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Who is the real Joker Philips?

  • I continue to support Joker because he is our coach and a former player. I truly hope he can get it done, but I am yet to see anything from him that gives me hope. The UGA and UT games last year were not impressive to me. UGA gave a poor effort and our defense played well. UT was just a very poor team with attitude problems.

  • I know.. but there's always one peckerhead in the bunch. lol

    Keep Calm & Stoops On..

  • The thing is this, can UK become a top 25 team every yr. Maybe
    Say UK would pay out 9 mill plus per yr for say a top coach and staff. And spend $200,000,000.00 mil
    on improvements to the football program. Would this give UK a top 10 recruiting class every yr. ????
    Who knows. But are you people willing to spend that kind of money. That is what it would take to bring UK up to Bama, LSU & OSTATE. in my op

  • I got crushed? Who knew. All i'm gonna say is that i am a Ky fan, and i just don't think Joker will get it done. There is such a thing as a let down game also. After KY beat LSU and played there tails off against Florida they had an emotional let down against MIss. St. it happens. After South Carolina beat Alabama they went on the road and Lattimore got hurt and I think they emotionally had a let down and that's why KY came back to win. I don't think the facilities are that bad or Mitch. Just think we need a new coach. That's my opinion and if i'm wrong I will admit it when the time comes.

  • Look we got the W against UT period. You can call it whatever you like but its about getting wins. We ended the season on a high note and if you are a UK fan you hope that feeds into next year. I don't think some of you people realize, we need Joker to be successful. It could mean continued consistent success for a long time and that would leave this program in much much better shape than it was just 7-10 short years ago. We could have a chance to move this program forward. If Joker blows it this year and we have to go out and hire another coach, with a whole new philosophy, a whole new staff, completely different recruiting connections it could be tough. What if we strike out on a big name coach which is very likely to happen. We're left starting over from scratch again. The grass many times is not greener on the other side. So like I said lets hope Joker can be successful. He's only been here 2 years which is not hardly enough time to form a real opinion of his coaching abilities. For Gods sakes this is first head job ever. So lets give him a break and see what he can do this year. If it turns out bad we can address the possibilities of a new coach at that point. Its not like he's running around town getting drunk. He's working his ass off to try and improve the program that he loves. Its not hard for me at all to give him a break and hope for better results this year based on who Joker is as a person.

    Thats just one mans take and everybody has the right to an opinion but no matter how loud you scream Joker is the coach for this year. So simmer the F down and try to be a real fan.

  • "He's only been here 2 years which is not hardly enough time to form a real opinion of his coaching abilities. For Gods sakes this is first head job ever. So lets give him a break and see what he can do this year."

    I've got no problem giving him a break now that he's here. The question I have is why did we hire someone who needed breaks because of his inexperience as a HC instead of someone ready to be a HC from day one? MB was ready to throw away 2-3 seasons on us fans? If that's the take, no wonder so many fans are POed.

  • Pretty simple in my mind. Mitch believed in him and he had reason to believe in him based on what he did as an offensive coordinator and the kind of guy he was. He hasn't been proved wrong yet.

  • I want Joker to succeed for a number of reasons....

    - He is the HC of our team and I want to see the team do well.

    - He is a UK alum (and UK player) and has a passion for the school and program.

    - As a UK alum (and player) he understands the limitations and restrictions on the program. KY will not generate much 4 & 5 star talent. The UK Athletic program has incredible bonding restrictions against it (Contrary to whatever you say, Sen Williams, you two-faced WHORE!!!!). It will be difficult for UK to seriously upgrade its football facilities without a PowerBall win.

    - I think Joker has a big sack. It took a lot of balls to suspend his starting QB (Mike Hartline, who was arguably at the top of his career at the time) 2 weeks prior to a bowl game. But, you know what. That made a statement to the team. The statement being, "We will not tolerate the Jack-Assery that our SEC brethren put up with". We have recently read about a couple of "former" Wildcats who left the team (for some reason) only to get in major trouble elsewhere. I also think that Joker would like to have that "4th and 2, at TN" back. Although in real life, you rarely get a "do-over".

    - I view the whole "Get a big name coach" as some kind of voodoo. Yeah, we pay a HUGE sum of $, have a couple of good years, then "big name coach" goes to Alabama, Florida or Texas......UK is left to "rinse and repeat".

    - I think Mitch is doing what he can with mostly smoke and mirrors. He can't get the big money donors behind the football program. He can't get big projects bonded. He is trying to build a skyscraper.......Unfortunately, all he has to work with is kleenex and spit.

