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Football Practice Notes - Tuesday

Football coaches always talk about having home run threats on the offensive side of the ball, an ability for one player to change the course of the game. It's only three games, but Kentucky may have found that in DeMarcus Sweat.

The freshman receiver has touched the football nine times this season, producing 252 yards and two touchdowns on those touches. He's caught three passes for 80 yards, including a 56-yard score against Kent State and the game-tying 22-yarder with 24 seconds remaining in regulation against Western Kentucky.

"We talk about erasers and guys who can make things happen and he has that ability," Kentucky offensive coordinator Sanders said. "But right now when he gets on he field there is a good chance somebody's band is going to be playing, we just need to make sure it's ours."

For more of Sanders thoughts on Sweat, as well as Kentucky quarterback Maxwell Smith and the Cats' run game, head to the House of Blue.

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