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Who is better: Jordan or James

  • rockonThats cool, you have a right to express yourself and I respect that. There are threads that I feel the same about so this was something I was curious to see what others thought and if some agreed with me.

  • Like others have said, Jordan because of his will to win. It didn't matter if it were the regular season or the post-season, Jordan was gonna whup that ass. If Lebron could ever get that will then maybe one day you can make a claim for him. But he also has to win several more championships.

    Now what I will say is that Lebron is the most versatile and the most gifted player ever. He can play any position on the floor, and play it well! Jordan could not play the 5 position on offense or defense. Lebron has that ability. That is why he could possibly be there with MJ when its all said and done.

    But right now for me it goes MJ, Kobe, and Lebron.

  • Josh, don't know if this was in response to my post about the Bulls' roster during their run of championships, but I never said those guys were chumps. Some solid players but not close to the overall talent of the current Heat roster. My point was that Jordan not only played at a level matched by few, he got others to play at a higher level. And when the game was on the line, the ball was in Jordan's hands and he found a way to win more foten than not (whether by taking the big shot or making the pass that led to the big shot).

    As I said, James is at about the same point in his career as Jordan was when he started winning championships. Can James do it? In some ways he may have an even harder task. The Heat roster is even more talented than it was last year. Will those talented players defer to James' leadership? So far it appears so and James leads that talented team in almost every significant statistic. Can James keep them playing that way for an entire season -- and for several seasons?