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Young Cats excited to play well on the field

  • I don't remember so many players jump up or dance around after a big play like these young kids do. It's fun to watch and I'm beginnig to pull for them to do well because I enjoy seeing the postive attitude.

  • Nice to read a positive article for a change Max!! I agree..this is a young, explosive team full of young talent. Very fun to watch. Sweat looks like a blossoming star..Sanders looks like a all-SEC back..Max Smith, what can you say about Maxwell but that he looks like the best young QB in the SEC. Very very accurate, smart, tough..strong arm. He has made a few passes already that 8 or 10 NFL starting QB's can't make. And on Harmon..a walk-on..playing like a seasoned vet at CB instead on a non-scholarship true frosh. D. Blaylock was around the ball a lot. Lowery, Tyler, Tiller, henderson, Thomas..all true sophs or frosh other than Tyler..all had big plays. Bud Dupree got to make some plays as the frosh played well enough to keep things in the box. Other than 1 busted play by a kid with 4.2 speed , the cats defense played stellar up 1 scoring drive.
    The Cats offense is so much better than last year..where are the Phil Steele lovers at now? Still think we will be anywhere near where Steele predicted our offense to finish? Last wasnt it? Smith is hitting on 73% of his passes for 634 yards 6tds 0ints. Ray Sanders has 183 yards rushing with a score..
    I cant stress enough the play of Max Smith..staying in the pocket..making check-downs..making NFL caliber throws. the good news..hes a 19 year old sophomore..mabye 20 at most now? Just wait untill Sweat, LeGree, D.Robinson, R.Cunningham, and D.Collins get going at full speed..this offense is only going to get better. The young defense is in the same will take some lumps..but I think we will see more and more improvement as the youngsters gain valuable playing time..I see some big time upsets coming for the Cats this year!!

  • I was fortunate to get a ticket and enjoyed the game completely. I saw a team that was ready to play, engaged the opponent and competed very hard and well. They handled a team that many people, including me, did not believe they could beat in this manner, and they did it as a matter of routine business.

    What impressed me most:

    1. The quarterback situation is about as strong as I can recall, given the ability of Max Smith and the back up support, and future waiting behind him.
    2. The receivers are not only making plays when the ball is thrown in their direction, but they are blocking down field when their teammates get the ball.
    3. The offensive line is protecting the QB, and opening enough holes in the line of scrimmage to allow the running game to get through to the secondary enough times to make some nice plays go long.
    4. The punter is very impressive
    5. Despite his missed field goal attempt again this week, I think McIntosh has all the tools to be an outstanding college kicker.

    What concerns me:

    1 Defense continues to be the weakness of this team, and this team will go only so far as the defense can improve and compete against teams like Vanderbilt, Missouri, Mississippi State, and Florida.

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