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Florida DB picks Wildcats

Kentucky added its seventh verbal commitment in the football class of 2013 when Winter Park (Fla.) High School defensive back Blake McClain announced his pledge to the Wildcats live on an Orlando Sentinel webcast.

McClain (6-0, 185, 4.5) picked the Wildcats over a final four that included Illinois, Pittsburgh and South Florida. He had also considered Cincinnati, Boston College, Rutgers and West Virginia earlier in his recruitment.

"I liked the coaching staff," said McClain, who made his decision known by taking off a gray sweatshirt that revealed a blue UK T-shirt underneath. "It was family-oriented. The feeling when I got on campus kind of felt like home.

"And, of course, the SEC. If you want to be the best, you want to play against the best."

McClain is rated three stars by 247Sports and is ranked the No. 160 prospect in talent-rich Florida for 2013. He said he is being projected as a cornerback, safety or nickel back by the UK staff.

"That's why they like me so much," he said. "I can play all three positions... Wherever a spot opens."

The addition of McClain gives the Cats three commitments from the Sunshine State this year. He joins defensive end Alvonte Bell and offensive lineman Ramsey Meyers from his home state, which the UK staff has scouted significantly harder this year than in previous classes.

  • This is not the first year Joker has spent alot of time in Cinci...

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  • Steve Brown had been assigned to Cincy the last few years. So yes, it is the first year we have spent a lot of time in Cincy. Cassity and Minter both coached at UC so they probably have more contacts and just have to re-kindle the relationships.

  • This kid fits the bill as a boundary corner better than anyone on our roster IMO... Caffey is alittle bigger at this point but since I'm not sure how physical he is yet I have to give the nod to McClain as future stud BC... McClain is long and will fill out around 200-205# once he matures. At 5'11 - 6' he could become the perfect fit on the short side of the field providing help in run-support... The future is looking alot brighter at CB with kids like McClain, Caffey, Reed (big time hitter), Tiller, Blaylock, Quinn, Dixon and Simmons...

    If you notice alot of 34 teams like GA have a BC that will range from 205-220#... I hate to say anything negative about ex cats but not being able to tackle at the CB position has killed us... I hope I never see another starting CB at UK under 180#... Having physical CB's has been the only difference in our defenses and other top SEC defenses in the past. Big, physical corners help eliminate those 60 and 70 yarders too... GO CATS!!!

  • Ok I submit... I just remember hearing people complain about us spending so much time and not landing many for so long I guess that's why it seems that way IDK... We may not have, it just seems like every year Mich St has killed us in OH, maybe i'm wrong... It's obvious we have missed on a ton of high profile kids from up there as of late though... I wish I knew what Strong was telling some of those prospects because every year he manages to nab a few quality recruits from that area, they must really enjoy Big East football or something...

    I'm not saying I don't want us up there, I just wish Joker could get someone who could change more of their minds... I agree we do need to recruit OH but at this point it doesn't seem efficient, I would rather see us landing solid SEC kids than spending time up there trying to get kids who do not want to commit to UK.

  • Thanks RV...I read on here that he wants to take one more visit here before committing but overall it sounds like he is a lock. He would be another good addition to this class.

  • The first name escapes me but I do remember his last name being Lewis I think, he was down to us and Michigan State and went with MSU. Kid looked really good and just missed out, and I'm sure with that being B10 country that we've been beaten out by them on more than one occasion.

  • Agreed, although I would add that our depth and overall quality at DT and DE over the years has been a HUGE difference between our defenses and those of the upper echelon D's in the SEC.

    Anyway, back to the topic at hand about CB's. I am with you 100% in that I do not want to see any more sub-180 lb DB's on our team. I just don't. They can't jam WR's at the line; they can't hit very hard (while it may look like some of them can when you watch high school highlight tapes, they generally can't when it comes to hitting SEC-caliber RB's, WR's and TE's, much less taking on a lead blocking FB, TE or OL); they're not physical enough to compete with bigger WR's in jump-ball situations; and so on.

    For example, moving Priester to CB was one of the worst decisions the staff has made in a LONG time. He was pumped up on NSD as "the next Randall Cobb" who would come in and be a playmaker as a slot WR, in the backfield as a Wildcat QB and as a return specialist. He was one of the, if not THE, smallest CB in the entire SEC. At that size there are simply too many disadvantages; however, you can be that size and thrive at WR or in the return game. I'm assuming they suddenly found out once he got on campus that he can't run routes or catch (why did they not know that already?), but I still believe they should have worked with him on that instead of trying to force him into being a CB. Okay, I'm stepping down from my soap box now.soapbox

  • Yep..I agree 100% as well JD. You dont find no star to 2 star players like Trevard Lindley, Wes Woodyard, and Danny T in any other states with as much regularity as in Fla and Ga. Look at Blake McClain..1325 national and 160 in fla..but hes a 3star...theres just so much talent in the south. Used to be Texas and Cali were the, Ga, La, Ala, SC...way above any other region.
    Im pretty pleased with Jokers recruiting thus far..Bell is a steal..imo..I was confused about Reese Phillips..then i watched some film on him and i am very impressed. Hyde is DR Jekel at DT. WE got a potential great Kicker in McGinnis.. Boynton has the size and length and Meyers has good roadgrader size. Now, McClain..can play any of the 3 db spots.
    Good pick up. I like were getting kids with offers from WVU, OSU Fla ST, Notre Dame BCU MICH Clemson. Years before we were competing with MIami Ohio, Toledo, Ark St, Tulane..ect. for the most part.

  • YOU make an excellent point Minter!! The ohio kids Indiana kids, Mich Kids watch BIG 10 ball...grow up loving thier home teams..and when 4 example a good ohio kid gets snubbed by OSU..he goes to a Michigan or Wisonsin to play against OSU to beat them. Same way with the tenn, Ga, Fla kids.they watch SEC, grow up wanting to play for their home power..but if snubbed..will go to a vandy, UK, Miss ST..just to play SEC and try to beat their once fav team.
    THe only difference? Florida, Ga, La have many many more D1 quality kids than the northern states. If Danny Trevathan had grown up in ohio..hed went to a Indiana or Purdue, mabye a Miami Ohio... made a very intuitive and great point my man. Rock on Cats!! 8-4 in 2012..1-0 in Jan 2013!!! 9-4 total!!!

  • Isiah(SP) Lewis was the kids name. Played Safety and made several big plays for MSU 2 yrs ago.

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    It smells like microwaved homeless people in here.

  • thanks War, was thinking his name was Isiah but wasn't sure. Thanks for the backup thumbsup

  • Not a problem bro. Im here for you... haha.

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    It smells like microwaved homeless people in here.

  • Mich St has killed us as of late, i'm not good with names either but just in the 12 and 13 classes they have atleast landed 3 or 4 that I would have loved for Joker to add... One I do remember that was a BIG deal was the Clark kid in the 12 class. The 330# HS NG, not to mention some quality playmakers that we are obviously in dier need of...

    I've asked this question a lot sorry for being repetitive, can anyone name any ILB's other than Kimbrough (SP, the best ILB i've saw on film) or Quinten James the RB/LB from GA that we are close on? I like James he's long, super ripped and athletic but favors Arizona St... I really really hope Joker and Co can land a 215-220+# LB, it seems like LB and WR is such a tough position to recruit year in and out for us and I don't know why. We have had very good players at both positions, we have good position coaches... Now that we are set at QB every WR prospect in the country should realize that Joker and Randy want to throw the football 45+ times a game... UK could be a touted WR's paradise...

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