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  • Everyone has valid points my question is why couldn't we replace people like Locke, Mathews, Cobb etc??? Everyone knew they would leave sooner or later... Not landing enough legit playmakers and O-lineman since 10 (only 1 O-lineman in the 10 class) is really going to make it tough to win in 12. The 08/09 classes are the back breakers... During the spring when Athlon Sports asked Joker "How do you feel about your O-line depth" he said "Not very good at all"... That says it all. O-line is the hardest place for a true freshman to come in and play yet only a couple will redshirt and a few will be forced into action way to early...

  • It's just odd (to everyone I know) that we were making so much noise a few years back but our recruiting really didn't improve until Joker took over and now it seems like he's having to start from scratch... Our WR's were amoung the weakest in the nation in 11, that shouldn't have been the case given all the 07-08 Off's done... Our Off could be a WR's paradise, I don't understand why we haven't been able to go out and land a couple top 30/50 WR's almost every year... What we done with weak classes back in 07-08 should have led to alot more high profile kids. I love Rich Brooks but his final few classes is still killing us. Joker will take the full blame but all the issues aren't his fault, I really wish Brooks would have hired some big time recruiters since we had the momentum back then, no doubt he could have hired some Trooper Taylor or Bedford types... I also think Brooks deserved alittle more support as well... UK's situation can't be placed on just one or two people, several are at fault...

  • I agree with you on that. We had one of the country's best and most exciting offenses during the Woodson/Little/Tamme/Burton/Johnson/Lyons days, but we immediately filled a class of WR's who never played WR in their pre-college careers (obviously Cobb worked out) and have yet to find a productive TE. We were in on quite a few stud WR's over the last few years, but every damn one of them has chosen to go elsewhere, which is odd to me with Joker being the key recruiter for so long and him being a former WR at UK, then WR coach, then OC/HCIW, then HC. Why no absolute stud (top 50 ranked) WR's have wanted to play in our offense for him is a mystery to me.

  • So you think MB feels the poor performances of the two previous seasons were an acceptable tradeoff for the long-term success Joker will provide? If so, why weren't we told that before I bought tickets rather than just now (By you, not MB still)? All I'd heard from MB & Brooks when Joker was named HC was that he was ready, not that we needed to tolerate his HC inexperience for several years.

    Frankly, some people are blowing smoke to justify the past decisions while other gladly suck it in. And that's the pretty simple thing in my mind.

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  • Agree with your comments, Todd.

  • I think some of that failure to recruit top-flight WR talent can be attributed to Newton's poor play as QB going back to the BBVA Bowl vs Pitt and since. Sorry, love the kid's heart and his passion for the game.....He just is not a pro-style QB......and however "fast" he may be, he just doesn't have the speed to make to and beyond the edge on any run. Not in the SEC anyway.

  • IMO it's real simple. Recruiting!

    2008-09 how many OL did we sign with offers Tn, Penn St., Arkansas, Purdue, WVU, Miami, Miss. St., etc? Answer? 1 and that was Sam Simpson. Did we sign some good OL? Yes, kids like Warford and Smith and both will get drafted in next years NFL draft.

    Look at the quality of RB's we've been able to sign the past few recruiting classes. Caffey, who could have easily played RB for this but team moved to CB due to need & wanting to see the field quicker. Clemons, Mobley, Justin Taylor. Those are all quality Backs that a few years ago we don't sign and especially not that much depth.

    DL depth is at a all time high. Kids like Douglas, Davis, Huguenin, Paschal, Coleman, Chapman, Garffree, Newton, Rumph, Bell and Hyde. Hopefully Washington makes it back and we'll sign more DL in the 2013 class.

    We signed some nice prospects for WR. Legree, Sweat, Collins, Robinson, Cunningham, Whitlow(have a feeling about this kid) Cobbins if he makes it. And we'll sign a few playmakers in the 2013 class,.

    QB, LB, DB the same. The talent level is getting better and most everyone can see it and agrees. IMHO Joker will weather the storm this season and we will get better.

    For everything Coach Brooks did for this program he didn't do Joker any favors with the 08-09 recruiting classes.

  • Classic brainless lod post? You still Let this clown post here? You wonder why football discussions are awful on here? POsters like this guy ruin the board

    In terms of your argument. Classic lod'er. Something good happens to uk football? No way uk had anything info with it. The oppOnent had a let down. Something had happens?? Must be joker or Mitch's fault.


