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Which incoming true freshmen will see playing time?

  • I would expect that most of the incoming freshmen will be red-shirted, but which ones do you think will see playing time or possibly even start? ...................

    1. Ryan Timmons - by all accounts he's a great kid from a great family, and he's been taking care of business in the classroom for years. He's also at a position of tremendous need, and that more than anything might determine his playing time in his first year. He has the type of speed we desperately need on offense. We have some other fast guys, but none of them can unleash it on a football field like Timmons can. He's the type of runner that doesn't look extremely fast if you only look at him, but as all the DB's fall off pace a few yards with each stride you realize that Timmons is zooming down the field. I timed him with my stopwatch while watching his highlight videos, and he routinely broke 4.8 second 40's with the ball under his arm and avoiding defenders. He's just special, and his talents overcome the normal concerns that come with playing a true freshman. I just can't see him being left on the bench this year.

    2. Jason Hatcher - While I could also see him taking a RS year, I don't think that is what the staff has in mind. I also don't think that's how they sold him on coming here. My guess is that they told him he would be in competition for the 2 deep as soon as he arrived on campus. Hatcher is coming from one of the best high school football and academic schools in the country. He may be more prepared to handle the additional college workload and extra work off the field than any other incoming freshman. I don't think Stoops has designs on being competitive in 2 or 3 years. I think he wants to compete from day one, and Hatcher plays a position that can make that possible. Stoops and Eliot have both said that their base defense depends on pressuring the QB with the front 4. Zadarius Smith and Jason Hatcher add a lot of talent and speed to the DE position, turning one of our biggest weaknesses into one of our strengths.

    3. Marcus McWilson - For almost the exact same reasons that I think Hatcher will play early, they also fit McWilson. I don't think he will necessarily start early on, but I do think he will see action and could earn a starting Safety spot by the end of the year. He looks like a Free Safety to me, and a perfect fit to play center field or be the additional DB in any nickel or dime packages. The only thing that makes me a little apprehensive is that I'd like to see him get stronger before trying to take on some of the SEC TE's or WR's over the middle, and really don't want to see him have to come up and make a TD saving open field tackle on an SEC RB like TJ Yeldon or Todd Gurley. He has the height and frame, but looks like he needs some time in our new weight and nutrition program. If he lowers his body fat and replaces 5 pounds of fat with 5 pounds of muscle, he'll be SEC ready.

    Others? Disagreement?

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  • First off..Great post!! +1 when my ups refresh!
    Timmons,Montgomery, and Badet will all get PT as frosh. Brown said ideally he wants 15 wr's.
    Hatcher will play..I think Bell could too.
    McWilson will absolutely play.
    Austin MacGinnis will more than likely be our PK.
    Kyle Meadows will see some action..mabye even start.
    Kemp and Khalid Thomas will play. Thomas seems like the forgotten man in this class..kid is blazing fast with the ball in his hands. MVP of the State title game I think?? Both fit well into the new offense.

  • I would add Hytchye to that list as well.

  • I agree with BigBlueDog12 and I gave an up-vote for it, I personally am most excited for Marcus Mcwilson because every team needs a safety like him.

  • I think Montgomery may end up being our #1 outside receiver or, at the very least, be a solid #2, especially if grades takes one of our guys away like rumors have been floating around.. He's got great hands and runs great routes and although not as fast as some of the other guys, has enough speed to be effective and he's pretty strong, so, I think he's definately one of the true freshmen that'll see the field quite abit..

    Kemp, Meadows, Hatcher, McWilson, Hytchye, Timmons and Badet will also see the field early...