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"missing" UK championships

  • I appreciate your comments, Professor. Of course, there are banners in Rupp for the Final Four teams (including 1966, 1975), but not because they had been voted #1 during the season. Winning it on the court is certainly better, hence the BCS in football.

    I think it is ironic that the 1942 Final Four team only had to win one game to make the Final Four, while the 1946 NIT champion won three games. The 1942 team barely beat Illinois 46-44, then lost rather handily to Dartmouth 47-28, who in turn lost big to Stanford 53-35. Go figure???

    In closing, I'd love to see banners somewhere in Rupp recognizing some of these past achievements. How about one for the 1954 25-0 team (that got slammed by the NCAA). How about one for the 1948 Olympic players and coach Rupp (it could have the Olympic rings along with their names). When has there been an Olympic team that included a whole college team and it's coach? Of course, I would like the Helms (if it is the only national championship for that year) recognized somewhere in Rupp and not simply mentioned in a media guide or whatever.

    And so when UK fans scream for national championship #9, I can't help but say to myself, "I want #11!"

    Thanks again. I have appreciated your interaction.