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Football Practice Notes - Thursday

The days of the Junction Boys and unforgiving two-a-day practices have largely gone the way of the triple option attack in college football, but there are still times when it becomes an effective training camp tool. Kentucky utilized that throwback approach with two practice sessions on Thursday.

“It was old school today,” Kentucky coach Joker Phillips said. “This morning was more of a run emphasis and in full pads and this afternoon we were more a pass emphasis. There was some good competition on offense and defense.

“We've gotten some good work with our special teams. We've changed how we are working our special teams: we've got the best (special teamers) on one side against the best of the rest, so our special teams drills are a lot more competitive too. We got better but we're still a long ways away.”

The Cats are ramping up to Saturday's first live scrimmage of training camp, which will take place at Commonwealth Stadium and give the coaches a better indication of where the team stands. The scrimmage is closed to the media and public.

You can read more on Thursday's two-a-day workout in the House of Blue.

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