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its time to support

  • Filling the stands, supporting the team, enjoying the experience...If that's enough for you without WINS go root for the Cubs.

    I on the other hand don't expect to win every game, but certainly get pissed if we lose and lose miserably (like say, by 30 Pts or worse).

    I do expect hard-nosed, SMART football. Nothing more. Win or lose.

    Keep your video boards, billboards, recruiting updates, recruiting rooms, cheerleader trophies, uniform combinations, parking pass, Mitch-this, Joker-that July conversations. It is all meaningless (every Groundhog Year) until we kick off and see if this season has a better glimmer of hope. A chance to WIN and COMPETE.

  • I don't think anyone is saying that filling the stands and cheering is enough. During the week we can (and should....hell, its what message boards are for) debate the positives and negatives about the program, coaches, playcalling, schemes, recruiting, depth chart, etc. until the cows come home, but come Saturdays in the Fall the stadium SHOULD be full of rowdy fans who are doing their damndest to help the kids on the field get even more fired up and win.

    As fans, we shouldn't take the "I am dissatisfied, so I am taking my ball and going home approach." If you ever played high school sports, think back to how much more fired up and motivated you were when the stands were full, regardless of whatever sports you played, compared to when the stadium/gym was nearly empty. Now multiply that feeling x100 when you are playing in 70,000+ capacity stadium in the SEC. If you are already the underdog in nearly every game like UK is and your own fans turn their backs on you and stop showing up, how are you going to feel? Anyone who honestly tries to say they would be just as juiced to play the game hasn't played competitive team sports beyond little league. REALITY is, the players NEED the fans full support in gamedays.

    Kooky....this wasn't directed to you, but mores to the mass of people taking the "Well I'll show Mitch/UK that I mean business" approach.

  • I don't begrudge anyone their feelings on the situation at UK football. Last year was definitely a disaster. I'm sure the coaching staff and the team feel exactly the same way.

    But we're one season removed from being just as "competitive" as Vanderbilt was in 2011. Despite all of the disastrous games, the taste left in my mouth from 2011 wasn't the 30 point loss to Vandy, it was the competitive game against the SEC East champs, playing for the SEC East Championship at their house and the win against Tennessee.

    The GA game wasn't a moral victory. It was a loss. But it was a competitive loss. Lots of credit is given to Vandy for competitive losses, so I feel entitled to give my team credit for a competitive loss as well. And that's exactly what happened at the end of last season. UK competed even when everyone was writing them off.

    You're free to be a fan however you like. For me, filling the stands, supporting the team, and enjoying the experience is most of what I like to do as a fan. I want to win as badly as anyone, but the only thing I can really control is my attitude and attendance. And I'll be present at every single game I can possibly attend, because getting a big win, an upset, a last minute drive for a game-winning field goal is my reward for being a fan, not my right.

  • I have no idea of the ages of anyone on here, but could the usual debate about, "support" be generational? The 1st UK game I can remember is the 76 Peach Bowl. I've been a season ticket holder the past 13-15 years.

    I guestion Joker as a coach, but over this past off season I find myself not as optimistic due more to the history of UK football. Uk football historiclly is a losing program in regards to SEC play.

    I've had this running debate with family members who have graduated from UK/UK Law School and/or married into families that have been deeply rooted with UK Athletics for more than 40 years. I say UK can win in football. They tell me, "if you want to go enjoy college football, see some good teams and enjoy the atmosphere then CWS is a good place to do that. If you looking to be .500 in SEC play or win titles, you're only going to be frustrated. History backs that up."

    I upgraded season tickets this year and honestly go into the season with no expectations. Last year was not enjoyable to me. I love UK and going to games and will do so this season.