  • The best was when this clown posed that we only beat UT because they were physically beat down....yeah...THEY WERE BEAT DOWN PHYSICALLY. LMWAO!

    ALthough Bray had played the week before and started against us. I will concede that he wasn't 100% but he was much healthier than ANY QB we had, which was pretty damn obvious considering we had a WR who had never played QB in college. They also had their starting RB AS WELL AS their entire Oline. Actually, the ONLY player they didn't have play in that game was their WR (his name escapes me). UK on the other hand, down to our 5th string walk on RB. Our Oline was also banged up and had been all season. Hell, you can make a very strong argument that UK was most injury riddled and devastated team in the conf...but it was UT that lost due to being physically beat down. They WERE physically beat DOWN but not going into that game....they were physically beat DOWN during that game and by UK. My 7 year old daughter knows more about UK football (football in general) and probably just about anything for that matter, that this fool. But then again, she is my daughter and was born with true BLUE BLOOD flowing thru her veins. Her very first real word (not gooin n gawin) was CATS...true story, God bless her. Lol.

    What absolutely KILLS me is that these hatin ass LODers or whatever can even admit the amazing preparation, game planning, and coaching job this staff did in the UT game. To do what they did with what they had, and all in a weeks time was as good a job you will ever see by any coaching staff in the country imo. To deny it does NOTHING more than amplify ignorance, lack of knowledge and understanding of football, as well as embarrass themselves with blatant hate.

    What's encouraging tho, i believe these fools such as Jeffries123 are becoming an endangered species. More and more REAL AND TRUE UK fans are growing more and more tired of their bullshit by the nanosecond. There will always be haters, but your time of ruining message boards, misrepresenting the BBN, EMBARRASSING our program and making fools of yourselves is coming to an end.

    So, to Jeffries123, if you truly haven't felt as if you had been owned and crused throughout this thread then please feel free to marinate in it now. Because that's exactly what just happened. Now, if you insist on staying in your momma's basement and playing on the computer please log off of this site and go back to World of War Craft where you stand a fighting chance.

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  • Exactly. It's what I was screaming before he was hired, and one of the many reasons I am so quick to blame Mitch Barnhart. He put Joker into a situation where he was in over his head, either to save money, or because he couldn't make a better hire. I know Brooks recomended Joker and all, but I don't think that is an excuse. It's the AD's job to hire a succesful HC, not Rich Brooks. You just don't hire a guy who's never been a HC of anything to be an SEC HC. I'd be willing to bet this is the first time and SEC school ever did such a thing. (Wold be curious if anyone feels like doing the research.)

  • Awful post. I can name a dozen hires by sec teams who piked worse choices. Hell, Franklin was considered a bad and risky hire at vandy.

    A. You can't judge any coach on two years unless there are blatant signs of something being wrong.

    B. I couldn't find a person who questioned joker being named coach in waiting when he was named.

    C. Had Barnhart allowed joker to leave and take the Oklahoma oc job people like you would have been screaming for Mitch's head. Joker was one of the hottest assistants in the game when he was named hciw.

  • Hop, why do you continue to waste your time with such trivial little things such as FACTS. Have you not noticed yet that facts are simply irrelevant with some folks?

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  • florida just did that. and i think Mullen at Miss. State wasn't a head coach ever either.

  • I'm going to respond to this again because it is such a miserable post. Anybody who l knows a thing about sec football would know that two out of the last 3 coaches hired at Florida had no hc experience. Franklin at vandy had just been fired with the rest of the Ralph friedgen staff at Maryland when he was oc and hciw there. Mullen at miss state. Richt at uga was a coordinator when he got
    The uga job. Those are the ones I
    Can think of off the top
    Of my head. No research needed.

    You negative nancies would be considered a lot more seriously if you knew a damn thing about football.

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  • Laughable, just laughable at you equating the elevation of Joker Phillips as comparable to other coordinators who were on the staff's of National Championship teams. What damn thing do you know about football again Hop? Other than the eternal pumping of sunshine, that is?

  • Muschamp was DC on a national championship LSU team. Was DC and named head coach in waiting at one of the top 5 jobs in the country at Tejas. Rob Mullins was OC for national championship teams at Florida. Personal guru of Tim Tebow. If you want to go even farther back and reach for the hiring of Mark Richt, he was OC at Florida State when they WERE Florida State, no coincidence they werent after he left.

    Pretty awful comparison to mention those guys as justifying UK that did not reach in the decision made with Rich Brooks retirement

  • James Franklin won a title at Maryland? Who knew?