven't witnessed in a long time.

  • well coach stoops told Jason Hatcher we would win a bowl.. so im hoping for that biggrin

  • I want to see a team that doesn't beat itself. One that will be the most physical team on the field on any given day. One that will not be predictable. One that will take some chances now and then. One that will put itself into position to win vs any team we play (don't expect to be undefeated). One that will go to a bowl game. We have a very tough schedule, but 6 wins I think are doable.

  • On O

    1. I see having a stable of a better caliber of WRs. I see us having better receiver coaching. I see that coaching being directly in line with the plays being run since Mainord coached under Brown last year. I see the simpler system meaning that the quality younger players will be more ready than under the pros style. I think all these things add up to a substantial improvement.

    2. I think we have a good group of QBs. I see our QB coaching being at least as good with a simpler system. Thus I don't see inexperience being as much of a hindrance if we have to use our depth due to injury. Thus, I see our QB production being as good with our first string before Max went down and without the drop-off when dealing with the back-ups. Thus, substantial improvement even over pre-injury Smith .

    3. We have a great returning pair of RBs in Sanders and George. Clemons should be healthy. Kemp is amazing and we might add K Thomas to this unless he becomes a CB. I believe Chad Scott is an outstanding coach and, no disrespect to Pardue (sp?), a significant improvement in that regard. He is also on the same page with Brown. I think this adds up to significant improvement in a unit that performed well.

    4. The OL is my biggest worry, but not really a worry. Smith had an outstanding career and Warford is a load to replace. IMO, we will probably be starting West at C after coming off shoulder surgery. New system and new coach who has coached this offense before under this OC. But, we return three starters (West, Mitchell, and Miller) with some good but inexperienced players waiting to step in: Zach Myers, Jordan Watson, Swindle, and (maybe) Jones. I think they will be solid.

    I think these add up to enormous improvements over last year. Of course, that is not difficult to do. But, I expect us to be capable of scoring on (practically) anyone.

    On D

    1. I think that playing a 4-3 instead of that junk we played last year will be much better on our LBs. Williamson was a monster and will return with a new but simpler system to learn. I think our other LBs will be solid although I am not yet sure who will line up where. Quality talent (Williamson, Thomas, Henderson, possibly Dupree, and Rancifer, IMO, to name a few) with more experience and not being required to handle the load of calls placed upon them by Minter's scheme should be more than adequate. I think that whoever gets moved up, such as Lowey, will be good.

    2. The DL will have Cobble and Rumph and T Johnson as seniors. There will also be Z Smith, possibly Dupree, L Newton and Hatcher at DE among others. I think that the simpler scheme alone (not being out of place due to LB calls or the O making adjustments) will bring about enormous improvement. So will being a year older and stronger, excluding Hatcher. I also think Brumbaugh's coaching will be an improvement. This should add up.

    3. I think that our DBs will be better due to being older since we started so many freshmen last year. I think that adding Willis and McWilson will have an immediate impact and that Hytche (sp?) will add depth. I think our coaching of DBs has been upgraded. Experience, improved talent and better coaching should mean serious improvement.

    On ST
    I think that Peveeto has an outstanding track record with special teams and that the improved coaching will result in improved play. I also think more talent in the return game will improve ST play. I think those add up.

    S&C and Nutrition and other factors for all players

    1. I think that the new S&C regimen (especially including nutrition) is already making an impact for all players. I think this will be extrememly noticeable amongst our DL and OL who will be bigger and leaner. Mark it down.

    2. I think the team attitude will have an enormous adjustment and will result in better preparation off the field and better play on the field.


    What does this all add up to, IMO?
    Well, we were 2-10 and the games weren't even close for the most part.

    I think what I demand to see is being in the games.
    What I hope to see is pulling off enough to get six wins because we play disciplined defense and occasionally unload more points than the other team can hope to do and get lucky once or twice playing solid despite being young.

