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Who do you want for our next football coach?

  • Who and why?

    I think Fulmer with Zook as Dc would be a nice combo..just need a good OC and wed be respectable in a hurry.
    Im all in favor of offering Charlie Strong a LOT of money to come here and win.
    I think we need a defensive minded coach..if you can hold opponets to 20 or less on a regular'll be in good shape. Smart?Foster? I know its a longshot but Jon Gruden?
    Just some ideas. Lets hear yours!

  • Nobody we look at will have a better resume than Fulmer. It's hard to get used to the idea of him as our coach, but it has a lot of possibilities and I think he's got something to prove.

    As for Strong, I don't see what about him merits a huge salary. He's done well at UofL,which is not the SEC. He may end up being a great coach and will almost undoubtedly get that opportunity in the SEC, but he hasn't done anything yet to where he needs to be paid like an elite coach.

  • Its just I think wed have to pay him, well, and Strong was the Gators Dc on those nasty years noone could score 20 on them..they owned the SEC..then at USCjr..comes in and instantly begins landing top 150 talent at UofL. Can do that anywhere. Strong is wired into the Florida and Ga highschools. Strong could go to Northeast Texas State and haul in 4 star kids...this ability alone would make him idea for UK..what with our in state lack of top BCS talent.
    But on Fulmer..yeah..gosh..especially if he brings Zook in as his DC...the SEC football knowledge alone is legendary. Fulmer knows football..his smash non-sense style of play see Bama or LSU running gimmick offenses? Heck no..they just line up and whip your tail whistle to on man. Fulmer has some rest..his mind is fresh..his body fresh. Runs a clean program..would be silly strange to see him on UK sideline..but for some reason..this is the one retread I would be willing to take.Zook as Dc brings nasty, attacking defense and Zook is a great recruiter.