    Note: I'm sure I left some stuff out.

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  • If we go 4-8 that should be what is expected with this coming years schedule and so much young inexperienced year after next that record could easily flip to 8-4.

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  • There are 3 definite wins on the schedule in Western Kentucky, Miami (OH), and Alabama State. Then 3-4 possible wins in Louisville (because i never want to say they will win) Missouri, Tennessee and maybe Mississippi State. and for fun ill throw in a game against a good team if the team is better than expected so ill say South Carolina. In reality it takes a couple years to build a team so ill say the win 5-6 six games so Stoops gets his bowl biggrin

  • 6 wins and bowl win on top would be incredible!! I'd buy that!

  • Im not getting into wins and loses.
    1. Mental toughness!
    I want a team that dont hang its head d/t a mistake. I want a team that would never quit on each other or their coaches regardless of score or record. I believe this.was easily the biggest weakness on last years team. Im sure injuries and inexpirience were main causes.
    2. Physical toughness
    Gotta get of the ball, hit the holes, lay a lick, etc.
    3. Stronger fundementals
    Oline move feet, Wrap up, keep containment, etc.
    4. Discipline! On and off field.
    No flunking out. No off field issues. No blown coverages. No stupid penalties.

  • Agree 100% with the OP. And the funny thing is the thought that resonated the most. I want to see Stoops yell at a freaking referee. LOL.

  • Six wins is attainable but the strength of our schedule is a killer. EVERYBODY we play in the SEC is going to be good and have solid teams.
    I just want to see some fight and some damn meanness out of our players. I detest it that our players are always such "nice guys"...........can you please be a nasty, hateful, mad-dog mean SEC football player instead of some science nerd that likes fluffy little kittens?
    I just want to see some heart. Some fight. A player with nasty side to himself while playing. Just show some heart!!
    Is that too much to ask for? Geeeez!
    And while I like what I have seen from Coach Stoops & his staff so far, I have questions about how many of our returning players are going to work hard enough to make this a good effort. They have just been pitiful. If they wouldn't work hard for the last staff then they may not want to work hard for the new staff either, in which case I would hope that Coach Stoops would do something to get their undivided attention and send a message that that nonsense will no longer be tolerated. So we'll see how it plays out.
    I just want to see Kentucky football players that show us that they want to play some SEC football and stop acting like posers & pretenders.

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  • I'm going to be a little more tempered in my expectations. Honestly, I just want to see an offense that isn't called by Randy Sanders and a defense that knocks people out.

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  • Amen..for such a good qb coach..Randy sucked at calling plays!! I think this team will play with fire and emotion..we will be insanely young..but talented. On offense..we need leadership from Max Smith and guys like Miller,Sanders,George. On defense..we are young but have solid vets up the middle in Cobble,Rumph and Williamson. I think we upset a big team or two..lose a game we shouldnt..all in all..I see 6 to 7 wins being best case senario..and Ill take that in year 1 of the Stoops era.
    Stoops will demand excellence..and you wont see our kids playing flat like they did under Joker. So long as we fight, scrap, and hit like trucks on D..Ill be tickled blue!!

  • Not sure we get much more from the big guys up front. They've been marginal, at best. No pass rush, no penetration into opposing backfields, seldom stopped runs at our line...........honestly, not sure any of them belong in the SEC, even a bottom tier SEC school. They've been a major disappointment, but of course, that has been the history of Kentucky football. JMHO.
    Hopefully all of that is going to change starting next season.

  • Just like our other seasons... For now we have to look to "winnable" games.

    Those games are.ranked in terms of easiest to hardest

    1. Alabama State
    2. Miami of Ohio
    3. WKU
    4. Mizzou
    5. Tennessee
    6. Vandy
    7 Miss. State
    8. Louisville

    Can we win 6 of those? Can we shock a USCjr, UGA, or Florida?

  • 5 wins would be good, anything more would be sensational.

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